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How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Date:2023-05-31 Category: Games
Caribbean Stud Poker

Savvy casino players wisely warn against high-risk new card games. That’s some good advice, but how exactly do you recognize such tables? These tables don’t have neon lights above them flashing, “ Let’s play and lose!” This article helps you decide whether to sit at a table or just move on.

Several new poker variants offer an easy way for players to take a break from poker without risking intimidation by card sharks. A perfect example of these new games is Caribbean Stud Poker. I can’t sugarcoat the news, though: The odds of this game are not in your favor, as it comes with a hefty house advantage. But the game is still fun enough to be worth the risk!

Read on to learn all the nitty-gritty of playing Caribbean Stud Poker and sit down at the table knowing how to win!

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker Biography

Although the game’s origins are not confirmed, it is believed to have been first played by card enthusiasts on riverboats and cruise ships around the Caribbean, Aruba. It traveled until it finally caught on in casinos around the world. Why? Because gamblers loved it. They love the game because it is simple to play, involves elements of regular poker, and promises a progressive jackpot that can reach over a hundred thousand dollars!

Another reason players love Caribbean Stud Poker or Casino Stud Poker is its objective. In this game, unlike poker, you will play against the dealer, not other players. Hence, your only goal is to beat the dealer’s five-card hand with your five cards. The winning hands and rankings are the same as in regular poker. But the game has some unique twists that seem to charm its growing fans!


Caribbean Stud Poker For Dummies

One up to seven players can sit at an oval-shaped Caribbean Stud Poker table which is similar to the blackjack table as shown in the picture below.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Even though the term poker is used for this game, you will find it in the same pit with Blackjack and craps at land-based casinos rather than in the poker rooms. To help you better understand the game’s basics(which is the same in online and offline settings), we breakdown the gameplay into the following steps:

 Step 1: Players place the forced bet, ante bet, in the designated area in front of their seats. Typically, the minimum betting limit in land-based casinos is $5. In online casinos, you can play for much less.

Step 2: Players can deposit one dollar in the progressive jackpot(optional).

Step 3: Each player receives five face-down cards which will be drawn from the automatic shuffler.

Step 4: The dealer places their four cards face-down and one card face-up.

Step 5: Each player picks up their cards to evaluate them and the dealer’s face-up card.

Step 6: Here, each player has two options:

  • Fold: withdraw from the hand. If the player folds, they will lose their ante and the progressive jackpot.
  • Call or Raise: Continue playing. If the player stays in the hand, they must place a bet in the designated area in front of them. The bet must be twice the amount of the ante bet.

Step 7: The dealer reveals their four face-down cards.

Step 8: As shown in the picture above, if the dealer’s hand does not contain an ace-king or higher, their hand is considered as not-qualified, and the house will pay all the players even money or 1:1 on their ante bets (See the upcoming section for more on Qualifying the dealer’s hand).

Step 9: If the dealer’s hand qualifies, each player should compare their hand with the dealer’s.

Step 10: Each player that has a higher hand than the dealer will be paid:

  • On ante: even money
  • On bet: depending on the value of the winning hand(poker hand ranks)

Step 11: If the dealer’s hand is higher than the player, the player loses both ante and bet.

Step 12: If the player and the dealer have the same value hand, it is called tie or push, and the player does not win or lose (both ante and raise bets are returned to the player).

Qualifying The Dealer’s Hand

Caribbean Stud Poker

As mentioned before, in this game, your hand is compared to the dealer’s hand. For your hand to win, the dealer’s hand must first qualify. How does the dealer’s hand qualify? By containing an ace-king or higher, such as any pair, straights, flushes, and straight flushes. The dealer should reveal their four face-down cards to see if their hand is qualified. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify with at least an A-K or better, all players who are still in the hand will be paid 1 to 1 on their ante bets. However, call bets are considered a tie meaning the player does not win or lose, and their call bet is returned to them.

Although Caribbean Stud poker is a straightforward game, and we made it even easier to learn, I still want to flesh out the bones of playing it to help you increase the odds in your favor. Let’s review some strategies and tips.

Should You Call It Out?

Caribbean Stud Poker is not one of draw poker variants. In other words, you cannot draw more cards to improve your hand, and you must play the hand with what you got. So, a general rule of thumb, call any hand containing either a pair or a hand of ace-king-jack or higher. If your hand has a high chance of beating the dealer’s, call it and place a bet twice the amount of your ante bet. For instance, if your ante bet is $10, you must place a $20 call bet, making your total bet $30.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Badass Progressive Jackpot

As you may know, in poker, the ante is a forced bet that players should place before the dealers start the game. But in Caribbean Stud Poker, players also opt in for a progressive jackpot by placing a $1. Players who place a bet on the progressive jackpot will be eligible for the jackpot. The progressive jackpot continues to rise until some lucky player hits it. In the table below, progressive jackpot typical payouts are listed. However, the exact amounts differ from casino to casino.

Typical Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive Jackpot Payouts
Hand Payout
Flush $100
Full House $100
4 of a kind $500
Straight Flush 10% of the jackpot total
Royal Flush Entire progressive jackpot

Numbers look enticing, right? But the truth is the house advantage on the progressive jackpot is a whopping 20%. (Poker translation: Good Luck, folk!)

So, another pro tip, try the progressive jackpot only once or twice just to feel the adrenaline. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on this badass!!

Understanding Your Odds

Alright, after all this, what are your odds of winning at Caribbean Stud Poker? Well, the casino has an ugly 5.2% advantage over players, making this game one of the worst games in the casino. In addition, there is that annoying qualifying rule for the dealer’s hand. It can be extremely frustrating, especially when you finally get that sexy flush and the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify. In this case, you will win $1 for every $1 wagered only on the ante bet and push on the call bet. So, make sure to carry plenty of aspirin while joining an oval Caribbean Stud Poker table!

Top 3 Legit Online Casinos To Play Caribbean Stud Poker In 2023

Caribbean Stud Poker

Multiple online casinos offer at least one Caribbean Stud Poker table. But not all of them are worth your time, energy, and, most important than all, your sweet money. We turned over every rock in the online gambling industry and handpicked the most trusted ones. The following top three online casinos are legit, offer the best collection of casino games, support the fastest banking methods, guarantee fairness and integrity, provide 24/7 customer support, and, best of all, offer the most generous bonuses.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus Caribbean Stud Poker Min Bet Caribbean Stud Poker Max Bet
Betonline $1,000 $1.00 $1,000.00
Super Slots $6,000 $1.00 $500.00
Ignition Casino $2,000 $1.00 $500.00

Wrap Up On Caribbean Stud Poker

We have covered all the nitty-gritty of playing Caribbean Stud Poker to help you decide whether to join the table. Although the game is one of the worst casino games in terms of odds, the easy gameplay and rules make it worthwhile. It is a good choice to spice things up and take a break from Texas Hold’em or Blackjack. Make sure to learn the basics, practice, and keep the stakes small.



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