Hadi Choopan Biography ، Weight and Height and Net Worth

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March 13, 2024
Hadi Choopan Biography

From Abnow to Olympia: The Rise of Hadi Choopan

The story of Hadi Choopan is the story of a poor boy from a village in Iran who defied all odds after twenty years of perseverance and emerged victorious despite numerous challenges. Today, Hadi Choopan is not only the country’s idol but also a true champion who has been sending the message of trying despite any barrier life puts in your way. In this article, I will delve into the deep roots of The Persian Wolf’s turbulence trajectory, exploring his childhood, net worth, professional achievements, love life, and more.


Hadi Choopan Life At A Glance

Full Name Hadi Choopan
Nickname The Persian Wolf
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age 37 (born on September 26, 1987)
Marital Status Married
Number of children 2 boys 1 girl
Religion Zoroastrian
Height 5’7″ = 169 cm
Weight 200-220lbs / 990-100kg
Arm Size 22 inch = 55.88 cm
Chest Size 144.78 cm
Waist Size 86.36 cm
Eye Color Dark Brown
Home Town Abnow, Fars
Residence Fars, Iran
Net Worth $2.5 million
Sponsor Evogen Nutrition
Trainer Hany Rambod
Predecessor Big Ramy
Successor Derek Lunsford
Instagram @hadi_choopan
YouTube @HadiChoopanOfficial


Choopan’s Biography

Choopan’s Biography

Hadi was born in 1987 in Abnow, Sepidan County, Fars Province, Iran. It was one year before the end of the Iran-Iraq war. The war and its consequences aggravated the situation of the already declining Iranian economy due to the 1979 revolution. As a result, living standards fell drastically in Iran, especially in regions far from the capital, like where Hadi Choopan used to live. Hadi was only 10 when the financial crisis made him work with his brother Hassan.


Is Hadi Choopan Deaf?

Hassan, Hadi’s older brother, was the main incentive for him to go to the gym despite the financial and economic struggles. Hadi started boxing during his adolescence. Many think his hearing loss is due to a blow. But the reality is that Hadi Choopan’s serious hearing problem is a genetic disorder and has nothing to do with his boxing practices. Although his hearing problem made daily communication challenging, the legendary bodybuilder never considered this a weakness but accepted it as part of life.


When & How Did He Become A Bodybuilder?

Even though he was always working hard to contribute to family income, Hadi was 13 when he first became attracted to bodybuilding. At first, his short stature and small size resulted in jokes and rejections from his friends and family. But it didn’t stop him. Hadi quit boxing at 18 and focused on bodybuilding with the support of his brother. Three years later, at 21, he won the title of Fars province champion and achieved 3rd place in a nationwide competition. Hadi was unstoppable, and his passion for bodybuilding grew with his muscles. Hadi became the champion of Fars province and won his first Iranian title in 2005. Between 2008 and 2013, he had no coach. But it didn’t stop him either; he kept winning national titles.


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How Did He Enter The Professional Level?

In 2012, he won the Silver Medal at the WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships. Ali Nemati started coaching him the following year, and Hadi won the WBPF Asia Championships Gold Medal and the WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships  Gold Medal in the same year. In fact, Nemati’s tutoring prepared Choopan for the professional bodybuilding stages.

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Who Is Hadi Choopan’s Wife?

Who Is Hadi Choopan’s Wife?

Unlike Choopan, his wife is not a bodybuilder or a professional athlete. They fell in love and married in 2002. We do not know Choopan’s wife’s name, as he calls her “My Lady” on social media. They have 3 children; 2 boys and 1 girl. Mohammad Hafez Choopan, their oldest child, was born in Qazvin on July 13, 2014. He went to the gym with his father from a young age.


Mohammad Hafez was highly interested in bodybuilding and started working in this field. In 2019, he became the champion in Iran’s youth bodybuilding competitions and started his career as a professional bodybuilder. In 2022, he proved himself in youth bodybuilding in Iran, showing he’s ready to surpass his father.


Choopan’s Professional Bodybuilding Achievements(Full List)

Choopan’s Professional Bodybuilding Achievements

Despite his difficult life and all the challenges, obstacles, and setbacks, Hadi Choopan has been on a winning streak, earning multiple medals on the world stage. Here is a breakdown of Hadi Choopan competition history and championships

Year Competition Place/Medal
2003-2007 Fars & Tehran Provincial Competitions Gold
2008 Babol / Sari National Tournaments 3rd /2nd
2009 Saari / rASHT National Tournaments 2nd / 2nd
2010 Saari National Tournament 1st
2011 Mashhad National Tournament 1st
2012 WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships Silver
2013 WBPF Asia Championships Gold
2013, 2014,2015 WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships Gold
2017 Mr. Olympia Amateur Gold
2017 IFBB Sheru Classic Pro Silver
2017 Asia Grand Prix / San Marino Pro Silver
2018 Dubai Expo Silver
2018 IFBB Portugal Pro 1st
2018 Asia Grand Prix Gold
2019 IFBB Vancouver Pro Gold
2019, 2020, 2021 Mr. Olympia 3rd, 4rth, 3rd
2022 Mr. Olympia 1st
2023 Mr. Olympia 2nd
2024 Arnold Classic 1st

Mr.Olympia Prize Money

Mr.Olympia Prize Money

The prize money for Mr.Olympia and other professional bodybuilding competitions varies depending on the year and the competition. Mr.Olympia has the biggest prize pool, where the 2022 competition set the record for the highest total with $1.6 million.

How Much Is Hadi Choopan Salary & Net Worth?

How Much Is Hadi Choopan Salary & Net Worth?

We cannot determine Hadi Choopan’s exact salary due to the private nature of athlete contracts. However, based on various sources and industry estimates, we can estimate his annual income to fall between $200,000 and $300,000.

In general, bodybuilders, Choopan included, have the following sources of income related to their professional sport:

  • Bodybuilding competitions: Prize money for bodybuilding competitions varies, with estimates for the winner ranging from $400,000 to $675,000 in recent years. While Choopan secured significant prize money with his Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic wins, this would only constitute part of his yearly income.
  • Sponsorships and endorsements: As a renowned athlete, Choopan likely receives sponsorship deals and endorsement opportunities from various companies within the fitness and sports nutrition industry, including his primary sponsor, Evogen Nutrition, owned by Hany Rambod.
  • Training and coaching: Bodybuilders can have additional income streams such as online coaching programs, personal training sessions, or seminars. Choopan also works as a bodybuilding coach, contributing to his annual income.

Can Choopan Defend His Crown?

He appeared more polished than ever on March 03, 2024. He wanted to prove to everyone that at the age of 37, he was still the best, and he did that. Winning the 2024 Arnold Classic for the first time is a milestone in his professional bodybuilding career. It showcases his determination to defend his Mr.Olympia title on October 11th and 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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Diet, Nutrition, & Routine Makes A Difference

He has been working hard over the past years and has significantly improved his physique. His piece of advice for young bodybuilding enthusiasts who dream of becoming a champ in higher divisions is:


Just focus on the aesthetics, conditioning, and fullness. Size alone cannot make a difference.”


When it comes to diet, Hadi Choopan focuses on foods that contribute to growing lean muscle. Choopan believes diet is the crucial element for achieving a toned appearance. So, he mainly eats avocados, brown rice, and chicken breast.These high-protein nutrients are known as slow-releasing foods. By consuming such foods, he can keep his levels of fat low and better prepare for competitions. In addition to this strict diet plan, he takes various supplements, including Fish Oil and Multivitamins.

Hadi Choopan: The People’s Champion

They say there are two facets to being a champion: one is to be the people’s champion, and the other one is to get the winnings.

Being the people’s champion is what means the most to Choopan. Because he believes being the people’s champ means you will live in millions of hearts forever. Medals will always be in a collection; nobody except him can see them.

Choopan & Woman Life Freedom

Hadi Choopan is one of those people who is dedicated to his people. In an unofficial interview, when they asked him why don’t you settle in the US. He burst into tears and said: I would die without Iran. This is why he dares to deliver a speech of freedom after winning Mr.Olympia in response to the death of Mahsa Amini and the Woman Life Freedom uprising. He responded to the reporter: we are all human and equal. I want freedom for all human beings, I want freedom for my country especially the women of my country. He said those words in a context where a soccer player had been convicted, thousands were arrested, and hundreds were killed.


Wrap Up

Nobody ever imagined that someday a poor boy from Fars province would become such a charismatic figure in the world of professional bodybuilding, where the dominant figure is Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the story of Hadi Choopan, The Persian Wolf, has ended up speaking for itself.

I believe Hadi Choopan is the champion who has earned it more than any other.

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  • Does Hadi Choopan Live In The US?

    No. Hadi Choopan lives in Shiraz, Iran.

  • How Tall Is Hadi Choopan?

    Choopan is around 145 cm high.

  • How Old Is Hadi Choopan?

    Choopan is 37 years old.

  • Did Hadi Choopan Win Mr.Olympia?

    Yes. He won Mr. Olympia 2022.

  • Did Hadi Choopan Beat Chris Bumstead?

    No. Hadi Choopan did not compete against Chris Bumstead in the same category to "beat" him. Choopan competes in the Men's Open division, while Chris Bumstead competes in the Classic Physique division.


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