Beyond The Grid: Monaco Grand Prix 2023 Betting Guide

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Monaco Grand Prix 2023

Beyond The Grid: Monaco Grand Prix 2023 Betting Guide

Here comes again another season for one of the most glamorous races of the calendar, the Monaco Grand Prix. The event was first held in 1929, making it one of the oldest races in motorsports racing history. Driver’s skills play an important role at Monaco racing. Why? Because drivers must change gears 54 times per lap, making the competition crazy fast. It means the race is filled with unexpected and unusual things. Add the element of betting, and watching the event becomes extra thrilling.

Read on to find out more about the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix betting odds, tips, and predictions.


What Makes It Different From Other Motor Racing?


The Monaco Circuit Then&Now

Unlike many people who find Monaco the dullest race of the year, it is one of my favorites. Because it helped define Formula 1, it’s given its brand identity and sets it apart from all other Motor Racing.

Described as the jewel in the crown, for some people, Monaco is downright boring. The reason for this is that there are so few overtakes. The Monaco Circuit was designed in 1929 by Anthony Knox for a different style and a different generation of cars. At the time, these 👇 tiny Nimble, agile creatures were dancing their way through the Monaco streets.

Now, we have these 👇 big powerful beasts that look completely out of place on those tiny streets. There’s practically no obvious place to overtake.

The Monaco Circuit Then&Now

Some drivers do manage to pull off an overtake around the lowest hairpin or coming into the Nouvelle Chicane, but it’s high-risk, and there’s a very good chance that the driver ends up in a crash rather than completing an overtake. It’s so bad that in 2021 there was just one overtake in the entire race; 78 laps and just one overtake! But the lack of overtaking opportunities does not make Monaco a bad race because overtaking doesn’t necessarily equate to a good or bad race. For example, in the 2018 race, Daniel Ricardo was misleading, and on lap 28, he lost power. His MGU-K unit(electrical energy recovery unit) failed, costing him 25% of his available horsepower. He lost two gears, going down from eight to six. In any other circuit, that would have been game over! But in Monaco, he was able to hold off Sebastian Vettel for 50 laps to win the race. That race was epic! Actually, because of the lack of overtaking, it became much more exciting. Of course, it would be more fun to see some overtaking in Monaco, but if we dig a little bit deeper, we can see that Monaco throws up excitement in other ways. For instance, in the past 10 years, only two Monaco winners have gone on to win the World Championship.

Probably because Monaco has these boring races that when we do get an exciting one, it’s usually the most exciting race of the year. Often, it’s the most exciting race of an age! They’re absolute Classics! For instance, do you remember the 1982 race, where five drivers crashed out from the lead, or 1996, where Olivier Panis won from 14th place? There are more examples to justify how exciting the Monaco race is. In 2008, Lewis Hamilton recovered from crashing his car into the wall just outside the swimming pool to go on to win.

Another thing that sets Monaco apart from all other Motor Racing is qualifying. In Monaco, the importance of check position means that qualifying is vital. So, those who say the race is kind of dull, can’t argue that qualifying Monaco is probably the best qualifying of the entire season. With the narrow course and the bumpy streets, drivers are on edge, knowing that the slightest mistake will put the car into the barrier.


Monaco Race Weekend Experience

Watching Formula One cars race around the principality’s streets is incredible, but racing is just part of the whole Monaco race weekend experience. There is much more to this than you can think of.  There’s the glamor, the parties, and the gorgeous location. Monaco is known as the playground of the Rich and Famous. Whether you are going to the Amber Lounge and spending 35000 Euros for a table for 10 people for one night, or you’re going down to the La Rascasse, where there’s an open Street party for anyone who’s got a ticket(free of charge), there’s something in Monaco for everyone. That vast range of options pretty much extends to everything in Monaco. Long story short, Monaco Grand Prix is a package of varying kinds of fun!


Monaco Grand Prix 2023 Time Schedule

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was canceled due to flooding in the region. Hence, the 2023 F1 season resumes with the old Monaco Grand Prix.

The Mexican F1 driver known for his success at street tracks, Sergio Perez, was the 2022 event winner. But Max Verstappen arrives into the weekend with a 14-point lead over his teammate, Sergio, in the World Championship.

Two practice sessions will occur on Friday, meaning the weekend follows the usual format. FP1(Free Practice Session 1) is set for 07:30 A.M EDT, and FP2 will be at 11:00 A.M.

On Saturday, May 27, FP3 will be held from 06:30 A.M to 07:30 A.M(EDT), ahead of qualifying at 10:00 A.M(EDT), which will determine the 78-lap Monaco Grand Prix grid taking place on Sunday 28, 2023, at 09:00 A.M (EDT).




Date Event Time(Local) Time(EDT)
Friday 26 May Practice Session 1 13:30-14:30 07:30 A.M to 08:30
Friday 26 May Practice Session 2 17:00-18:00 11:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M
Saturday 27 May Practice Session 3 12:30-13:30 06:30 A.M to 07:30 A.M
Saturday 27 May Qualifying 16:00-17:00 10:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M
Sunday 28 May Race 15:00 09:00 A.M


F1 Driver Standings: Who Is Favored To Win The F1 Championship In 2023?

One of the world’s most prestigious and thrilling motorsports tournaments is The F1 World Championship. It is an exciting high-speed event that is all about “WOWs” and “oohs” because the best drivers worldwide compete for the championship title. “F1 driver and team standings” is the heart of competition which allows fans to keep track of drivers’ progresses and make better decisions while wagering on their favorite drivers.

Driver’s performance throughout the year determines the F1 standings. The score is calculated by the awarding points each driver earns based on their race finishing positions. 25 points will be awarded to the driver who finishes first in a race. The second driver will be awarded 18 points, and so on. The awarding points decrease as the finishing place increase until the last driver, who earns only one point.

At the end of the season, the driver with the most points wins the Formula One World Champion title. Standings has another application that is determining the finishing order for the drivers who don’t win the championship. In the standings, the driver finishing second is known as “Runner-up”. Meanwhile, the driver finishing third will be known as the “third-placed driver”, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that standings are updated after each race allowing fans and bettors to keep track of drivers’ performance and records throughout the season. Here are the 2023 F1 standings:



2023 F1 Driver Standings
Position Driver Points Team
1 Max VERSTAPPEN 119 Red Bull Racing
2 Sergio PÉREZ 105 Red Bull Racing
3 Fernando ALONSO 75 Aston Martin F1 Team
4 Lewis HAMILTON 56 Mercedes AMG F1
5 Carlos SAINZ 44 Scuderia Ferrari
6 George RUSSELL 40 Mercedes AMG F1
7 Charles LECLERC 34 Scuderia Ferrari
8 Lance STROLL 27 Aston Martin F1 Team
9 Lando NORRIS 10 McLaren Racing
10 Pierre GASLY 8 Alpine F1
11 Nico HULKENBERG 6 Haas F1
12 Esteban OCON 6 Alpine F1
13 Valtteri BOTTAS 4 Alfa Romeo Racing
14 Oscar PIASTRI 4 McLaren Racing
15 Guanyu ZHOU 2 Alfa Romeo Racing
16 Yuki TSUNODA 2 Scuderia Alpha Tauri
17 Kevin MAGNUSSEN 2 Haas F1
18 Alexander ALBON 1 Williams Racing
19 Logan SARGEANT 0 Williams Racing
20 Nyck DE VRIES 0 Scuderia Alpha Tauri


As the standings suggest, Max VERSTAPPEN, the Dutch-Belgian driver from the Red Bull Racing team, is favored to win F1 Championship in 2023.


Monaco Grand Prix 2023: Which Sportsbooks Offer The Best Odds?

Can you imagine the fast and furious season of F1 without the trill of live betting? Of course, not. Sportsbooks offer various betting options for the F1 season, including but not limited to props and Moneyline. We thoroughly researched and handpicked the best Moneyline odds from the top US sportsbooks for the coming Monaco Grand Prix 2023. They also offer the most competitive in-play betting odds, and you can check them out at the time of the event. BetMGM offers tons of different betting options and welcome bonuses for GP Monaco and you will see only a couple of examples below. Make sure to check them out.

Betonline Monaco Grand Prix Lines Moneyline Odds
Max Verstappen +125
The Field -155
Sergio Perez +325
The Field -450
BetMGM GP Monaco Race Winner Max Verstappen +125
Sergio Perez +275
Charles LECLERC +400
Fernando ALONSO +600
BetMGM GP Monaco Top 3 Bet



Max Verstappen -300
Sergio Perez -200
Charles LECLERC -185
Fernando ALONSO +110
BetMGM GP Monaco Props
Will Lewis Hamilton Finish in Top 3? Yes +400
No -700


Do’s And Don’ts Of Monaco Grand Prix Betting

Formula One betting follows the general sports betting rules with some added twists to the concept. If you are new to sports betting or it is your first F1 betting season, we highly recommend checking out our Formula One betting guide and learning how to place risk-free wagers. For the sake of this post, let us review a couple of betting tips so you learn some rookie mistakes to avoid this season.

✅Keep track of driver standings.

❌ Avoid risking your money on drivers who have been performing poorly.

✅If you are a newbie F1 bettor, avoid placing riskier bets, such as the team winner for the entire season.

✅Shop for lines across the top legit sportsbook, like Betonline, FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM. Although each one of these online sportsbooks offers competitive odds, shopping for the best odds is a pro habit! It is a good idea to practice it this season.

❌Don’t risk your money before learning the sport basics. Because for some bets, like props, your knowledge of the sport can help you avoid losses.

✅Keep the stakes low to avoid huge losses, especially if you are a newbie.

❌Never bet more than what you can afford.

Event Facts And Final Words

Despite what some people think, Monaco GP is not boring; we already proved it. Live betting can make you feel the heat if you can’t watch the event live in the circuit. Make sure to keep in mind the tips we covered here, learn the basics, and keep it small.

See you at the next event!


Monaco Grand Prix 2023 Betting Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who Is Favored To Win Monaco GP?

Max Verstappen from the Red Bull Racing team is highly anticipated to win the race.

  1. Where Can I Bet On Monaco GP Race?

The best legit online sportsbooks available to US and international bettors are Betonline, BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, and Bovada.

  1. What Type Of Bets Are Available For F1 Races and Monaco GP?

Plenty! All the betting options, like player props, Moneyline, parlays, and live betting, are offered by the top sportsbooks for F1 races.

  1. Who Won Miami Grand Prix On May 7th, 2023?

Max Verstappen from Red Bull won the race.

  1. What Team Is Favored To Win The 2023 Championship?

Red Bull is the favored team.



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