What Is a Trixie Bet In Sports Betting?

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October 5, 2023
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For thrill-seeking bettors, the ‘Trixie’ offers a chance to increase your wagers’ excitement level. This multi-wager bet allows you to make multiple bets on three selections, opening up more opportunities to win. While not for the faint of heart, Trixies provide savvy bettors a way to spice up standard wagers. This article explains exactly how these bets and their payouts work. You’ll learn the pros and cons of Trixies compared to other bet types and get tips on picking your selections wisely. Ready? Let’s dive right in.


Trixie Bet Decoded: What Is A Trixie In Sports Betting?

So, what is a Trixie bet? It is a type of multi-wager bet consisting of four bets across three different selections. Based on the typical use and structure of Trixie bets, the sports where they are most commonly placed are horse racing, soccer/football, Golf, and Greyhound racing. Still, you can make Trixies in other sports, too. But make sure to remember the following two rules for making Trixie bets: You cannot wager on multiple outcomes in the same sporting event. Also, you are not allowed to wager on events across multiple sports.


Trixie Bet Structure and Payouts Explained

A Trixie is similar to a Patent bet, except that the latter consists of seven bets instead of four. A Trixie bet includes 7 total wagers on 3 selections, with 3 double bets and a treble bet. If you want to have a recap on different bet types, check this guide on lucky bets.


Now, let’s break it down:

Race A Race B Race C Bet Type
Bet 1 X X Double
Bet 2 X X Double
Bet 3 X X Double
Bet 4 X X X Treble

As shown in the table above, adding three doubles to a treble bet adds an insurance layer to guarantee a return even if one selection fails to win. If all three selections win, you hit the game-changer maximum payout. You will still receive a payout with a Trixie bet if one selection loses. But remember, since a Trixie lacks single bets, if two of your selections fail to win, your Trixie bet loses, and you will not receive any payout. If no selections win, your entire bet loses.

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How To Calculate Your Trixie Bet Winnings?

Calculating payouts for Trixie bets is easy using a valid online calculator. But if you want to do it yourself, here are the steps to calculate your Trixie bet payout:


✔ Firstly, convert any fractional odds to decimal. To do this, divide the first number by the second and add 1. So, odds of 2/1 become 3.0, and 9/4 become 3.25.


✔ Secondly, for each ‘double’ or two-selection accumulator within the Trixie, multiply the decimal odds of those picks. For example, if selection 1 is 2.0 and selection 2 is 3.0, the return for that double is 2 x 3 = 6.


✔ Finally, multiply the decimal odds of all three picks for the treble or three-selection accumulator. If selection 1 is 2.5, selection 2 is 3.0, and selection 3 is 4.0, the return for the treble is 2.5 x 3 x 4 = 30.


Trixie Pros

  • Provides multiple chances to win
  • Flexibility if selections underperform(You can still get a payout if one or two of your picks let you down, unlike an accumulator.)
  • Low stake for high returns (Staking on multiple bets with a Trixie can give high potential returns for a relatively small total stake.)
  • Ideal for high-odds selections


Trixie Cons

  • High risk(Despite having some flexibility, a Trixie is still a high-risk multiple bet with long odds and lower chances of winning compared to singles.)
  • Poor value for short-priced favorites
  • Bookmaker margins(Paying for 4 separate bets means the bookmakers’ margins are multiplied, reducing potential returns.)
  • Returns can be lower. (Unless you hit the treble, returns are often quite low and don’t always make up for all the losing doubles.)


What Is An Each-Way Trixie & How Does It Work?

An each-way Trixie bet is a variation of the standard Trixie bet, adding an extra element of flexibility and protection. It is quite common in horse race betting. Let’s break it down to see how it works:


  • Like a normal Trixie, punters make three selections in different horse races(or another sporting event.)
  • Punters place two bets – a Win Trixie and an Each-Way Trixie.
  • The Win Trixie follows the standard structure of 4 separate bets(a total of 7 bets) – 3 doubles and a treble.
  • An Each-Way Trixie contains 4 additional wagers, structured as each-way bets. For each bet, the punter’s stake is split in half – one half of the stake is for the selection to win, and the other half is for the selection to place.
  • So, an Each-Way Trixie consists of 8 total bets, doubling the number of bets compared to a regular Trixie. It also doubles the overall stake amount since punters are betting half their stake on the win and half on the place for each selection.


For each-way horse racing bets, bookmakers typically offer reduced place odds that are around 1/5 of the win odds. For example, suppose you place a $1 each-way bet on a horse with odds of 5/1. This 1 bet costs 2 overall – $1 on the win and $1 on the place. If the horse finishes in a place position, the place part of your bet will payout at reduced even money odds of 1/1 or Evens.


So, your $1 place stake returns $1 profit plus the $1 stake itself. Overall, your $2 each-way bet would return your $2 stake plus the $1 profit from the placing bet. It illustrates how with each-way bets, the place odds are decreased compared to the win odds in line with the standard fractions bookies offer, but it gives you two opportunities to win money.


Can I Place Trixie Bet In Other Sports?

Yes. Trixie betting can be utilized across various sports, not just horse racing. One popular example in football betting is using the Trixie structure on First Goal Scorer markets. With this approach, you choose three different players to score first in three separate football matches on the same day. You combine these into a Trixie, covering the four doubles and one treble bet.


During a busy schedule with many games, there are ample First Goal Scorer options to pick from. A Trixie bet can generate exciting returns if you accurately predict the first scorers across three games. The discrete nature of selecting first-goal scorers in different matches is well-suited to the Trixie format. Punters enjoy using this creative bet type to enhance their football wagering experience and win big.


Wrap Up: Should You Place A Trixie?

Yes. The Trixie bet provides an interesting middle-ground between risky accumulators and safe singles betting. Combining three selections into four doubles and a treble offers punters multiple chances to win from the same stake. Its popularity stemmed from horse racing, but the Trixie format can work for major events in any sport with some creative betting market choices.


However, the higher odds still mean Trixies carry risk and aren’t ideal for favorite picks. Overall, Trixie betting gives added flexibility and excitement, but thorough research and smart selection are key. Used strategically, this unique bet structure can boost winnings, especially when home in on those long-shot winners across multiple sports events. Make sure to check our guides on other accumulators and parlays to level up your sports betting knowledge.


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Trixie In Sports Bettign FAQs

  • Should All Bets In A Trixie Be The Same Size?

    No, the stakes on each bet within a Trixie do not have to be equal.

  • What Are The Best Online Sportsbooks For Horse Race Betting?

    Betonline, FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM are the best and most legit online sportsbooks to wager on horse races and other sporting events.

  • What Sports Are Trixie Bets Commonly Used In?

    Though the Trixie bet structure first became popular for horse racing, it is a flexible betting approach that can be utilized across different sporting events. They are most commonly used in golf, horse, and greyhound racing.

  • Are Trixie And Patent The Same Bets?

    No. Patent and Trixie are similar but are not the same types of bets. For example, a Trixie uses 3 selections, while a Patent uses 4. You can read more about other differences in our ultimate guide on Patent bets.


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