Futsal Betting Predictions Tips and Rules 2024

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Futsal Betting Prediction

Futsal is not as popular as other sports, such as the NFL or soccer, but it has a relatively healthy betting community. Betting on this sport involves knowing a bit about the sport and betting rules. Therefore, this article explains various aspects of futsal betting, guiding you in making bets so that you know where to start with the process.


What Is Futsal?

Futsal is a football-based (or soccer-based, depending on where you’re from) game played on a significantly smaller field than a typical football field. Thus, the number of players is limited to five on-field players per team, including the goalkeeper. The game is also shorter than football, with two halves of 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes each.


Each team must score as many goals as possible during this time. A team can score a goal by kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal. The victor is the team with the highest number of goals at the game’s end. If both teams have not scored or scored an equal number of goals at the end of the timer, the referee offers extra time of 10-minute periods (split into two halves of 5 minutes) to the teams. Futsal is also a part of FIFA, i.e., the Federation Internationale de Football Association.


What Are Futsal Leagues?

The most common futsal matches occur in futsal leagues. Futsal leagues are tournaments in which certain futsal clubs, which are teams (not based on nationality), compete together. FIFA and EEFA Futsal Champions League are good examples.


Futsal World Cup

The FIFA Futsal World Cup is a competition for men’s national teams who play futsal. It happens every four years and is organized by FIFA. The first tournament was in 1989 in the Netherlands. Portugal won the most recent tournament in 2021 by beating Argentina. The most successful team is Brazil having 5 titles in its records.


Before 2008, there were 16 teams in the tournament. The first tournament had teams from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, North and Central America, and Oceania. Since 2012, there are 24 teams split into six groups. The top two teams in each group and the four best third-place teams move on to a knockout stage.


Next World Cup will take place from September 14, 2024 to October 06,2024 and Uzbekistan will host the tournament. 24 teams from 6 confederations will compete for the title.


How Does Futsal World Cup Qualification Work?

There are 24 teams in the final tournament. 23 teams, including the champion, have to qualify in their own continent. The host country gets to automatically qualify.

Futsal World Cup Qualifications
Championship Confederation
AFC Futsal Asian Cup. Formerly: AFC Futsal Championship AFC -Asia
Africa Futsal Cup of Nations(The Total Africa Futsal Cup of Nations). CAF- Africa
CONCACAF Futsal Championship CONCACAF – North, Central America and Caribbean
Copa América de Futsal(The CONMEBOL Copa América de Futsal) CONMEBOL -South America
FIFA Futsal World Cup qualification (UEFA) UEFA -Europe
OFC Futsal Championship OFC – Oceania

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What Can You Bet On?

If you are particularly familiar with this sport, you should note that you can bet on various futsal matches. For example, futsal world cup betting is popular as more people are likely to watch those matches than in other smaller leagues. Depending on where you are based, bookmakers also have futsal champions league betting, with bets on specific teams within countries or from different parts of the world.


Different Common Types of Futsal Betting Odds

As explained below, the types of betting odds on futsal betting sites and the rules for every kind of bet vary from one betting site to the other. Here are some details of some common futsal betting odds with examples. Knowing the various betting odds thoroughly can enable you to make sound decisions when you bet on futsal.


Match Bets

This type of betting odds is the simplest because it focuses on the outcome of the match, i.e., which team wins. Depending on the bookmaker, the money you receive from your bet may be equal. This form of bet may occur when the teams have relatively equal chances of victory. However, the bookmaker may choose to use a moneyline type of bet when the chances of winning for one team are significantly higher than that of the other.


Here’s an example to help explain a Moneyline bet

The Cleveland Xtreme and the Phoenix Brazas have a match. Let’s consider the Phoenix Brazas as the favorites. Thus, a bookmaker may set the betting odds for the Phoenix Brazas at -200 and +100 for the Cleveland Xtreme. This means you can win a total of $200 ($100 won plus the $100 you put in) if you bet $100 on the Cleveland Xtreme. As the underdog, the payout for betting on the Cleveland Xtreme is better.


On the other hand, you can win a total of $300 ($100 won plus the $200 you put in) if you bet $200 on the Phoenix Brazas. The payout is lower when you bet on the favorite because the risk is lower. Therefore, the Moneyline betting odd provides betters with an incentive to bet on the underdog.


Total Bets

Total bets are also known as over/under betting odds. Therefore, this betting type is based on the total number of goals scored in the game—the game’s outcome is irrelevant. The bookmaker may decide to set a point total in which both teams’ goals should be below or above that total.


Handicap betting

A handicap bet evens the odds of a bet by making the favorite overcome a specific target for betters to receive a payout. A handicap bet is almost the same thing as a point spread. We can understand this bet better if we use the same example above. The favorites, which is the Phoenix Brazas in our example, must win the game by a specific number of goals. If they do not, then those that bet on the underdog will win the bet. Like the other betting odds discussed above, this one helps even the odds to some degree.


How to Bet on Futsal Online

Now that you know a bit about futsal betting, you can start doing it yourself. Below are some steps on how to bet on futsal online.


Find a Betting Website

The first step in betting on futsal online is to visit a credible bookmaker or betting website. Here are some betting sites you can consider for futsal.

  • Betonline
  • Sportsbetting.ag
  • FauDuel
  • Bovada
  • DraftKings
  • TigerGaming


In addition to that, some betting sites have restrictions on the regions or countries that users can bet from. So, clarifying that can help reduce issues in the future.


You can determine whether these websites accommodate your region by visiting the site or searching “-the betting site’s name region restrictions.” Multiple articles on this topic will show up. For example, you could search for “BetVictor region restrictions.” Mainly, you can check each bookmaker’s website for the restricted regions.


We recommend these websites because they are trustworthy (from what we have learned, they are legit, licensed, and reputable), have great promotions, accept bets on a variety of futsal leagues, have good payout percentages, offer live futsal betting, and more. However, you don’t have to just take our word for it. You can search for the best futsal betting sites on Google, and you’ll find these names in the lists of many ranking sites.


Moreover, if you have friends engaged in such activity, it may help to ask them about their favorite futsal betting site. This way, you can learn some tips and steps from their first-hand experience.


Read the Instructions on Making and Receiving Payments

Every sportsbook, i.e., the futsal betting site where you place your bets, will have a way to place bets. You may need to make an account and establish payment methods. So, make sure to read through all instructions on the website to avoid confusion later.


Choose the Betting Market

There are a few different betting markets you can select from at a betting website. Betting markets vary among other bookmakers. For example, William Hill Sportsbook has four types of betting markets. These include the following.

  • Match betting: this type focuses on the outcome of the match, i.e., which team wins
  • Total betting: this type can be over or under
  • Handicap betting: this type involves betting on the winner of a game after applying the handicap spread
  • Tournament betting: this betting market is simple because it involves the winner of the tournament; bookmakers typically take


this bet at the start of a contest, so considerable research is necessary for it


The bookmaker may also mention whether they consider goals scored during extra time in the bet. Consider an example in which the bookmaker does not count goals scored in extra time. So, if the total goals scored in a game is 7, with one scored during extra time, the bookmaker will only consider 6 goals in the total. Knowing that beforehand is essential to help you make good decisions with your bets.


Thus, a factor influencing the website you pick to bet on futsal is the types of betting odds and betting markets they have. Research the sportsbooks’ different betting odds to ensure they include the ones you like. In addition to the odds types, the sportsbook may also have one or more types of betting formats, such as the American format (money line), European format (decimal), or British format (fractional). The betting format may also vary based on the location you are betting from.


Wait for the Outcome

After making your bet, you’ll need to wait for the match or tournament’s outcome based on your bet type. Bookmakers do not pay betters immediately after a match’s outcome because they first review all withdrawal requests.


Quick Futsal Betting Tips

While we have highlighted crucial points to consider above, here’s an overview of some futsal betting tips. Sharing these tips can help you spend your money in ways wisely to help improve your chances of winning.


Make Sure Betting on Futsal Is Legal Where You Are

Confirm the legality of betting on futsal in your region. Some states in the United States may have banned futsal betting, such as Idaho. On the other hand, there may be only some sportsbooks that legally take bets. So, make sure you do your research on that.


Learn Everything You Can About Each Betting Odds

Read details about the betting odds. As there are no betting odds that are similar across every bookmaker, for all futsal sportsbooks, each bookmaker will have its own rules. Make sure you know these rules so that you don’t make decisions you may regret. You can also then determine which betting odds come with the least risk and the largest reward.


Consider Betting on Websites That Offer Promotions

Look for possible futsal betting promotions. Some sportsbooks run promotions for new or old users. These promotions aim to help draw more users. So, there’s no harm in considering these promotions because they may benefit you. Research the favorites of a tournament. Make sure you read, watch, or listen to what experts say about specific teams, the team members, and their recent performance. You can use their insight to make your own futsal prediction about the victor of a game or tournament. Doing considerable research when you are placing a tournament bet is crucial because the chances of winning on that are low.


Gain Insight from Other Betters

Sometimes, we may not realize how much help we can get from other betters. Speak to betters online about their choices or talk to your friends who bet on futsal. They may be able to offer valuable advice that you may not have considered before.


Avoid Learning About All Futsal Teams

Various types of futsal tournaments occur every year or at other intervals. So, if you are still new to the sport, it may help to restrict yourself to one type of futsal federation or a few teams. This way, you won’t overwhelm yourself with a lot of information at once. In turn, you may also be able to improve your overall decision-making for specific matches.


Final Words

Futsal betting online is not a complicated process. However, you must do some research before you place bets. The research pertains to the betting website, the betting odds, and the game’s favorites. You can determine which matches are worth betting on or not with adequate research.

Quick Answers to Questions on Futsal Betting

  • Is futsal betting legal?

    Yes, it is legal in many parts of the world. That said, check the betting laws first in your country and state/province. Thus, the answer depends on where you live. Even in the US, sports betting is not legal in all states. Still, top licensed offshore sportsbook like Betonline is available and legal across nearly all US states. Also, FanDuel and DraftKings are regulated and operate legally in the United States.

  • Is it worth betting on futsal?

    Yes, it can be worth betting on futsal. You can also look at futsal betting bonuses (i.e., promotions) and percentage returns on certain betting websites, as some can be better than others.

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