About Us:

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the countless options while searching for the best and most trusted online casinos and sportsbooks to play at? Trust us, we have been there, too! That is why we are here.  We are a group of die-hard casino and sports fans who know the importance of valid data and resources when it comes to gambling. 


We created this website to provide people like us with the most trusted information they need to know about the world of casinos, sports betting, and poker.  Whether it’s honest reviews of online casinos and sportsbooks, step-by-step game and sports guides, the latest news, finding the best bonuses or fun stuff happening around the world of gambling, our team of gambling experts works around the clock to offer the best and most trusted solutions for your gambling needs. 


Our Mission:

To be the world’s most trusted gaming and gambling resource. We give fans and gamblers the edge by providing the latest and most reliable information about gambling every day. 


Our Vision:

Arming every player and gambler with the knowledge and skills required to beat the odds!


Jackie Rolls : Professional Researcher and Pro Blackjack Player

Jackie is a hardcore casino fan and a professional researcher. She has been playing Blackjack since childhood and has a passion for cards. Jackie combines her research skills and knowledge with her passion for casino games. Result? The most in-depth game guides and easy-to-understand strategies you can find online. When not playing, Jackie enjoys reading, traveling, exploring new places, and spending time with friends. 


Focus Areas

Casino, Blackjack, Research, Writing



John Black: Law Student and Soccer Analyst

That’s right. John is a law student with a passion for soccer. He has been playing soccer since 6 and has followed world soccer ever since. He has been writing about soccer, analyzing various teams, matches, and so on for various websites as a freelancer. John is our Mr.Soccer, knowing all the ins and outs of this super popular sport. Following John, you will never miss a thing about soccer and its profitable betting markets!


Focus Areas:

Law and politics, Soccer, sports, writing



Andrew Scott: Sports Betting Analyst and Writer 

Andrew is a former journalist whose passion for words never ends. He also is a jaded fan of the New York Giants, Los Angeles Lakers, and Pittsburgh Penguins. Andrew is a father of 5-year-old twin girls who got their passion for sports from him. Andrew won his first ever sports wager when he was 18 and has not stopped wagering since. We call him Mr.Bookie around here because he knows how to turn the odds in your favor! 


Focus Areas:

Sports betting, line shopping, writing



Mia Miller: Professional Poker Player 

Mia first started playing poker in college and found she had a knack for the game. After graduating, Mia decided to pursue poker full time and has been playing professionally for the last 7 years. She is originally from Chicago but moved to LA when she was 25 to join the vibrant poker scene there. Mia has won over $5,000 in career poker earnings so far and continues to hone her skills in hopes of winning a major tournament. When not playing poker, she enjoys yoga, teaching poker, hiking, and spending time with her dog, Rufus.


Focus Areas:

Texas Hold’em, writing, online poker 



Noah Smith: Sports Writer 

Noah covers gaming industry matters related to sports betting and online sportsbooks. Having a background in sports journalism, Noah provides insight into legalized sports gambling, inside information about teams and players, and how oddsmakers set lines. He is also an avid poker enthusiast who follows high-stakes poker tournaments and cash games. When he isn’t writing for us, you can often find him at the poker table!


Focus Areas:

MMA, Auto Racing, High-stakes Poker, Writing


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