What is progressive slots? the best betting strategy

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What is progressive slots?

Getting more clients or making them worth more are two ways to make more money in a business, according to sales experts. Slot games have been a lucrative source of income for casinos for a long time. They constantly try to innovate slot machines and add new features to attract more gamblers to this already-famous game. Adding more paylines and new appealing themes have worked well for casinos, but nothing like a huge jackpot could do it better. As caring as casinos are toward the gamblers, they did not like the idea of giving an 8-figure jackpot out of their pockets. Thus, a huge jackpot funded by the gamblers themselves seemed a win-win strategy for both parties.


A progressive jackpot is the cornerstone of progressive slots, referring to a jackpot that is not fixed and growing with each wager made. The jackpot can get bigger and bigger until a lucky gambler claims it.

Combining the concept of a progressive jackpot with slot machines gives birth to progressive slots. The progressive jackpot can reach millions of dollars with odds better than winning a lottery.

What is progressive slots?

How do progressive slots work?

Slot games come with various jackpots to entice gamblers to play, but most are fixed. A growing jackpot mainly distinguishes progressive slots from other slot games.

A small percentage of each bet is contributed to the overall jackpot to be growing and growing. A jackpot meter shows and updates the jackpot size in real-time on the screen to let players know the latest status. There is no limit to the size of the jackpot and no due date for winning unless specified otherwise.

The odds of getting the right combination to win the jackpot are mostly millions to one. Thus, making it a pure game of luck with mind-blowing consequences. A gambler can hit the jackpot when it is an infant (just started to grow) or mature (large enough), indicating the game’s randomness. No rules state that a jackpot cannot be won unless it reaches a certain point or must be won should it pass a certain threshold unless specified otherwise.

When the jackpot is won, which can happen at any time, it resets to the seed amount. No one wants to participate in a progressive jackpot starting at zero. Therefore, a considerable amount is set as the starting point, called the seed amount, upon which the jackpot should grow. It can start from 10$ going up to millions of dollars or more, depending on the casino or casinos offering the jackpot. The seed amount also comes from the gamblers’ contribution to the jackpot and not from the casinos.

The jackpot can get larger and larger like a balloon without busting, but no progressive jackpot has ever hit 9-figures so far. The larger it gets, the more gamblers flock toward the slot machines to claim the jackpot. With a small stake, a gambler can change the course of his life, provided the luck is on his side.


Types of progressive slot machines:

Progressive slot machines differ based on how large the progressive jackpots can get time-wise. Linking the slot machines together to work on the progressive jackpots at the same time is how this concept is implemented. Different casino brands jointly offer one progressive jackpot to get the maximum out of the fast-and-large jackpot idea. The followings are how the slot machines are categorized based on the concept explained.


Standalone progressive:

It refers to a single slot machine in a land-based casino with a progressive jackpot growing with each wager made on that machine only. The progressive jackpot is not shared among other machines, resulting in a smaller and slowly-growing jackpot. If a player makes a pact with himself to win the jackpot, no matter the bankroll and time, he can occupy a standalone progressive slot machine and gambles himself to winning day in and day out.

What is progressive slots?

Local area progressives:

Going one step further in making the jackpot larger as fast as possible, the idea of connecting slot machines arises. When a bunch of slot machines is linked together in a casino, it is referred to as local area progressive slot machines. The jackpot grows larger in a short period compared to the standalone progressive.

A team of gamblers may plan to play all the progressive slot machines at the same time to hit the jackpot. They gamble non-stop, as long as the casino allows them, hoping to land the right combination. The winning spoils are to be divided equally among the gamblers who fought tooth and nail by pressing the spin button over and over. They may get old and not hit the jackpot or hit it at the very spin.


Wide area progressives:

You may have already guessed the third type if you are a networking engineer, but here is the explanation for non-engineers. When progressive slot machines are linked together across casinos, which can be of different brands, it is called wide area progressives. Multiple slot machines contribute to the jackpot from different locations. All slot machines are connected to one server, and the jackpot meter updates momentarily to display the latest amount.

What is progressive slots?

Online progressive slots:

The above concepts apply to online progressive slots as well. Some of the largest progressive jackpots have been won online by gamblers. Online progressive jackpots mostly fall into the wide-area category, with players contributing to the jackpot from all corners of the world.

Mega Moolah is considered one of the best progressive slot games online. It has set the record for the biggest online progressive slot jackpot win in history, which amounts to 13 million dollars.

In a nutshell:

Progressive jackpots are alluring in nature, enticing sharp and casual gamblers alike. It seems to be the best test to see if luck has your back in that particular period of time and forward. It is the ultimate form of gambling, with odds hanging around zero. It is more like charity work to help one particular individual get a massive amount of money unexpectedly.

The casinos benefit from the progressive jackpots at the end of the day, regardless of the outcome. They mostly require gamblers to play maximum bets to be qualified for the jackpot. Casinos aim for the house edge profit, which is around 5-15% in slot games. Progressive slots have a low return-to-player (RTP) percentage due to taking the jackpot contribution cut from the gambler’s share (85-95%).

It is the adrenaline rush of hitting the jackpot that matters, like of which adrenal glands can never produce in their lifetime. It is the instinctive voice longing for such close-to-zero odds things. It reminds us to give the impossible a try and feel alive.


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