How To Play Deuces Card Game

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Here, we come back with another fun and easy card game originated from the Royals! Deuces, or as the British call it, Twos, is an easy patience game. The US and Canada recognize this category of games as Solitaire. Deuces is played with two decks of cards and 8 foundations with a Deuce or Two as the starting card. Read on to learn how the Deuces card game is played, winning strategies, and whether you can find it at legit real money online casinos.

Ready? Let’s shuffle the deck!


Hidden Language of Deuces Unlocked: 6 Must-Know Words

Before we get into the gameplay, let’s quickly review some common terminologies in all Solitaire games. The number of words used in this game category is more than six, but we mention the most common ones that will help you learn the Deuces game more easily.


1. Available

Cards that you are allowed(according to the rules) to move from one pile to another.


2. Build

When you place cards in an ordered sequence in a pile, you Build up that pile.


3. Deck

The set of 52 cards. But sometimes, a special pile or the hand from which you may deal cards during play is called a Deck.


4. Discard

Wastepile, Talon, or Discard Pile is a kind of pile that holds cards from which you can choose a card to move into a pile.


5. Foundation

A kind of pile that depending on the type of game, may be empty or come with a starting card. In the Deuces card game, foundations come with Two cards. The objective of all Solitaire games is to move all the cards onto the foundations.


6. Tableau

A kind of pile where all your cards are placed. In other words, Tableau piles are your workspace where you move cards so you can move them onto the foundation piles.


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How Do You Play Deuces Solitaire Card Game In 5 Simple Steps

The game is straightforward; you can find a version on every mobile, tablet, or PC device. The game layout may differ depending on the game provider. Still, the game’s objective, rules, and gameplay remain the same regardless of where you play Deuces solitaire card game.


Step 1: Understand The Objective

The goal of the Deuces card game is to pile up or build foundation piles. In other words, you must move all 104 cards onto the foundation piles with a Two as their starting card. You win the game when the eight foundations are completed with a sequence of thirteen cards.


Step 2: Set Up

If you play online, the game provider sets things up. But if you play with physical cards, you should set up the Deuces game layout. Remove all the eight deuces(2) cards from the 2 decks of 52 cards. You can place them in two rows of four or one row of eight. These will be the foundation piles. The most common format of the game is two rows of four. Shuffle the remaining cards. 10 cards should be dealt face-up, four above the foundations and three at each of the left and right sides of the foundations.

Step 3: Build Foundations & Tableaus According to the Rules

There are 8 foundations to build up. You build up each one by the same suit. For instance, 3♥ moves onto 4♥. Unlike many Solitaire games where Ace ranks low, Aces are high in Deuces. It means Aces are higher than Kings. So, to build up a foundation, you must move all the cards from the same suit from 3 up to Ace onto the pile. For example, a foundation of ♠ with a deuce starting card will look like this:




There are 10 Tableaus, initially with one face-up card in each. To build down a Tableau, you should arrange cards with the same suit(picture below).

Remember, the top card of each tableau and the discard pile are available to be moved to the foundations or other tableaus(as long as the move is valid).


Step 4: Dealing

You can deal one card from the stockpile onto the discard pile whenever you wish. But remember, there will be no re-deal. It means you cannot re-deal cards from the discard pile once the stockpile is empty.


Step 5: All Aces on Top!

If you successfully build up all 8 foundations, 8 aces will be the top card on each foundation, and you win the game. Otherwise, you have lost and must restart the game.


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Tips To Win At Deuces Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire card games are pretty straightforward in that the main outcome determinant is luck, and Deuces is no exception. There is not much strategy involved in the game, hence, not much you can do to manipulate the outcome. Still, there are some things you can do to improve your winning chances.


  • Pay attention to the starting Tableaus, and don’t miss possible valid moves.


  • Do not miss any possible moves from the stockpile or tableau piles.


  • Try to keep the discard(waste)pile as small as possible by finding other places for those cards in foundations and tableaus.


  • Try to empty tableau piles often to make room for extra cards from the discard pile. So, your card-moving strategy should focus on emptying tableaus.


Can You Play Deuces Card Game Online For Real Money?

No, you won’t find real money Deuces Solitaire games like the classic single-player card game on legit online casinos like Betonline or Wild Casino. Because it is a solo game traditionally played with two decks of cards. Online casinos focus on multiplayer games with an element of chance and betting against the house. So, it is very unlikely to Deuces card games at legit US and international online casinos.


Beyond Solitaire: Top Real Money Online Casino Games To Fill The Deuces Void!

Not finding a real money Deuces card game does not mean you cannot feel the thrill of playing solitaire-themed games. Legit online casinos are filled with enticing games designed for different gaming styles and gambling budgets. The top three real money alternatives to the Deuces Solitaire card game are:


  • Deuces Wild Video Poker: This popular video poker game features all twos as wild cards, significantly increasing your chances of forming winning hands. It’s not solitaire, but the presence of deuces adds a familiar twist.


  • Double Deuces Poker: This popular variation of Texas Hold’em awards bonus payouts for hands that include two deuces. It’s a more social and strategic game than Deuces Solitaire, but focusing on Deuces adds a fun element.


  • Triple Play Video Poker: Some versions of this exciting video poker variant let you simultaneously play three hands of Deuces Wild video poker. It’s fast-paced and offers the thrill of potentially winning on multiple hands at once. Learn more about other fun variants in this Video Poker Variants guide.


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Wrap-Up: Deuces Card Game In A Nutshell

Game Patience or Solitaire
Origin England
No. Players 1
Alternative Names Twos, The Twos, The Deuces
Variants Courtyard, Square
Type Simple packer
Family Napoleon at St Helena
No. Decks 2 decks of 52 cards
Difficulty level Easy
Odds of winning 1 in 6 games
Skill Level Mostly Luck
Duration Long


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