What Is Blackjack 11?

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What Is Blackjack 11

What Is Blackjack 11?

Blackjack, one of the most popular table games, is now offered with an extra fun element and a winning chance. The new variant is called BJ 11’S or Blackjack 11, which is offered with an extra bonus! This variant allows you to win an extraordinary jackpot if your first two cards total the magic number 11! The rules of Blackjack 11’s? Unbelievably simple! Don’t you believe me? Go on to see it for yourself!


Blackjack 11 Rules and Set-Up

The game rules are similar to regular and classic blackjack. Except that you should get the magical number 11 or as close as possible to it to win the crazy jackpot. Otherwise, you bust!

The game is played with 6 decks of cards. Additional elements are a dice shaker and three dice, each known as “infinity” dice. Each infinity die has five blank sides and one side with an infinity symbol printed on it. Additionally, a red sensor is used when you want to play with the bonus bet. In land-based casinos, one ace of spades and King of spades are marked with the word “Jackpot,” and if you are lucky enough to get the card, you will win the crazy Jackpot.

In Blackjack 11’s, Aces have a value of 1, and all payments are for 1.

How Do You Play Blackjack 11: Gameplay

You should play this variant the way you play regular blackjack. But if you want to play with the special bonus option, you should place an extra bet on the sensor next to your box (in land-based casinos) or press the red button. If it turns green, your bet is accepted, and the game is on! The side bet pays out 500x your wager.

The dealer deals two face-up cards to each player and one card to themselves. If you are lucky enough to be dealt a total of 11 with your first 2 cards, you will be paid according to the game’s pay table. If you get extra lucky and be dealt a Perfect 11(Suited 11 or 2 cards of the same suit), the dice shaker will snap into action and determines your payout. You will qualify for progressive jackpots if at least two dice land on the infinity symbol. The progressive jackpot will be paid when you get 11 with an Ace of Spades & King of Spades(Perfect Jackpot), and the dealer gets a combination that adds up to 11 with their first 2 cards.

If you play the bonus bet, the following are your possible winning combinations:

Blackjack 11 Winning Combinations
Jackpot Ace & King of Spades(Perfect Jackpot 11) Progressive jackpot payout
Jackpot Ace of Spades & any King(Jackpot 11) Progressive jackpot payout
Cards with two different colors(Mixed 11) 3 for 1(3:1)
Cards with the same color but different suits(Colored 11) 10x your bet(10 for 1)
Suited 11 & zero or one infinity 15x your bet( 15 for 1)
Suited 11 & two infinity dice Progressive jackpot payout
Suited 11 & three infinity dice Progressive jackpot payout

Blackjack 11’s Odds and House Edge

Given the high jackpot amount, the odds of winning in blackjack 11’s are low.  In addition, since four of the payouts are progressive jackpots, we do not know how much they are seeded or the rate of increase. Hence, we cannot calculate and predict the odds with 100% certainty. However, we can estimate and provide the usual payable odds as follows:

Blackjack 11 Usual Payable Odds Per $5 Wager Played With 6 decks of Cards
Jackpot Payout Odds
Perfect Jackpot 11 100% 1 in 14053
Jackpot 11 $250 1 in 1343
Suited 11 $60 1 in 43
Colored 11 $50 1 in 42
Mixed 11 $35 1 in 21

According to the table above, the usual house advantage for blackjack 11’s played with 6 decks of cards is around 3.94%, which is high compared to a regular classic blackjack game.


Best Online Casinos To Play Blackjack 11 in 2023

Best Online Casinos To Play Blackjack 11 in 2023

Blackjack is widely popular, and it is unlikely to find an online casino that does not offer blackjack tables. However, blackjack 11 is less popular and less played. Still, the top online US-friendly casinos offer both variations. The following are the best online casinos to play blackjack games. We recommend them because they are trusted and licensed, offer the best selection of online casino games, support customers 24/7, provide fast and reliable payouts, offer the most generous promotions, and have the most user-friendly platforms.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus Live Dealer Blackjack US Players
Betonline $1,000 Yes Accepted
Wild Casino $5,000 Yes Accepted
Super Slots Yes Accepted


To Sum It Up

Although Blackjack 11’s cannot compete with the regular game in popularity, it is a good variation for those who want to take more risk and take a break from classic 21! The game has a high house advantage compared to classic blackjack, with a varying house edge of 0.42% to around 2%. Still, the game is pretty fun and offers huge profits for those willing to take the risk!



Blackjack 11’s FAQs

  1. Is Ace 1 or 11 in Blackjack?

In regular blackjack, an ace has a value of 1 or 11, depending on the other card(s) you hold. However, in Blackjack 11’s, aces have a value of 1.

  1. What Card Is 11 In Blackjack?

In classic blackjack, aces could be either 11 or 1. However, in blackjack 11’s variant, Aces and kings, and other numbers that total 11 are considered 11 cards.

  1. Is blackjack 11’s better than regular blackjack?

The answer is it depends. Switching to this variation may be difficult for pro blackjack players who are used to the classic gameplay. However, if you love blackjack but want to spice things up, you should definitely try Blackjack 11 as soon as you finish reading this article!

  1. What is the best strategy to win blackjack 11?

The game has an added element of luck, making it more difficult to manipulate the outcome using strategies. However, sticking to the basic blackjack strategy would be helpful. In addition, the best strategy to win in any gambling game is to know when to stop!


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