Zuckerberg VS. Musk: Who Will Win The Potential Cage Fight?

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Believe it or not, the tech billionaire and father of the biggest social media platform are going to settle things the old-fashioned way. Although this is not uncommon for Musk to make bold or humorous statements on social media, he didn’t even think that Zuckerberg would say yes to the challenge this time!

Let’s see how things started and how crypto bettors and bookmakers are reacting to the potential cage fight between the two CEOs!


Elon Musk Cage Fight Challenge: Where Did The Whole Story Start?

Everything starts with one of those stupid Twitter poll questions or crazy tweets inviting someone to something even crazier! It is who Elon Musk is!

Back in 2021, Elon Musk tweeted about cage fighting for the first time. The tweet was about his interest in organizing a match between two of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. His weird suggestion was to organize the match inside a steel cage, with the winnings going to charity. Then what happened? Boom! The Internet and crypto world boomed with a lot of conversation and debate going on, with many people expressing their opinions and even proposing possible rules for the match. Like always, some criticized Musk for treating another serious topic -digital currencies- as a joke, while others praised him for his entrepreneurial spirit and unique sense of humor(meh!).

Now again, in 2023, the Twitter CEO invited Zuckerberg to a cage fight while he was replying to a user discussing Meta’s Plan to build a Twitter rival. Zuckerberg surprised him by accepting the challenge. He screenshotted Musk’s tweet and posted it on an IG Story requesting the location (LOL)!

Dana White: This Would Be The Biggest Fight Ever In The History Of the World!

According to the UFC president, both social media titans are dead serious about this insane fight. Why? Nobody really knows! Maybe they feel it’s time to settle things once and for all! Or because they know this would raise hundreds of millions of dollars for charity-they both said if they do it, they will do it for charity. Because you don’t have to be a fight fan to be interested in this fight. Everyone would want to watch it. Don’t you?! Don’t you want Musk to take our revenge for Meta’s stupid verifications and restrictions?! Honestly, I do!


Where And When Musk VS. Zuckerberg Cage Fight Will Take Place?

It is not official yet. But our sources say Station Casinos in Las Vegas is putting a lineup on this. Dane says if they both are serious-which apparently is the case- they will figure out how to arrange things. But nobody knows when the fight will take place. I think neither of them knows as well! We will keep you updated as soon as we have news on this.


Who Is Favored To Win: Zuckerberg’s jiu-jitsu or Musk’s “Walrus”?

Elon Musk- The Walrus

Zuckerberg is a few inches shorter than Musk and practices jiu-jitsu more than just a workout. He has been a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioner for over a year. Who has been training him? Dave Camarillo. The guy also coached the former UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez. Zuckerberg’s coach calls him amazing, being one of the best students he ever had. In May 2023, Zuckerberg won at a BJJ tournament in Silicon Valley (now, this is becoming concerning Musk!)

On the other hand, Elon has done some jiu-jitsu and Martial Arts but just as a hobby. He is not a workout person; he loves eating doughnuts! But he is a real street fighter as he has been fighting growing up in South Africa. He has a unique move, too-Walrus. But can this stupid move win Zuckerberg’s MMA techniques? Fingers crossed!

In 2022, in an interaction with CZ- Binance CEO- about another stupid fight invitation, Musk posted a photo featuring him fighting a sumo wrestler. But apparently, we cannot count on his Sumo skills to beat Zuckerberg!

Elon Musk kong fu

So, who is really favored to win the potential match? Let us see what top bookmakers think about this.


Projected Odds For Zuckerberg VS. Musk Cage Fight

Bookmaker Bet Type Odds Odds
DraftKings Match Winner Zuckerberg -160 Musk +140
Betonline Props Method Of Victory Judge Decision -200 Knock Out +300
Betonline Props Musk’s Main Trainer George St. Pierre +300 Dominick Cruz +400
Bovada Match Winner Zuckerberg -260 Musk +175


Most bookmakers have not opened lines for this potential fight. Still, according to the top ones, Zuckerberg is the favorite to win the match.


Crypto World Backs Elon Musk

Solana NFT project Mad Lads is clearly supporting Elon Musk. On Jun 23, 2023, they posted a deepfake video created using the final exchanges of the 2021 UFC fight, Poirier vs. McGregor 2. But instead of Poirier knocking out McGregor, Musk is knocking out Zuckerberg and turns away in celebration (HAHAHA!).

Although bookmakers and UFC experts see Zuckerberg as the favorite, in the cryptocurrency world, everyone is on the Musk team!


Wrap Up: 2024 Update

This is not the first time Meta Boss and Twitter CEO have clashed. It is probably not the last time, either! Despite the high anticipation, many believed this was just another marketing trick used by the two to make more money and that the fight will never actually happen. On the other hand, to many, UFC president included, believed that this time was different, and they both were pretty serious about the cage match.

But the first group were right! The fight did not happen in 2023 and it is very unlikely that it will ever happen. Still, we will keep you updated if they really arrange to fight.



Zuckerberg VS Musk Cage Match FAQs

  1. Who Started The Cage Fight Challenge?

Elon Musk. It is always he that starts such dramas!

  1. Who Has The Higher Odds Of Winning The Potential Cage Match?

Mark Zuckerberg is highly anticipated to win the match.

  1. Has Anyone Died In A Cage Fight Match?

31-year-old Douglas Dedge was fatally injured and died to be the first death in Modern MMA.

  1. Is Cage Fighting Legal In The United States?

Yes. It is a sport that is legal across the US, South Africa, and Singapore.

  1. Why Musk And Zuckerberg Are Fighting?

They are both babies (LOL)!! All jokes aside, it is natural for two big competing businesses. Also, they are not really friends, and things got intense when Musk bought Twitter and entered the social media arena.

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