What is Rake in Poker?

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March 10, 2023
What is Rake in Poker?

What is Rake in Poker?

What is rake in poker? A small fee is taken from each pot and paid to the house operating the game. The rake is a mechanism that poker rooms can use to make money. It can be thought of as a commission for handling operations. Since the house does not play an active part in a poker game, the rake allows it to generate revenue. This article explains what rake in poker is and helps you understand how it can impact your game.


Understanding Rake in Poker

The rake is taken directly from the pot in most poker games and can vary in size depending on where you’re playing. Some rooms have a flat rate, while others use a percentage, usually between 2.5% and 10% of the pot value.

If you’re playing online, the rake is taken after a certain number of hands have been played, or if the pot reaches a certain size in online games. However, it’s typically taken at the end of each hand or when the pot reaches a certain amount in live games. The rules for raking also vary from one poker room to another, and some may take more rake than others. Therefore, it’s important to research what your particular site takes before you sit down to play.

The amount of rake can be an incentive for players to continue playing. Since several rooms offer similar games and stakes, having a lower rake can be enough to sway your decision.

Rake in Poker

What Does The Rake Go Towards?

The rake is used to cover the costs of running a poker room. This includes dealer salaries, rent for the premises, electricity, licensing fees, etc. It is also used to pay dealers who deal cards during tournaments, and provide other services, such as shuffling decks and bringing chips to tables. Moreover, casinos may use some rakes to fund promotions, such as freerolls and loyalty programs.

What is a 5% Rake?

What is a 5% Rake?

A 5% rake is a fee taken from each pot as a percentage of the total wager. So if you put $100 into the pot, the house will take $5 out of that as its fee. This is one of the most common rakes used by poker rooms, and many online sites and tournaments also use it.

A 5% rake means the poker room makes 5% of the pot for each hand played. If the rake is removed, the poker room will not have the incentive to host games or hold tournaments.


Why is a Rake in Poker Illegal in Some Places?

The answer to this question is that a rake can be seen to encourage players to gamble more than what they can afford. It is also seen as taking advantage of new players who don’t understand what a rake is.

Some governments don’t allow the rake to be taken as a percentage of the pot,because it can encourage players to bet more to increase their chances of winning. As a result, this can lead to addictive behaviors and excessive gambling. It is important for poker rooms and casinos to take reasonable rakes that will not unfairly benefit them or hurt their customers.

Illegal rakes are against what is typically known as “house rules.” For example, if there was an agreement among all players that no one would be allowed to take a rake. In some cases, casinos may use what is known as a “pot drop,” where the house takes a portion of what is bet to cover their costs.

It’s important to note that a legal rake and an illegal rake are very different things. A legal rake encourages players to play responsibly and allows poker rooms to make money and provide a fair game. On the contrary, an illegal rake encourages excessive betting, leading to addiction and other problems. Therefore, poker rooms must ensure that all rakes are lawful and reasonable.


How to Calculate Rake in Poker?

Calculating rake in poker isn’t difficult and can be done with just a few simple steps.

  1. Determine what the size of the pot is. This includes all bets that have been placed on the table and any chips or cash that have been put into the middle by players.
  2. Identify what type of rake your particular poker room uses. Is it a percentage-based rake, or is it a flat fee? Once you know the type of rake the house takes, you can calculate your total rake. It will be a percentage of what was bet, or a set amount per hand.
  3. Subtract what was taken as the rake from what was wagered to determine what the total pot would be. All players will receive this amount minus any fees or taxes associated with them.

Calculating Rake in poker

Example of Calculating Rake

Suppose you play in a $1/$2 No-Limit game, and the total pot is $50. The poker room charges a 5% rake, which means it will take out $2.50 from the pot. This leaves the players with a total of $47.50 – what they would have to divide among themselves after the house has taken its fee. For example, if five players are at the table, each will receive $9.50 from the total pot of $50 that was wagered.


Importance of Calculating the Rake

Calculating the rake in poker is an important part of playing the game. It helps players understand what they can win or lose during the game and keeps the house profitable. Therefore, you must know the rake your poker room uses and how much they take to have a successful game.


Molly’s Game – An Example

If you still want a detailed answer to the question, “What is a rake in poker?” Molly’s Game is a great movie to watch! Not only is it the true story of Olympic-class skier, Molly Bloom, but it will also clarify any confusions you may have regarding poker.

Gaining experience in Las Vegas as an office manager of a Poker club, Molly decides to run her casino. She hires a hotel and sets up a poker game. In little time she gains a lot of success, and her games become the talk of the town.

However, Molly is afraid that she will be unable to cover her losses, especially if the players fail to pay. Her dealer convinces her to take a rake in her games, despite being illegal. She begins by taking a rake of 2% from a pot of over $2.5 million, which gives her more than $50,000. She eventually ends up in the arms of the law and faces penalties and fines.


Final Thoughts

Rake is an important part of a poker game. It helps to cover the costs of running a game and generate a profit for the house. However, what’s legal and what isn’t can be confusing. For this reason, it’s important for players and casinos alike to know what type of rake is being charged and what is reasonable to avoid any potential legal complications.

Additionally, understanding how to calculate rake in poker can help you make more informed decisions when playing games. Overall, having a good grasp of what a rake in poker is benefits everyone involved!



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