Beach Soccer Predictions , Odds and Tips

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Beach Soccer Predictions

A few beach soccer tournaments are coming soon in the last quarter of 2022, including the Bahamas Beach Soccer Cup 2022 and the Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup 2022. Looking at some expert beach soccer predictions about the tournament’s favorites can help you determine how to place your bets on specific teams. Therefore, this article provides you with what you must know about beach soccer predictions and how you can utilize them to make betting decisions.


What Is Beach Soccer?

Beach soccer is a sport with a few different names, including beach football, beasal, or sand football. As the name suggests, it is similar to regular soccer but played on a smaller field with sand or on a beach. This sport was first played officially in 1992 in Los Angeles, United States, and this standard version helped establish the rules for the game. FIFA, i.e., the International Federation of Association Football, is the highest governing body of beach soccer.


Some Basic Characteristics of Beach Soccer

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Beach soccer is similar in some ways to the original soccer game; for example, it has two teams competing to score the highest number of goals within a limited time. Thus, players must kick the ball within their opposing team’s goalposts to score a point. Each team has a goalkeeper who defends the goal, and they’re the only players who can catch the ball with their hands when in their team’s penalty area. Flags mark the penalty area in beach soccer because you cannot draw lines on the sand like on a grass or an astroturf field.

The field in beach soccer is also considerably smaller than in regular soccer, with a minimum of 35m x 26m compared to 120m x 80m in regular soccer. The number of players is also lower, as each team has five players, including the goalkeeper.

Another difference between this variation and the original soccer game is that players cannot wear shoes; however, they can wear ankle guards.

Beach soccer is shorter than the regular soccer game, with a total match time of 36 minutes. There are three sections of the game, each of which is 12 minutes long. The timekeeping official can stop the time during stoppages in gameplay, which is different from regular soccer matches. There are also no limitations on the number of players that each team can substitute during a game. Moreover, a beach soccer game never ends in a draw. If the score is even at the end of the 36-minute period, the teams will be provided extra time of 3 minutes to increase their goals. If the teams don’t score any goals or are even at the end of the extra time, then the game moves on to penalties.


Some Popular Beach Soccer Tournaments

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is a popular tournament of this sport, with viewers and bettors from around the world. Since 2009, the World Cup has been held every other year, with the last in 2021.

Beach Soccer Leagues

Beach soccer leagues are competitions or organizations. Here are two examples.

The Euro Beach Soccer League

The Euro Beach Soccer League is a competition that the confederation, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) leads. This competition is only for national Europe-based teams.

The National Beach Soccer League

While the top teams may be predominantly from Europe and South America, men, women, and the youth also play the game in North America. For example, the National Beach Soccer League (NBSL) is an American-based organization that focuses on promoting and developing the sport in the country by training athletes through clinics, training sessions, and camps. The organization also hosts tournaments within the country to help national athletes compete against each other before looking for opportunities in the national team.


What Are Beach Soccer Predictions?

Beach soccer predictions are estimations about the possible victors of a beach soccer tournament or match. People use these predictions to inform their choices when betting on beach soccer tournaments or games. There is more than one type of prediction, as discussed below.


Types of Beach Soccer Predictions

There are two types of beach soccer predictions. The first is the predictions that people make, which can include experts of the sport and audience members. So, predictions offered on websites, such as Oddspedia or tevents, use input from experts and their own website users to form human-based predictions.

The second type of beach soccer prediction is an algorithm-based prediction made using available data on the teams’ past performance, the conditions of the match, etc.

Other than these two types of predictions, you should note that predictions can occur before a tournament/game or during a live game. You can find more information on live predictions and live betting below.


Beach Soccer Live Predictions

Whenever a beach soccer tournament occurs, you can visit this article to see beach soccer live predictions below. These predictions can help you with making decisions on how to proceed with your bets, either before a game or during a live match. For example, you can catch our predictions for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, which is typically held biannually in the warm months of the tournament host country.


Best Soccer Odds

As mentioned above, beach football predictions are helpful because they help inform you about the best soccer odds. There are a few different types of odds that you should know about if you plan to start betting on this sport. Some common ones include the following.

  • Match bets, i.e., betting on the victor of a match—this type of betting odd is for teams that are competitively matched
  • Handicap bets, i.e., a bet placed on the favorite team’s chances of exceeding a specific number of goals
  • Total bets, i.e., the total number of goals scored in a match


Beach Soccer Worldwide

There are national teams and clubs of beach soccer worldwide. Here are some details on them.


The Best Beach Soccer Teams

There are different rankings for beach soccer clubs and national teams. In addition to that, there are separate rankings for men’s and women’s teams. You should note that the men’s and women’s teams do not compete against teams of the opposite gender in tournaments.

Below are the top five teams of the men’s beach soccer clubs.

  1. SC Braga
  2. BSC Kristall
  3. Levante UD
  4. CB Loures
  5. Real Münster

Below are the top five teams of the women’s beach soccer clubs.

  1. Terrassa
  2. Zvezda
  3. Marseille BT
  4. AISP San Javier
  5. Madrid CFF

Here are the top five national teams of men’s beach soccer.

  1. Russia
  2. Portugal
  3. Brazil
  4. Spain
  5. Switzerland

Here are the top five national teams of women’s beach soccer.

  1. Spain
  2. England
  3. Russia
  4. Brazil
  5. Ukraine

You can find details of all clubs and national teams on the rankings section of the beach soccer website. Note that all of the rankings above are at the time this article was written and published.

Betting Tips for Beach Soccer Wagers

Here are some betting tips you should keep in mind when making wagers on beach soccer.


Learn About the Different Betting Odds

Educate yourself on the various betting odds with respect to beach soccer before you start placing bets. Refer to our section on the common betting odds types mentioned above for more information.


Consider a Bookmaker That Has Promotions

Betting promotions are an excellent incentive for people to bet on various sports, including beach soccer. For example, people who choose to bet on Bet365 can receive a matched amount of their qualifying deposit in Bet Credits. So, users can essentially get an additional sum, up to €100. So, if you’re new to betting on beach soccer, look for promotions like this to make it more worth your while to bet on this spot.


Look at Our Beach Soccer Predictions

Make it a point to check our beach soccer predictions before you make your bets. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what direction a match might head toward, allowing you to make bets backed by research.


Some Answers to Questions About Betting on Beach Soccer

Below are some answers to questions you may have when considering betting on beach soccer.


What is livescore odds prediction?

Livescore odds prediction is the predictions experts, algorithms, and users make of a specific match while the game takes place. For example, if one team is leading, people may predict that that team will win. It can be useful for bettors, as they may want to bet on a team that is likely to win the match.


Can I make my own beach soccer predictions?

You can make your own beach soccer predictions, as many users also do. They also share their insights on the internet, which may or may not be used in predictions offered on betting websites.


Is it worth betting on beach soccer?

Yes, it can be worth betting on beach soccer if you take the betting odds into account and the popularity of a game or tournament. For example, you may be able to win big in the final of a contest, such as the Euro Winners Cup—provided you increase the stakes.


Is it legal to bet on beach soccer?

The answer to this question will entirely depend on the region where you are betting. So, make sure that you check the federal and state/provincial laws before you plan to make any bets. Also, make sure to research different bookmakers (i.e., platforms/sportsbooks that handle the wagers for you) to check for their reliability and promotions. Bet365 is one website or bookmaker that is known for being reliable for betting on beach soccer.


Is beach soccer an Olympic sport?

No, it is not an Olympic sport yet despite being campaigned to become one.

Final Words

When looking at beach soccer predictions, go through the estimations from multiple users/platforms. This way, you can acquire more information, recognize similar patterns, and create your own prediction. In turn, you can make informed decisions about how to bet on this sport.


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