What Is Lucky 15,31,63? {Ultimate Guide}

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Lucky 15, 31, and 63 bets are types of multiple-bet wagers commonly placed on horse racing in the UK and Ireland, offering a chance to exponentially increase punters’ winning possibilities with just one wager. These bets bundle together numerous combinations of singles, doubles, trebles, four-folds, etc., to predict the outcome of multiple races. While costly, their potential payouts are astronomical if the stars align. With a lucky 15, you’re placing 15 separate bets on 4 horses; with a lucky 31, it jumps to 31 bets on 5 horses, and a lucky 63 comprises a staggering 63 individual bets on 8 horses! It’s a rollercoaster ride for thrill-seekers where one winner can offset multiple losses.


In this article, we’ll break down how these high-risk, high-reward bets work, look at their payouts, and offer tips on how to master the lucky 15-31-63.


Lucky Numbers: What Is Lucky 15, 31, 63 On Sportsbet?

As mentioned, these bets are three types of multi-wagers or parlays. Although lucky numbers are more common in horse racing, punters can also place them in other sports. Let’s decode each number together!


Lucky 15 Bet Structure & Payouts + Example

Lucky 15 is very similar to the other popular multi-wager called Yankee. The idea is to pick 4 horses(or selections in other sports) in 4 different races and combine them in multiple bets. Let’s see how this bet differs from the Yankee.


In this bet, 11 multiple bets are combined with 4 single bets, which is why the bet is called Lucky 15. It includes 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and one four-fold accumulator. Here is a quick recap for those who do not know how each type of bet works:


  • Singles: Wagering on one selection in a sporting event.
  • Doubles: Wagering on two different outcomes or two selections.
  • Trebles: Wagering on three varying selections or outcomes.
  • Four-Fold Accumulator or FFA: Wagering on 4 independent outcomes in one betslip where all bets should win for the entire betslip to pay off.


Unlike regular parlays where all legs must win for the ticket to pay out, in Lucky 15, if only one of the selections wins, the punter will still get a return. But this is not what makes this bet unique. The combination of the different bets is the real power of this multi-wager bet.

Single Bets:

C1     C2      C3    C4

Double Bets:

C5   C6     C7     C8     C9    C10

Treble Bets:

C11   C12    C13    C14



Selection 1 X X X X X X
Selection 2 X X X X X X X X X
Selection 3 X X X X X X X X X
Selection 4 X X X X X X X X

As shown in the table, you have four chances of winning with four single bets. Meanwhile, with six double bets, you have six chances of winning if two of your selections win. With four treble bets, you have four chances of winning if three of your selections win. You will hit the maximum return with the FFA if all four selections make it.


Remember, you can place varying bet sizes on each way. You can also place an each-way Lucky 15 bet, which will double your total stake. An each-way means that each bet in your lucky 15 ticket will become two bets: a win bet and a place bet. So, with an each-way, your total number of bets will be 30.


Now, let’s go over an example of a lucky 15 bet in horse racing. We take 4 races, pick one horse in each race, and combine bets similar to the structure outlined above.

Selection Odds Your Wager
Horse 1 20:1 $1 per bet for a total lucky 15 bet of $15.
Horse 2 2:1
Horse 3 4:1
Horse 4 3:1

Now, if only horse 1 wins and the other three lose, our return will be $21(a $1 single bet winning with 20:1 odds).


If horses 2 & 3 win. We will have three winning bets: a double bet on horses 2 & 3 + two single bets on each horse 2 & 3.


If horses 2, 3, and 4 win, three singles+, three doubles+ one treble bets will pay out. And if we get really really lucky and all four horses win, our payout would be mind-blowing! In this particular example, our $15 lucky 15 bets would return $2,639, including our original stake of $15.


Some bookmakers offer bonuses and consolations -a small payout that some sportsbooks or betting platforms offer when a bet loses-, on lucky 15 bets. The amount varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but typically, you would receive a 10% bonus on your return if all selections win. If only one selection wins, the odds are doubled as a consolation.

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Lucky 31 Bet Structure & Payouts + Example

The concept here is pretty much the same as what we have explained above. When you place a lucky 31  bet, you wager on five different selections across five single bets, ten doubles, ten trebles, five FFA, and a five-fold accumulator. Similar to the previous lucky number, if only one of your five selections wins, you will still get a return from your lucky 31 bet. Let’s see how it works.

Selection A Selection B Selection C Selection D Selection E Bet Type
Bet 1 X Single
Bet 2 X Single
Bet 3 X Single
Bet 4 X Single
Bet 5 X Single
Bet 6 X X Double
Bet 7 X X Double
Bet 8 X X Double
Bet 9 X X Double
Bet 10 X X Double
Bet 11 X X Double
Bet 12 X X Double
Bet 13 X X Double
Bet 14 X X Double
Bet 15 X X Double
Bet 16 X X X Treble
Bet 17 X X X Treble
Bet 18 X X X Treble
Bet 19 X X X Treble
Bet 20 X X X Treble
Bet 21 X X X Treble
Bet 22 X X X Treble
Bet 23 X X X Treble
Bet 24 X X X Treble
Bet 25 X X X Treble
Bet 26 X X X X FFA
Bet 27 X X X X FFA
Bet 28 X X X X FFA
Bet 29 X X X X FFA
Bet 30 X X X X FFA
Bet 31 X X X X X Fi-FA

As you can see in the table above, with five single bets, you have five chances of winning. With 10 double bets, your chances of winning are 10x if two of your selections win. Similarly, with ten treble bets, you have 10 chances of winning if three of your selections win. With five FFAs, you have five chances of winning if four of your selections win. And if all five selections win, you hit the life-changing jackpot of maximum return with the five-fold accumulator bets.


You can practice calculating your payout for a lucky 31 bet using our previous $1 example.


Lucky 63 Structure & Payouts Explained

This crazy multiwager bet includes a total of 63 bets from six different selections. A lucky 63 bet includes six singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 FFAs, six Five-fold accumulator bets, and one six-fold accumulator. Similar to the previous two, lucky 63 bets are often offered with bonuses like 2x the odds for just one winning selection or % bonuses to multiply the odds on a double bet.


Lucky 63 bet is also known as “Full Cover Bet” as it includes all possible combinations from single bets to up to six-fold accumulators. Hence, a single winning selection guarantees a minimum return, while the returns exponentioally multiplies by multiple winners depending on the odds. But remember, risks also multiply exponentially, and the odds of hitting the astronomical return are pretty low. So, a pro tip here is to make sure as you add more selections in the multiples, decrease the stakes proportionally to account for higher risk.


Wrap Up

In the end, Lucky 15, 31, and 63 bets provide exciting opportunities for sports bettors to increase their chances of winning. Combining multiple selections in different bet combinations gives you more opportunities to receive a payout. Even if not all picks are winners, you can still earn money back through the consolation returns on these bets.


However, it is critical to appropriately size your stakes on the different bet combinations, as risks are also high with these kinds of bets. Equal staking is not optimal. Carefully decreasing stakes on the accumulators balances risk and reward. Consider the odds and your total budget when determining what to put on each line.


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Lucky 15, 31, 63 FAQs

  • Should All Bets Be The Same Size In Lucky 31?

    No. It is not necessary for all the bets to be the same size in a Lucky 31 bet.

  • What Does Consolation Mean In Sports Betting?

    In sports betting, consolation refers to a small payout that some sportsbooks offer when a bet loses.

  • What Are The Key Disadvantages Of Lucky 15, 31, 63?

    More money is tied up per bet. Lower returns if just singles win. Losses can add up fast with multiple bets and accumulators.

  • How Do I Calculate My Winnings?

    Depends on the payout odds and stakes of the winning bet combinations. It is best to use valid online betting calculators.

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