What Are Total Bases In Baseball Betting?

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January 10, 2024
What Are Total Bases In Baseball Betting?

Sports betting, and, more specifically, baseball betting involves jargon and lingo that may seem complicated for newcomers. However, understanding the basic terminology and concepts can help beginners navigate the world of baseball betting with more confidence. “Total Bases,” or TB, is one of those terms and concepts that sound like Chinese. Total bases simply mean the total number of bases that a batter gained through his hits. But what does this mean in the betting context? How do TB odds and payouts work? Should you bet on baseball total bases or not? We will answer these and other common questions about Total Bases in baseball betting.

Baseball Terminology 101: Base, Bat, and Total Bases

Before we get into betting on total bases, let’s define some terms first. If you are already familiar with these lingoes, you can use this section as a refresher or just jump to the next section.

In baseball, Bat has two main meanings:


  1. The wooden (or sometimes metal) tool that is used by a batter to hit the ball.
  2. The action of taking turns trying to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. When it’s a player’s turn to face the pitcher, they’re said to be at bat, up to bat, or simply up. Their goal is to make contact with the ball and ideally send it into play, resulting in various outcomes like singles, doubles, home runs, or outs.


So, a batter is the player at bat. They stand in the batter’s box, holding the bat, and attempt to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher. They’re the offensive player trying to score runs for their team.


Similarly, Base also has two main meanings:


  1. One of the four square corners of the infield, marked by a white canvas bag: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Home plate, laid out in a diamond shape. To score a run, a runner must touch each base in succession, ending at Home plate. Bases are crucial for both offensive and defensive strategies.
  2. The act of reaching one of the four bases. Depending on how they reached the base and where they started, it can be referred to as:


  • Getting on base: Reaching any base, usually through hitting the ball, being walked, or receiving a hit by pitch.
  • Advancing a base: Moving from one base to the next, typically due to another player hitting the ball.
  • Stealing a base: Advancing to the next base while the pitcher is delivering the ball without hitting the ball themselves.


Now that we know what base and bat mean in baseball, we can easily understand Total Bases:


Total Bases refers to the total number of bases that a player records during an entire baseball match.


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What Is A Baseball Total Bases Bet?

Whether you bet on the regular season or the MLB postseason, player props are always the most fun way to bet on baseball matches. Total Bases bets are a type of baseball player prop or proposition bet in which the bettor is not concerned with the outcome of the game. In other words, it doesn’t matter who wins the game. What matters is the total number of bases a player records during an entire match, including extra innings.

How Does A Total Base Is Recorded?

A total base will be recorded to a player’s total bases tally through a hit only. In other words, only hits count(single, double, etc.), and advancing on the basepaths or reaching a base via error or fielder’s choice has no impact on the player’s total bases.


What Counts For Total Bases In A Baseball Bet?

In baseball total bases betting, a single will be recorded as one base, while a double will be recorded as two bases, a triple will be three, and a home run will be recorded as four bases. For instance, a triple and a home run will be 7 total bases.


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How To Bet On Total Bases: Odds, Payouts, and Strategies Explained

As mentioned, TB is a type of prop bet and falls under the total bets category. So, the odds listing is the same as other totals or Over/Under bets in other sports. For example, suppose FanDuel sportsbook lists the odds for Freddie Freeman from the LA Dodgers to record total bases in a match against the Yankees according to the following table:


Freddie Freeman O  4 -110
Total Bases U  4 -110


In this particular example, if you believe Freddie will record more than 4 total bases during the match, you bet $110 to win $100. If he records 4 or more total bases, you will win $210(your initial wager+TB payout). The same is true for the Under side. But if you bet the Under, Freddie must record 3 or fewer total bases for your bet slip to pay out.

Tips And Strategies For A Successful Total Bases Betting

There is an element of luck in every kind of betting and baseball betting is no exception. But a major part of sports betting is strategy, stats, and handicapping skills. Baseball is a data and stat-driven sport. It is a sport of numbers, which means you have plenty of data at hand to help you make more solid betting decisions.


The top four pro tips while betting on baseball total bases are:


  • Take advantage of stats. Monitor and analyze players’ and teams’ statistics.


  • Total bases betting is all about the number of hits and possibly home runs that a player records. So, the batter’s hitting profile matters. The most important question to ask yourself here is if the batter is known for power or contact.


  • The pitcher’s pitching style is also important. Follow stats to find their strengths and weaknesses. Look at the records while asking yourself whether the pitcher throws hard fastballs or relies on off-speed pitches.


  • The Game situation can affect the batter’s approach and the pitcher’s strategy. For instance, Is it early in the game with runners on base, or is it the bottom of the ninth with two outs?

Wrap-Up: Should You Bet On Baseball Total Bases?

Yes. Total bases betting is one of the most fun player prop bets that injects excitement into every at-bat, encourages strategic thinking, and keeps you glued to the game, waiting to see how many bags the batter will touch. By spending some time and energy to monitor stats, learn the sport’s basics, and master baseball betting essentials you can enjoy MLB season with boosted winning chances.

May the TB odds be with you!


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Baseball Total Bases FAQs

  • How Do You Calculate Total Bases In Baseball?

    In baseball, the total number of bases that a player records with hits is known as total bases. It is the sum of singles(1 base), doubles(2 bases), triples(3 bases), and home runs(4 bases).

  • Does A Walk Count As Total Base?

    Only hits are counted as total bases. So, walks, steals, sacrifices, reaching on an error, etc, do not count as total base.

  • Do Total Bases Calculations Differ Across Online Sportsbooks?

    No. Top US online sportsbooks follow the same rule to calculate total bases: 1 base for singles and so on.

  • Does A Stolen Base Count As A Total Base On Fanduel?

    No. Stolen bases do not count toward the total bases player prop on FanDuel or other sportsbooks.


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