Ways To Cheat A Slot Machine

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Cheat A Slot Machine

Gambling is a billion-dollar industry that attracts millions of people to invest with the hope of getting a life-altering jackpot. This is why you see people everywhere betting on various online and offline casino games. Of course, not all of them do this for cash, but they play only for the game’s sake. But many are after money, a lot of money. If you are among those, you should know that to win casino games, especially, pure chance games like slot machines, you need a great deal of luck to win.


Of course, some bettors cannot wait for their luck to pay off. So, they search for a way to cheat the slot machines. Some people like Danny Ocean cannot wait for the jackpot, and small wins do not satisfy them. So, they invented ways to bypass the security system and make the machine pays out all it got with a single spin. However, remember that you should avoid trying to cheat slot machines or any other casino games. Later, I will tell you why. For now, if you want to find out how Rusty Ryan -Ocean’s movie character- rigged the Los Vegas airport slot machine in <Ocean’s 13> movie, keep reading this article.


Is It Possible To Cheat A Slot Machine?

Cheaters have been around since the appearance of dice and card games. They used different tricks to manipulate dice, cards, wheels, and chips to their advantage in poker and table games. They did not stop there, though. They have targeted machine games like slots since the appearance of the first one-armed bandits on land-based casino floors. They would never stop manipulating the jackpots and payouts to get unfair winnings.


The old slots used to work with nickels. Cheats melted down cheap metals to make fake coins known as slot slugs. The machine could not differentiate between the real coin and the slugs. So, it was tricked to give a free spin. Later, dimes became the coin of choice for slots, but it didn’t stop the cheaters. They reduced the size of pennies to the circumference of a 10-cent piece. This gave them a nine-cent rebate on every spin. Another way to get a free spin was by drilling a hole through genuine coins. Then, they tied it to some fishing line and inserted it far enough into the machine until a spin was triggered. Then, they pulled out the coin and repeated the process for more free spins.


Slot machine manufacturers knew what cheats do. To stop them, they invented a device called the coin escalator. This device displayed the previously played coins to prevent possible slot manipulations. The coin escalator helped operators to recognize any filed down pennies, slugs, or an insufficient number of wagers.


Eventually, with the technological advancements, video slots took over the old mechanical three-reel machines. Similarly, new generation machines which accept cash bills or barcoded casino vouchers replaced the coin-based slot machines. Instead of drum reels, the new generation machines work with random number generators (RNGs) that shuffle the reels into countless combinations. Technology has stopped slot cheating for a while, but cheaters are relentless and unstoppable. They equally use technology to get over on the house. The back and forth crusade of cheaters with the casinos seems endless.


So, to answer the question we started with, I should say you may cheat a slot machine, but trust me, it does not worth all the trouble.

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Common Ways To Cheat A Slot Machine

As mentioned earlier, cheaters have been trying to hack slot machines since the slots came into the market. The 10 most common ways that cheaters have been trying are:

  1. Cheat Codes
  2. The Yo-Yo Hack
  3. Magnet
  4. The Bill Validating Device
  5. The Monkey Paw
  6. Shaved Coins
  7. The Top-Bottom Joint
  8. The Light Wand
  9. The Slot Computer Chip Replacement
  10. The Piano Wire


How To Cheat A Slot Machine With A Magnet?

The magnet hack is an old trick and belongs to the mechanical slot machines era. The hack used to work, but not anymore. Cheaters in the 1960s used to try this trick, but it will not work in 2022 due to modern technology. Back then, cheaters used strong magnets to cause the reels to spin freely. This way, they extended the spins of the reels. When the symbols lined up, they triggered a winning combination which paid out. Another way cheats used magnets was by waiting for a winning combination to hit. Then, they placed a magnet on the glass in front of the reels. Then when they inserted coins and pulled the handle, the magnet locked the reels in place resulting in more wins.


Nowadays, not only slot machines are protected from outside influence, but their RNG system makes it impossible for a magnet to influence the outcome of a spin.


How To Hack Slot Machines With Phone?

Well, we are in the technology era, and hacks like the magnet and slugs will not work on electronic and online slot games. New generation cheaters use their iPhones or other smartphones to win the jackpots.


To hack slot machines with your mobile phone, you should film yourself and the machine while the reels are spinning. Then, analyze the recording and try to figure out the algorithm used to program the game. You can do it yourself or use slot pattern analyzing apps to do it for you. Probably, you should do this couple of times before you can work out the jackpot-winning combinations.


How To Hack Gas Station Slot Machines?

The same tricks for hacking other slot machines are used to hack the gas station slot machines. All the famous hacks I mentioned above have been used on gas station slot machines.


Many cheats have used a simple yet very effective way to manipulate slots which is BVD or Bill Validator Device. This little device fools the machine into thinking it is accepting a hundred-dollar bill. They wrap the device around a $1 bill, and the machine will not recognize it.


Another hack that cheats have been using for decades is Software Glitch. A slot machine with a software glitch cannot pay out players due to its bug. Cheaters play a specific pattern of stakes and games to confuse the machine. This will trigger a bug or glitch that pays out the jackpot.


How To Cheat Online Slots?

Slots manufacturers used technology to track cheaters. But cheaters also benefit from technology advancements to find new exploits to use in casinos. As online casinos are growing more across the globe, casino thieves have come up with creative ways to get into the casinos themselves instead of slot machines. This way, they can not only manipulate the slot jackpots but also get control over the casino entirely.


One example is a group named DRBControl that seriously has attacked online casinos by sending emails containing spear-phishing links to the casinos’ employees. Once the casino staff mistakenly clicked on the link, the group accessed the operator’s network.


Casinos have increased their security measures against slot and casino thieves. At the land-based casino, countless eyes will be watching you. On online platforms, infinite security layers are in place to prevent any hacking attempt. For instance, casinos monitor key employees who have access to sensitive network data to prevent phishing link incidents. Also, online casinos use an AI system that recognizes unusual betting patterns and helps managers detect potential cheaters.


So, we can say it is very very unlikely that you can cheat online slot games. The best way to get the most out of online slot games is to take advantage of free spins and bonuses offered by online casinos.


The Secret Of Winning Slot Machines

The secret about slot machines is their randomness. In other words, you don’t need cheating hacks but need your luck by your side to win big. You can use any of the hacks you find on this page, but none of them will guarantee a jackpot. Also, it is pretty dangerous because all the famous casino cheats have ended up in prison. Real-world doesn’t work like Ocean’s 13!


Yet, a simple and safe technique to apply in slot games is to go for the high RTP machines. If you stick to the machines that offer a higher player advantage, like those with 95% RTP and higher, you will win more in the long term. Besides, you can play plenty of demo versions, practice, and learn slots tricks before placing your money.


To Sum It Up …

No matter how good you are at cheating, casinos are always a step ahead of all cheaters. Although you may think cheating on slot machines is thrilling, trust me, it is not worth it in today’s age of modern technology. Besides, hacking is a form of copyright violation and is considered illegal. So, you may actually end up in prison or at the very least face legal charges for that.


So, now you tell me, is it really worth it?

If you ask me, I say it definitely is not.



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