Top 3 Daily Fantasy Sports Sites And APPS (2024 Review)

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Top 3 Daily Fantasy Sports Sites And APPS (2023 Review)

Fantasy Sports have been around for more than a decade. Yet, Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, are pretty much new. Thanks to the modern and innovative DFS sites, the industry has significantly evolved during the past few years making it a profitable market for sportsbooks and bettors.

Although daily fantasy sports are highly popular in the United States, they’re also available in other countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and various European countries.

This article reveals the best DFS websites and apps for 2024, emphasizing the top three options operating legally in the United States, with the most generous bonuses, highest payouts, and diverse contest formats where beginners and pros can win real money.

Let’s get into it!


What Is A Daily Fantasy Sports Site?

As you may know, a fantasy sport is a game played on the internet, and participants create virtual teams made up of proxies of real sports players. Meanwhile, DFS is a daily format of a fantasy sports game. This means you put together your team but should not be stuck with it for the entire season because you can draft a new team for every contest. For example, suppose your drafted team fails. in this case, you can try again with another team the next day or later on the same day or night, depending on your sport and the day’s schedule.

So, a DFS site is a platform featuring season-long fantasy sports. Yet, the seasons are condensed into a shorter, more sweat-inducing format. This means you can enjoy all the fun aspects of traditional, season-long fantasy contests without the long-term commitment. You can draft new lineups daily with a virtually limitless slate of contests.

DFS Sites

How Do We Select The Best DFS Sites?

FanDuel and DraftKings used to dominate the DFS market, but now there are other US and international platforms available. Yet, signing up with some random platforms without knowing their real hits and misses is not a good idea. That said, we reviewed and analyzed different DFS platforms and handpicked the best ones based on the following criteria:

  • Licensure and legitimacy
  • Variety of game types
  • Variance of contests
  • Generous welcome bonus and promotions
  • Platform’s UI and layout
  • Variety of sports markets
  • Availability of betting options
  • Customer support
  • Banking methods


Understanding DFS Games and Contests

Plenty of sports games and contests are available to play on DFS platforms. The following is a list of what you can find on top daily fantasy sports platforms, along with brief descriptions. But remember that not every platform offers all the following contests. This is one central aspect differentiating a top platform from a regular one.

GPPs or Tournaments A big tournament with a massive prize pool.
Beat the score Shared prize pools. In other words, the prize pool will be shared between the winners in such tournaments. For example, to win, FanDuel presets a score for players to beat.
Beginners only Pros are not allowed, meaning experienced players can not participate in this contest.
Multipliers You join a multiplier and depending on which one you have joined, the winners can double, triple, or quadruple their money.
Friends mode Create a private league and play only with your friends.
3-100 players mode This is a tournament but smaller than a GPP.
Head-to-Head This is playing against one person.
Satellites and Qualifiers Winning in this game category earns you tickets to larger contests.
Salary Cap This is like you are a general manager, given a certain amount of money and not allowed to exceed that amount. In other words, you must build a lineup under a set salary cap in such contests. The total points accumulated by each individual lineup entry will ultimately determines the contest results.
50/50 To win, you must finish in the top half of the player pool.
Best ball (BB) You will be drafting with your opponents live. No one can have the same players, and the computer is responsible for setting your weekly lineup. This is a season-long contest with no trades or other roster management.
Daily snake Like BB, this is a live draft performed with your opponents, and no one can have the same player on their team.
Pick’em Similar to a head-to-head player prop game.
Single game As the name suggests, this contest is a salary cap style for one game off the slate.
Pick’em Player vs. Player Contests Decide which player is more likely to have better statistical output.
Over/Under Pick’em Prop Contests This is pretty much the same as a player prop at sportsbooks. The difference is that you pick O/U a set player total for a given statistical category.

Best DFS Sites And APPS For 2024

Of all the platforms offering daily fantasy sports games, the following three are the best choices for US beginners and pros alike.

1. FanDuel: The Best And Most Trusted Since 2009

FanDuel: The Best And Most Trusted Since 2009

This is one of the very first DFS platforms in the US market. FanDuel was founded in 2009, and since then, managed to be the top Daily Fantasy Sports site and app in the industry. This is where you can pick a new fantasy team every week and play free or paid games to compete for cash payouts. The FanDuel Fantasy Sports website and app are available in 44 US states, excluding Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. The website is pretty user-friendly, with super easy navigation and compatibility with all devices. Meanwhile, the Fantasy App is pretty easy to use, has an eye-catching layout, and is available for both ios and android devices.

FanDuel is the DFS industry standard regarding salary cap DFS games and many other features. In addition, the operator offers one of the biggest selections of game types and sports markets, which will definitely satisfy all players. Besides those, FanDuel has excellent 24/7 customer service and an extensive list of fast and reliable banking methods, including PayPal.


What Fantasy Sports Are Available at FanDuel?

From Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Basketball to Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Soccer, Fantasy Golf, and Fantasy NASCAR, they’ve got it all!


2. DraftKings: The Most Beloved App In The Industry

DraftKings: The Most Beloved App In The Industry

The Kings are the second largest DFS providers in the industry. Although the operators joined the market three years after FanDuel in 2012, they managed to rise along with their rival to the top of the Daily Fantasy Sports crazy market. There are solid reasons for over 5 million players choosing this DFS platform.

First, the game types, contests variance, and sports markets are huge on DraftKings. Second, new contests are added daily and you should not finish first to win. Third, responsive 24/7 customer support and an extensive list of reliable banking options add to the gaming environment safety. Fourth, generous bonuses, including an up to $500 deposit bonus, help players make the most of their deposit money. Last but not least, the website is smooth, sleek, and compatible with all devices. Yet, the dedicated Fantasy app is available on the App Store with a 4.9 satisfaction rating and also on Google Play.

Like its rival, DraftKings features contests for “only beginners” to help level the playing field. Not long ago, they added a new pool option that offers free “pick’em contests” with real money payout.

DraftKings platform and app are available in 44 US states, excluding Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington DC.

3. PrizePicks: Best For Player Props/Pick’em

PrizePicks: Best For Player Props/Pick’em

It is the best place to Pick’em! The company was founded in 2015 as Performance Predictions. Unlike the previous two, PrizePicks is pretty new to the game and offers modern ways to play DFS. Regular DFS platforms feature lineup building and salary caps. But this new fellow provides one of the best Pick ‘em markets in the industry.

At PrizePicks, you can play in Over/Under Pick’em contests in which you play against the house rather than other players. The predictions, then, will be predicated on stats or fantasy totals. To win the contest, you must get as many predictions right as possible.

PrizePick is available in 30 US states, DC, and Canada(excluding Ontario). Upon first deposit, they will sweeten the deal with an up to $100 deposit match. Then, you can Pick’em and enjoy!

Big payouts, 24/7 customer support, fast & secure withdrawals, a dedicated ios & android fantasy app, a big selection of game types, and a user-friendly layout are a few perks of signing up with PrizePicks.


How To Play DFS Sports In 6 Simple Steps

Assuming that you have successfully signed up, loaded your account, and claimed your bonus, the following steps explain how you can play your favorite DFS sport.

Step 1: Open your preferred DFS app or website and navigate to lobby.

Step 2: Pick the sport you want to play.

Step 3: Select the contest and its type.

Step 4: Draft your team while keeping in mind to stay at or under the salary cap.

Step 5: Score more points than your opponent to win the contest.

Step 6: Enjoy the prize!



Daily Fantasy Sports is a rapidly growing market attracting millions of players. The market allows you to draft your favorite virtual team from proxies of actual players, play in a contest, and compete for big prizes. Out of many DFS platforms and sites, the top three were reviewed in this article to help you create a better fantasy experience.

But remember to play responsibly while joining the game!


Daily Fantasy Sports Sites FAQs

  1. Is it possible to win in DFS?

Of course, it is. You even can win real money at free contests on top platforms like DraftKings.

  1. What is the best dfs site for beginners?

FanDuel is the best choice. They offer the best “beginners only” contests in the industry.

  1. Do I have to pay taxes on DFS winnings?

Yes, you have to.

  1. Do pro leagues support the DFS market?

Yes. The top three North American pro leagues have equity stakes in a DFS site and they are supportive of the industry. They are:

  • NBA: FanDuel
  • NHL: DraftKings
  • MLB: DraftKings


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