We believe online gambling should be a fun activity. Here at onlinecasinofinders.com, our duty as a responsible online gaming expert is to help you enjoy online casinos responsibly. 

This guide will equip you with essential information about safeguards, parental controls, and responsible gaming practices. By understanding these resources, you can ensure a safe and positive online casino experience.


Remember, online gambling is for fun, and it should not cost you your life.


What Is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling, also known as gambling disorder, is when gambling goes beyond entertainment and starts to impact your life negatively. It’s a repetitive behavior where you continue to gamble despite facing negative consequences.


Here’s a breakdown of what problem gambling can look like:


  • Loss of Control: You struggle to resist the urge to gamble or stop once you’ve started.
  • Chasing Losses: You feel compelled to gamble again to win back your lost money.
  • Negative Impacts: Gambling causes problems in your work, relationships, finances, or mental health.
  • Increased Stakes: You need to gamble with more and more money to feel the same excitement.


If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or someone you know, it’s important to seek help. There are resources available to support people struggling with problem gambling.


Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling Help Resources

Within the entertainment industry, particularly at casinos and online gambling platforms, the concept of “Responsible Gaming” has taken root. This initiative emphasizes fair practices and encourages players to gamble responsibly. Casino operators, both online and in physical locations, must follow specific guidelines to uphold this commitment to industry fairness.


Independent gambling organizations actively promote Responsible Gaming by raising awareness and advocating for high standards. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) and The American Gaming Association (AGA)  are two such leading organizations.  


In the United States, the AGA goes a step further by organizing an annual Responsible Gaming Education Week. This week-long event educates participants on responsible gambling practices through two key components:

  • The AGA Code of Conduct outlines industry guidelines for responsible gambling behavior.
  • Responsible Gaming Regulations and Statutes focus on the legal framework surrounding responsible gambling.


Gamblers Anonymous and the National Council on Problem Gambling(NCCPG) are among the main resources in the US when it comes to assistance with a gambling addiction. The NCPG has a helpline that is available 24/7. Calling 1-800-522-4700 will provide an individual with local resources for gambling addiction. Text and chat services are also available if you are uncomfortable talking on the phone. 


If you or someone you love is having a problem with gambling behavior, contact one of these groups today to learn more about local assistance. There are other resources and help centers in the US and worldwide where you can get anonymous and specialized help. 


Underage Gambling

Licensed and reputable online casinos prioritize preventing underage gambling. Since online casino games are strictly for adults (usually 18 or 21, depending on the jurisdiction), these platforms implement various measures to verify players’ age and keep minors out.

  • Strict Requirements: Players must meet specific age verification requirements before playing. It often includes providing government-issued photo identification and having their address confirmed.
  • Marketing Limitations: Marketing and advertising campaigns are designed to avoid attracting underage audiences.

These efforts by online casinos create a safer environment for adult players and demonstrate responsible business practices. At onlinecasinofinders.com, we ensure that we offer resources, tips, tutorials, and more only to audiences of legal gambling age. We do not target minors in our marketing or even education gambling materials. 


How To Gamble Responsibly As An Adult

Both online casinos and players have a role to play in promoting responsible gambling habits. It is crucial for mental health and maintaining healthy relationships. 

Legit online casinos and gambling platforms proactively monitor player activity to identify potential signs of compulsive gambling. They may implement deposit limitations and wagers to encourage responsible play if necessary.

As an adult gambler, you should take some steps to ensure responsible gambling practice:

  • Budgeting: Set a clear bankroll and stick to it. It helps manage losses and prevents chasing after lost money.
  • Realistic Expectations: Remember, gambling should be for entertainment, not a source of income. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
  • Time Management: Set time limits for your gameplay and stick to them. Keeping track of your playing time helps maintain control.
  • Focus on Fun: Gambling should be enjoyable. Don’t gamble under the influence of substances or alcohol that could cloud your judgment.
  • Maintain Perspective: Gambling shouldn’t be used to escape problems. Seek help if needed.
  • Self exclude: Top online gambling platforms understand the importance of responsible gaming and offer self-exclusion options. If you feel the need to take a break, temporary or permanent, simply contact customer support at your online casino and request account deactivation. 


Are You At Risk Of Problem Gambling?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized gaming disorder as a mental health condition in its 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). This decision was finalized in May 2019 at the 72nd World Health Assembly. 

To make sure you are not at risk of developing problem gambling, which is a form of gaming disorder, let’s review the following questions retrieved from gamblersanonymous.org. Answering yes to at least a few of them might mean you need professional assistance. If you say yes to several questions, it is time to seek help.

  1. Did you ever lose time from work or school due to gambling?
  2. Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?
  3. Did gambling affect your reputation?
  4. Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
  5. Did you ever gamble to get money to pay debts or otherwise solve financial difficulties?
  6. Did gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency?
  7. After losing, did you feel you must return as soon as possible and win back your losses?
  8. After a win, did you have a strong urge to return and win more?
  9. Did you often gamble until all your money was gone?
  10. Did you ever borrow to finance your gambling?
  11. Have you ever sold anything to finance gambling?
  12. Were you reluctant to use “gambling money” for normal expenditures?
  13. Did gambling make you careless of the welfare of yourself or your family?
  14. Did you ever gamble longer than you had planned?
  15. Have you ever gambled to escape worry, trouble, boredom, loneliness, grief, or loss?
  16. Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act to finance gambling?
  17. Did gambling cause you to have difficulty sleeping?
  18. Do arguments, disappointments, or frustrations create an urge to gamble within you?
  19. Did you ever have the urge to celebrate any good fortune with a few hours of gambling?
  20. Have you ever considered self-destruction or suicide as a result of your gambling?


Play & Gamble Responsibly

At Online Casino Finders, we emphasize playing at reputable online casinos. We review and recommend verified, licensed, and trusted online gambling websites and apps. However, it’s crucial to research before you gamble online – that’s part of responsible gaming.


We hope you enjoy our content and encourage responsible gambling practices. If you have any questions or need help with finding gambling problem resources, please contact us. We are more than willing to help. 



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