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Twitch Betting , How Does Twitch Gambling Work?

Date:2022-12-19 Category: Review

Twitch betting may sound strange, but people are actually making money out of it. Although it is a platform where Esports and Esports betting are concerned, viewers can also place a bet, which is a form of gambling where people bet on what will happen during a Twitch stream. This can be anything from guessing if a streamer will win a game, how many kills they will get, or even the result of a coin toss.
In this article, you will learn what Twitch is, how to bet on it, and some tips to avoid losing money while wagering on streamers.

Twitch Explained: What Is It and How Does It Work?

What is twitch?

To wrap the whole thing in one sentence, Twitch is an online streaming broadcasting platform. However, things at Twitch are different from other platforms, like Youtube. In this article, we are not going to talk about Twitch and its features. But to help you better understand Twitch betting, there are three things you should know about Twitch. As I have said, Twitch is a live broadcasting platform where you can stream into various communities, and people can come together to interact, chat, and make their own entertainment.

  1. Although Twitch started primarily for gaming- and yes, girls are gamers, too!- it now has expanded to encompass various communities. The top two main Twitch communities are Gaming and Just Chatting. The latter is similar to Youtube vlogging except in live-action. Streams include talk shows, music, special events, cooking, and much more. This may sound similar to what people can do on Youtube. But there is a huge difference between the two, which is the reason behind Twitch’s popularity. Everything on Twitch is live. This means you get to watch your favorite gamer, artist, or musician day to day life. This gives you a sense of belonging and allows you to interact.
  2. Wholesome interaction happening in streams is another reason behind the platform’s popularity. Viewers believe that the bond with the Twitch streamer is way stronger than with a Youtuber. The reason is that you can lively interact and also experience all the fun and crazy stuff at the exact moment they are happening. Chat feature adds to the interaction. This is like you are living with the streamer!
  3. Making money is another appealing feature of twitch. Not every streamer gets paid, but if you spend a lot of time and energy, you can create content that receives many viewers and subscribers. Followers can donate bits(Twitch money) or buy monthly subscriptions. There is also Amazon prime that allows you to connect your twitch account and subscribe for free. Of course, you can stream just for fun and not take it too seriously, but if you want to make money, you need to be serious about your twitch account!


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Twitch Betting Decoded: How To Bet On Twitch And Make Money?

It is simply betting on twitch streamers. Twitch betting is relatively easy to understand than Esports betting because the markets are limited. Let us review the twitch betting markets here:


1. Twitch Predictions Gambling

This is also known as Twitch Channel Points Predictions Betting. Channel points are customizable points that creators use to reward their community members. The feature is only available to Partners and Affiliates. Twitch Channel Points Predictions Gambling is when twitch streamers and mods create yes/no questions in their chat box. For example, you may ask: will I win this game? This is similar to the yes or no question option in Instagram Stories and the poll feature in Zoom. Then, viewers use their channel points to bet on one of two options(yes or no). If they predict correctly, they will win and earn bonus channel points.


Why Should Streamers Use Twitch Predictions As Their Content Strategy?

The short answer is that it is a win-win situation for you and your community members. Because your viewers bet their channel points, hoping to win more. This makes your live stream more interactive, and your stakes will increase. There is something special about predictions: raised stakes will also be raised for the viewers.  For this reason, by using Twitch Predictions, your stream becomes more engaging.

Moreover, people stay hooked by predictions, and it keeps them watching. People keep watching your stream to find out whether they predicted correctly or not. It does not matter if your prediction lasts a couple of minutes, an hour, or until the end of the stream. However, there is a trick here. People have a shorter attention span on the internet. So, make sure to use predictions for as long as they encourage people to watch.


2. Twitch Streamer Gambling

For esports betting, bookmakers list odds, you place your bets, and at the end of the fixture or during it (in-play bets), the scores will be out, and you win or lose. However, when you want to place a bet on a twitch streamer, you will be dealing with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence that monitors the gameplay and determines the odds and results accordingly. This means betting markets are plain and straightforward. Almost always, markets offer odds on whether the streamer will win or lose the game. However, like esports in-play betting, odds keep changing and updating continuously throughout the streamer’s gameplay. Hence, you should expect less betting option diversity in this market than in esports or sports betting markets.


Why Should You Try Betting On Twitch Streamers?

Let’s face it, you follow and watch streamers because they are damn entertaining, and you enjoy watching them play. So, why don’t you make some money while enjoying your favorite and the highest-paid twitch streamers? Some top sportsbooks, like Betonline, offer the best Twitch betting opportunities. For example, in recent years, the most common and popular title for Twitch betting opportunities is Fortnite. Although recently Apex, CSGO, League of Legends, and Dota are becoming popular in twitch betting, Fortnite betting is still one of the most popular titles for placing Twitch bets.

Although betting on twitch streamers is a fresh and relatively new action, you can take advantage of some excellent odds offered in the markets. Streamer wagers differ from traditional esports bets because the odds are formulated differently than in typical in-person esports tournaments. For example, you will not find any market as big as those offered for a huge tournament like Dota 2’s The International.


An Update On Twitch Gambling Policy: What Gambling Activities Are Banned?

Twitch gambling policy update

Recently, Twitch announced that it will ban some gambling, except sports betting and poker. This means twitch does not allow streamers to stream gambling websites featuring slots, roulette, or dice games if the website doesn’t hold a license in the U.S. or another jurisdiction that provides sufficient consumer protection. According to the announcement,,,, and are banned. They will add to the list as they move forward. Streamers can still stream sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker.


To Sum It Up

I hope you learned enough about twitch betting from this article. Although the concept sounds complicated, in reality, it has no complicated aspect. Unlike sports betting, you will find limited betting options in Twitch betting markets. Hence, placing a twitch bet will be pretty straightforward as long as you get used live streaming.


Twitch Betting FAQs

  1. Is Twitch Betting Legal?
    Yes. Twitch betting is legal in The United States unless explicitly made illegal by the jurisdiction. The legality of Twitch betting in other countries depends on their gambling laws.
  2.  What Are The Main Risks Of Twitch Betting?
    Twitch betting is quite safe compared to other forms of gambling. Still, there is a risk of losing money, being scammed, and getting addicted to gambling.
  3.  How Can I Bet On Twitch?
    You can do Twitch betting in a few ways. You can use a gambling site, like Betonline that offers markets for betting on Twitch streams. Or, you can use channel points, which are virtual money you earn by watching Twitch streams and doing things like chatting and subscribing to channels.
  4. What Are Pro Twitch Betting Tips?
    1. Only bet what you can afford to lose.
    2. Know the risks before you start betting.
    3. Watch out for scams.
    4. Research and learn about the streamer or the game they are streaming.



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