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May 31, 2023
Robbi Jade Lew

Coming from a conservative culture, Robbi did not get her hands on poker until she came upon the “Poker For Dummies” book just before the Covid Pandemic started. She was an unknown player in the noisy world of poker until her controversial call against Garrett Adelstein in September 2022 on the Hustler Casino Live stream. The cheating scandal is what got everyone’s eyes on her! People say she did it for fame. Read on to satisfy your curiosity about Robbi’s life and find out whether she really cheated.


Little Robbi From Saudi Arabia

Little Robbi From Saudi Arabia

Although Robbi comes from a really private background and never likes to share her personal stuff with the world, we know that in December 1985, Robbi and her twin sister were born to an Arab family, a physicist father and a physician mother, in Saudi Arabia. The twin sisters were 5 when their brother was born. At that time, the parents decided to move to the United States. Robbi’s family first settled in Berkeley, where the children grew up, but the family eventually moved to Orinda.


She was born into a family of highly intelligent, intellectual people. Robbi’s father is a Director of Physics at Lawrence Brooklyn National Lab, has a couple of PhDs, went to Stanford and Berkeley full ride, and more! A total child prodigy! Her brother is an IP attorney, and her twin sister is also a poker player. So, in short, Robbi Jade comes from a really heavy science-based family. It may be the reason behind her intelligence. As a kid, Robbi was a little bit of a reckless kid. She was innately really intelligent, so her parents never worried about her. She had almost straight A’s when she graduated, and she always did really well without really having to work that hard.

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Robbi Jade Education And Career

Coming from a family in which education was encouraged to get ahead in life, Robbi attended UC Santa Barbara and graduated with a double major in Law and Society, and Philosophy. She started her pharmaceutical sales career early after graduating from college. She got a job offer from the top two pharmaceutical companies in the world; Pfizer and GSK(her mom being a physician definitely has something to do with it! Not pure luck!).


Robbi went with GSK because she believed there was uncapped potential there. But did you know that she was in the Micheal Jackson trial as the only intern?! Yes. It is true. She went to university as a pre-law student(ended up not going to law school, though!) and was the only intern attending that trial. So, obviously, she had a really interesting and fun college career! In the last year of college, young Robbi worked as an assistant manager at Abercrombie & Fitch. Later, she started her MBA but didn’t finish it.


Well, we can say that she met success pretty sooner than others her age!


What Is Robbi Jade Lew’s Secret Formula For Success?

It may seem that Robbi is one of those few super lucky people in the world who were given everything they needed to succeed at birth.  Luck definitely plays a role in everyone’s success, but it is not everything.


She was pretty lucky to have good and supportive parents, especially, her father. Robbi comes from a country where women can’t drive(though it has changed recently). She saw public executions as a child. She saw her mother, a physician who needed to deliver a baby at a hospital, being pulled over and getting a ticket because she was not supposed to be driving. Now imagine coming from a place where a woman can’t drive to the United States and being told by her father that she can be anything. Her dad used to tell her: You can be a president of the United States, Robbi!


So, luck, hard work, and a good upbringing are her secret formula for success in anything she does in life.


How Did Robbi Get Into Poker: What Was The “How, Why, And When”?

It is a wild story! Four years ago, she was watching a random poker event on TV, and suddenly, she was like: “Screw this! I want to be a pro poker player”. At a time, she felt overwhelmed by the nature of her job in biotech. She felt her hands were tied a lot; so many travels, confidential meetings and negotiations, FDA regulations, lobbies, etc. So, watching people playing poker felt like freedom! She felt these people have full autonomy to do whatever they want to.


So, she went to the store and got the “Poker for Dummies” book. But the irony is that she never read the whole book! Her husband taught her the basics, and they started playing together and hosted home poker games. She actively started to play poker during the Covid-19 pandemic (We will get to the husband, Sir Charles, later!). The first time Robbi ever played in competitive poker tournament-wise was the WSOP 2021. Totally a newbie!


Her love for poker grew in 2021, and she hired two of the big names in professional poker, like Faraz Jaka, to coach her. To do that, she stopped playing cash in January 2022, quit her job in April 2022, and focused on preparing for WSOP 2022. Soon after, she started traveling to play in poker tournaments. But during the pandemic and near the end of it, she used to play private games with deep, deep high-rollers in the UK and across the US.

Robbi Jade Lew Poker Life

Being a newbie in the world of professional poker, Robbi doesn’t have significant achievements in her poker resume. Hence, her poker life can be summarized in a table.

Robbi Jade Lew Poker Profile
Biggest win to date August of 2022, $20k.
Total Live earnings $91,151
All-time Money List 27,881
Global Poker Index Ranking 3,117
Best Live Cash $22,400
WSOP Bracelets None
US All-time Money List 13,890
WPT Bracelets None
Last seen in 2023 Wynn Millions

Hustler Casino Live Scandal: Was It A Hero Call Or A Ring Of Cheating?

Hustler Casino Live Scandal: Was It A Hero Call Or A Ring Of Cheating?

Thursday night, September 2022, the poker world witnessed the most controversial hero call and one of the strangest poker hands ever. But what happened that night? Did Robbi really cheat?


On Sep 29, 2022, Robbi showed up for the third time on Hustler Casino Live. It is a Youtube channel, a live stream poker show at Hustler Casino in LA. The show attracts over a million unique monthly viewers featuring poker legends, like Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, and Phil Ivey. That night, the high-stakes table where Lew was playing included Garrett Adelstein, a pro poker player and the face of the HSL show.


Garrett got a ♣7 and an ♣8 against Lew’s ♣J and ♥4(the famous hand!). After the flop, Garrett got a straight flush draw, which is a win-worthy hand. Robbi’s hand was a terrible one and not bet-worthy! But she called Garrett’s bet anyway.


The turn didn’t help any of the players. So, as a pro player, Garrett semi-bluffed and bet again. Surprisingly, Robbi raised. In response, Garett pushed all in for the remainder of Robbi’s chips. But shockingly, Robbi called. A seemingly impossible hero call, or as Garett believes, a big cheat. Anyways, the call paid off, and Robbi took down the huge pot of $269,000.


Garrett’s reaction was not of a gracious defeat. He was objectively shocked. He clearly was suspicious of what happened and accused Robbi of cheating him out of over $130,000. Garrett is so well-experienced, and this look is the most disturbed we’ve ever seen him at the table!

Things got tense from that night on. The incident inflamed the poker world. Robbi giving half of the pot back to Garrett after the game ends just raised suspicions. Then, that night, Garrett posted a lengthy tweet and reasoned that no poker player would continue playing with the cards Robbi had unless they cheated. But Robbi continued to deny it all and said it was just a misreading of her hand that made her call. For weeks, it was debated whether Robbi somehow cheated to make this call, with Garrett himself at the forefront of the allegations!


Robbi, Garrett, What’s Next?

Countless interviews and streams were done with everyone involved, and public opinion often swayed back and forth. Suddenly, there were lots of people on Team Robbi against the crowd on Team Garrett reacting to the situation! Robbi even completed and passed a lie detector test. Hustler Casino Live also conducted a thorough independent investigation, and the result was “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing in the J4 hand”.

Robbi Jade Lew J4 Report

What do Robbi and Garrett say about that night after all this?

In his latest interview in April 2023, Garrett stands completely by the statement he made on the 2 plus 2 poker forum. So, he still believes that he was cheated in that poker hand. Garrett believes that everything that came out in the days and weeks after the incident just solidified what he believed in the first place. So, Garrett decided not to return the half-pot money Robbi gave him after the game.


What about Robbi? What does she say about all this? In her long interview with “THE NICK VERTUCCI SHOW”, she explains in detail what she was thinking while making that call. In short, Robbi’s side of the story is summarized here:

  • She called to test Garrett: if he called, she knew that he might have something there! And if he didn’t call it, it was alljust him bluffing!
  • She misread what she got and thought she was holding a J3. It is her story at the table, and she stands by it.


Robbi-Garrett Hustler Controversy: The End!

There is no end to this! Garrett stands by his statement, while Robbi stands by her story. It means we will never know what really happened that night, and there will be no end to this story. But one thing is for sure: Robbi and Garrett at a table will never be a fun and friendly play!


Robbi Jade Husband: Who Is Charles Lew?

Charles has been more famous than Robbi but before the Garrett incident!


More than 10 years ago, Robbi and Charles fell in love, got married, and to date, have no kids.


Charles Lew is a successful lawyer and owns a massive law firm called Lew Firm. Charles is an owner-partner in multiple bars, restaurants, and a couple of hotels. More interestingly, he is the best metaverse lawyer in the nation. But he doesn’t stop here! His passion, apart from making money, is teaching. Charles Lew is a professor at Loyola Law School. You can find him teaching a Metaverse class one day a week.


The guy is a man with a HUGE bankroll which may be another reason behind Robbi’s fearless poker-playing style. In fact, she does not see the money on the table. She just loves to play the game because she never has to worry about the money. Charles got her back!!

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth & More!

Full Name Robbi Jade Lew
Date of birth December 14, 1985
Age 39
Siblings 2
Twin sister Sam Summer Wilson
Brother Shawn Hussain
Origin Saudi Arabia
Residence Pacific Palisades, CA, United States
Marital Status Married
Husband Charles Lew
Children None
Pets 2 Shih Tzus: Xena and Ninja
Net Worth $1 million
Instagram followers/ account 24.9k/ @ robbijadelew
Twitter followers/ account 36.8K/ @ RobbiJadeLew
Official website
Hobbies/ Interests Jewelry, Poker, Travel


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