Why Do Casinos Have No Windows?

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December 5, 2022
Why Do Casinos Have No Windows?

Believe it or not, casinos are designed to distract you from reality. Casino operators intentionally try to keep you as much as possible inside the walls of casinos and make you forget what happens behind the walls. Blinking lights, window and clockless walls, low ceilings, and many other characteristics common to all casinos, even smaller clubs, is no accident. There is a psychology behind casino designs, and business owners spend thousands of dollars to create an environment that keeps people playing for hours. Every detail that attracts you and makes you excited earns casinos more money! So, keep reading to discover why casinos do not have windows or clocks and learn the psychology behind casino design!


Why Don’t Casinos Have Windows?

Why Do Casinos Have No Windows?

Remember, the ultimate goal is to keep you more inside and make you spend more on the casino floor. So, to make you forget time, you should not be able to see the sun! You should forget when you entered the casino and how long you have been playing there. For this reason, casino designers removed windows from the building structure to prevent players from seeing outside. Because the light would be an alarm for you spending the whole night at the casino! Casinos keep the interior lighting the same during the day and night, so you can’t tell if the sun is rising or setting. In fact, your eyes should be caught only by the blinking lights of the games, so you would lose control!

Moreover, there is another reason casino operators block direct sunlight, which is to prevent glare on cards and machines. Glare on cards and machines would work to some players’ advantage while working against others. So, the results of the games would not be random and fair. In addition, direct sunlight can distract players, and distraction can cause huge losses, especially when you are trying to keep it cool or bluff!

Another reason for removing windows from the casino structure is to prevent casino cheats from manipulating  games’ results. Cheats, like the Oceans gang, have creative and intelligent ways to manipulate casino games in their favor. So, security concerns are the other reason for windows removal from the casino walls.

Now, you may wonder how people breathe in there without any windows. One theory is that casinos pump oxygen into the building to keep you fresh. But this is not more than a myth! Yes, this is not true because pumping oxygen is illegal due to its fire hazards. Casinos use strong ventilation systems to keep the inside air fresh. They even use a fragrance called Arancia, a blend of orange, pear, lemon, apple blossom, ginger flower, clove, and nutmeg. Oh, I can smell it while I’m writing about it! Dude, they literally do anything to make it difficult to leave the place!


Casinos Do Not Hang Clocks, Why?

Why Do Casinos Have No Windows?

Remember the ultimate goal? Not hanging clocks on casino walls serves the same goal: getting you out of control, making you play more, and sending more money to the casino manager’s bank account! In addition, you go to a casino to burn some time, have fun, and hopefully, make some money. Casino operators avoid hanging clocks to help you forget time and concentrate more on your excitement. In short, you don’t need clocks while playing at a casino because you will forget about time and space and only focus on the glitters and clicking sounds!


Top 4 Psychological Tricks Casinos Use To Keep You In There!

Why Do Casinos Have No Windows?

As I have said, everything you see in casinos is designed purposely to make you there longer and make you come back if you could leave! Regardless of the casino location, they all have common themes and designs. Although the level of luxuriousness differs from casino to casino, some elements are common.

Mark Griffiths is a British psychologist studying gambling since the ’90s who reviewed more than 15 psychological studies on casino design. Although he did not find conclusive research addressing the effects of windows or wall clocks on gamblers’ performance, he ended up with several unexpected factors influencing how people spend their cash on the casino floor.


Lights make you bet more!

Why Do Casinos Have No Windows?

Yes, this is true. In one study, 56 volunteers were set to play roulette under different combinations of music and lighting colors. Results showed that people playing under red lights and fast-tempo music place bets faster than those playing with white lights and slow or no music. Although the study could not find the reason behind these results, maybe a combination of red lights and fast music matches players’ imaginary picture of a sexy, high-stakes casino!


The crowd definitely affects how people play

Another study in 2009 was done by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Researchers created a simulated casino and requested 484 males and females to participate in the study. They wanted to measure players’ performance under multiple stimuli, including the number of players who gamble near them. The result was astonishing. Females felt the urge to play and gamble more while the gaming area was less crowded. Researchers say the reason may be women had felt less comfortable when they know so many people are watching them while they are playing.


When you like the smell, you are more likely to risk big!

Another interesting study by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Streeterville examined the effects of scents on gamblers’ performance. In their study at a casino in Las Vegas, a mixture of pleasant scents was pumped into one of the slot machine areas on a Saturday night. Although the scent was not easily recognizable by people, slot machines in that area ranked 50% more money than the average they would on previous Saturday nights. According to the researchers, the scent may have caused sexual arousal leading to more aggressive behaviors, which in this case is more aggressive gambling. So, players played more or risked more money in their bets.


Modern windows, modern gambling experience!

Although typical casinos are windowless, modern architects use technology to incorporate windows into newly constructed casinos. The buildings become more energy efficient and offer players more of a resort experience. New-generation windows can diffuse sunlight preventing glare on cards and machines. Although modern architecture adds cool features to casino buildings, still, many casinos prefer to remain classic and avoid windows and clocks.


Why Do Casinos Have No Windows Frequently Asked Questions

Why do casinos have low ceilings?

To create a feeling of intimacy and make players feel more relaxed. This is an architectural trick to make you feel more relaxed. Feeling more relaxed at a casino means wanting to say longer and spend more money!


Why do typical casinos have no straight aisles?

To get you lost on the floor! Yes, but they don’t want you to get lost because they are crazy or something!! This is part of human psychology. When you are lost, you pay attention to your surroundings more. So, more games will catch your eye. In addition, the cave-like design will make you feel like Alice in wonderland!! Your curiosity and astonishment will make you want to stay more, explore more, hence, play more, and spend more money.


Do casinos pump oxygen?

Nope, casinos do not pump oxygen because due to the fire hazard. Besides, it is illegal for casinos to pump oxygen.


Why do casinos offer free drinks?

To make it difficult for you to leave! Of course, they don’t intend to get you drunk, but they want you to feel high and enjoy your time to the fullest. So, you would spend more money on them!


To Sum It Up

Although casinos’ ultimate goal is making money, they should satisfy you to achieve their goal. For this reason, they would do anything to make you happy because your happiness earns them more money! The psychology behind casino designs says everything you see is to make you stay longer, play more, and come back soon.


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