Chumba Casino Review: Can You Play With Free Gold Coins And Win Cash?

Member of the VGW(Virtual Gaming Worlds) family, Chumba Casino is one of the fast-growing social casinos in the US virtual gaming industry. They call themselves America’s #1 social casino experience offering a wide range of in-house developed slots and table games available to US and Canadian players. Let’s look at their welcome bonuses, game selection, and other features to decide whether to agree with their claim!

Chumba Casino Review

Chumba Casino: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Like its sister brands, LuckyLand Slots and Global Poker, Chumba was born in the VGW family, one of the leading tech companies in online gaming and social games. Hence, it is a social casino. Talking about social casinos and their differences from real money online casinos is beyond the scope of this review.

So, in a nutshell, you can play at this casino for free, without making any deposit, unlike online real money casinos. Also, you can win cash prizes or redeem your winnings for cash and receive them in your bank account.


Good Stuff, Bad Stuff, And Key Features

Launched in 2012, Chumba Casino has evolved and improved as an online social casino. Still, developers should work on some areas to be eligible to call themselves #1! Here are the positive and negative features you should expect while playing at this casino.


Chumba Casino Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
50+ slots titles. Only available to US and Canadian players.
More than 150 social casino games. Not available to players from Idaho and Washington states.
Available to all US states and most Canadian Provinces. No live chat customer support.
Desktop and mobile gaming. No live dealer games.
All the games are available for free play. High cash-out requirements.
Game payout percentages are not listed.

Welcome Bonuses And Promotion Codes

The idea behind social casinos, especially for members of the VGW family, is fun for all. For this reason, the kind of bonuses these casinos offer differs from online real money casinos. For example, no promo codes are required to activate or claim your bonuses at Chumba Casino.

Welcome Bonuses And Promotion Codes

Free Sign Up Gold Coins

Newcomers who sign up using their Facebook, Google, or Apple account will be granted 10M Gold Coins+ 30 Free Sweeps Coins. It is more than enough to get started with their world-class casino-style games and start winning.


Daily Rewards

If you return to Chumba Casino daily and play, you will be rewarded 200k Free Gold Coins plus one Free Sweeps Coin. Your bonus amount will be immediately added to your account balance, and you can enjoy playing for free!

All you need to do is log in to your account and click “claim” to receive your Daily Bonus.

Daily Rewards Chumba Casino

Social Media Free Coins

Free coins can be earned through Chumba Casino’s social media. You can earn 100k Sweeps Coins by mailing a request, winning a competition, or purchasing Gold Coins.


Chumba Casino Money: How To Play With Gold Coins And Win Cash?

Like other social casinos, Chumba Casino has its own virtual currencies. Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins are two virtual money you can use to play for free and win cash prizes. Let us see how these currencies work and how you can redeem your coins for cash prizes.


How To Receive And Play With Gold Coins?

Gold Coins are virtual money allowing you to play casino-style games at Chumba Casino. GCs are just for fun. In other words, you cannot redeem them for cash prizes as they don’t have monetary value.

You receive free GCs upon registration and also daily if you wish to play every day. In addition to free Gold Coins, you can purchase GCs, and usually, the package comes with a couple of Free Sweeps Coins.

Gold Coins are your bankroll, and you join the tables or spin the reels by spending your GCs. Games with “Standard Play” or simply” social game play” titles can be played with GCs. You will spend GC and win GC in such games.


Gold Coins Purchase Packages

As of writing, seven packages are available to purchase Gold Coins at Chumba Casino. Make sure to buy the package that includes a fair number of free Sweeps Coins because these are what you really need for your cash prize redemption.


Gold Coin Package # Gold Coins # Free Sweeps Coins Price(USD)
Welcome Bonus 10M 30 Free
1 200k none $1
2 1M 5.05 $5
3 2.500M none $10
4 15M 51.5 $50
5 35M 104 $100
6 120M 315 $300

Sweeps Coins: Your Ticket To Cash Prizes!

Sweeps Coins are another virtual currency at Chumba Casino that are redeemable for cash prizes. Sweeps Coins cannot be purchased, but they have monetary value as you will redeem them for cash prizes.


How To Receive Chumba Casino Sweeps Coins?

The first and most important step is to verify your account. If you do not create an account and verify it using a valid phone number and postal code(ZIP Code), you cannot receive your free Sweeps Coins or participate in Promotional Play. Promotional Play includes the games in which you should spend SCs, and if you win, your winnings will be in the form of SCs, not Gold Coins. You are eligible to verify an account and join Promotional Play only if you are at least 18 years old and are a US or Canadian resident except in Idaho and Washington states.

Here are ways to receive Sweeps Coins  at Chumba Casino:

  1. Register for an account, verify your account by providing a valid phone number and ZIP code, and activate your account. You will receive free Sweeps Coins as part of your welcome bonus.
  2. You can receive SCs as a bonus upon purchasing specifically marked packs of Gold Coins. The number of SCs you will receive along with each GC purchase will be listed in your account purchase window. Remember, all your Gold Coins purchases are final; no refunds will be given.
  3. Participating in the no-cost giveaway contests on the Chumba Casino Facebook page can also earn you free SCs. The Sweepstakes at Chumba Casino is sponsored and promoted by VGW Games, which regularly holds Sweeps Coins no-cost giveaway contests. You can enter each contest by following the instructions provided for that specific contest. You may need to share the Facebook page posts or answer game-related questions to be eligible for entry. The amount of Sweeps Coins you can receive will be stated on the applicable contest post and if you win, your SCs will be credited to your Customer Account.
  4. Return to your account every day to receive your daily SCs. Take the following steps to receive your Daily Bonus:
  • Sign into your Customer Account.
  • A pop-up screen will appear for you to claim your Daily Bonus if you are eligible for daily bonuses.
  • Click the “Claim” button at the bottom of the Daily Bonus pop-up.

Remember, you can only claim a Daily Bonus once every 24 hours. (The daily clock resets at midnight EST).

  1. Another way is to send a request by post. You can receive free Sweeps Coins by obtaining a Postal Request Code. How? Just sign into your Customer Account, click on Postal Request Code in the lobby, and follow the prompts. To make a request, you can send a standard postcard or a piece of white paper called a Request Card. The card must be 4” x 6”, unfolded, blank, and unlined. Place it inside a stamped #10 envelope that is addressed in handwriting. US residents should send it to the following address:

Vgw Games Limited

Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department

PO BOX #8486

Portsmouth, NH 03801

And Canadian residents may send their requests to the following address:

Vgw Games Limited

Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department

PO BOX #990

135 West Beaver Creek Road

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4R7

How To Redeem Sweeps Coins For Real Prizes?

To be eligible for redemption, you must accumulate at least 100 Sweeps Coins in your wallet. The rest is some verification process that should be done before you can receive your winnings directly to your bank account or as a gift card.

Make sure to check the general redemption T&Cs as they are updated regularly, and you may lose your eligibility by disobeying a rule or breaking a condition.


Payment Methods

Chumba Casino differs from real-money casinos in terms of payment systems. Unlike online real money casinos, you don’t deposit and withdraw at Chumba Casino. Instead, you purchase Gold Coins which is similar to deposit, and redeem Sweeps Coins which is like withdrawal. The following options are available for purchase and redemption:

  • Visa and Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Online banking
  • Gift Cards
  • Paysafecard
  • American Express


From Table Games To Slingo: Chumba Casino Unique Game Selection

From Table Games To Slingo: Chumba Casino Unique Game Selection

Chumba Casino offers a vast majority of casino-style games. Compared to its sister sites like LuckyLand Slots, Chumba Casino has more gaming categories, including but not limited to:

  • Table Games
  • Slots
  • Jackpots
  • Video Poker


Slingo: A Special Cross Between Slots And BINGO!

Slingo: A Special Cross Between Slots And BINGO!

Slingo is a unique game offered by Chumba Casino and features both slot and bingo. It is a game that involves a 5 x 5 grid with numbers and 5 spaces underneath. You get between 9 and 11 spins for each play, depending on the game. The objective is to match as many numbers on the grid as possible. Each spin reveals 5 numbers or symbols, including wilds and free spins, in the bottom row. Your goal is to match numbers in lines called “Slingos.” The more Slingos you get, the better the prize you win. Once your spins are up, you can end the game and collect your prize or continue playing by using more coins. Although it may seem complicated, Slingo is easy and fun to play!


Slingo Prize Ladder

In this game, a completed line of five matching numbers in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction is called a Slingo line. Each Slingo line you make allows you to move up the prize ladder, with the best prizes at the top. If you fill the entire grid, you win the top prize, which is called a full house.


Slingo Special Symbols

The game is not just about matching numbers, but also about hitting special symbols that vary from game to game. These symbols can include wilds, free spins, and jackpots.

For instance, in Slingo Berserk, you can find symbols such as Wild Lightning, Blockers, Free Spin, and Vikings, among others. Wild Lightning is a symbol that allows you to choose any grid number above that specific reel. Blockers are symbols that you want to avoid. Free Spin symbols give you another chance to fill the reels. The Jackpot Round is triggered when a lightning hammer symbol lands and shoots coins up to the chest. The jackpot game is triggered when the coins cascade down the screen. During the Jackpot round, you pick coins to reveal the Vikings until three of the same are revealed to win the jackpot. These symbols and features make Slingo games more exciting and engaging.


Chumba Casino On The Go: Mobile App

If you use the Chumba Lite app on iOS or Android devices, you may notice differences and face some difficulties compared to the web-based version on your phone or desktop. However, both app versions offer a wide range of slots, jackpot slots, and table games for players to choose from, and many of the same features as the desktop offering. Some app users have reported issues with the app freezing, and the app can be challenging to navigate. The app only allows players to play one game at a table, meaning multi-tabling is impossible. Despite these issues, the Chumba Lite app is worth checking out for those who want to play casino games on the go.

Chumba Casino On The Go: Mobile App

Final Words, Chumba Casino: YES OR NO?!

In conclusion, Chumba Casino offers an immersive gaming experience with an array of free casino-style games. The site is becoming increasingly popular in the US and Canada, and it provides a legal way for players to enjoy online casino games in all US states except Washington and Idaho. Chumba Casino provides players with a wide range of slot games, including jackpots and table games to choose from. Its mobile version also has many features that are similar to the desktop version. Despite the minimal issues mentioned above, Chumba Casino is a great option for those who want to play casino games for free and still have the chance to win real cash prizes.


Chumba Casino Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Chumba Casino Legal Across All The United States?

Yes, Chumba Casino is legal in all US states except Washington and Idaho. Chumba Casino is also legal and available in Canada.

  1. Does Chumba Casino Pay Real Money?

Yes and no! Chumba Casino is not an online real money casino. So, you cannot play for real money and win cash. Instead, you will play with Sweeps Coins, win Sweeps Coins, and redeem them for cash prizes.

  1. Does Chumba Casino Have Age Restriction?

Yes. To be eligible to play at Chumba Casino, you must be at least 18 years old.

  1. Can I Play Live Dealer Blackjack At Chumba Casino?

No. it is a social casino and does not offer live dealer casino games.

  1. What Documents Are Required For Chumba Casino Verification?

Submit a valid phone number and ZIP code for your account to be verified. Also, you should provide a driver’s license or ID for identity verification.


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