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Even if you are not a sports fan, you know NFL is the biggest and most popular sports event in town. All licensed and regulated sportsbooks in the US cover NFL and offer competitive odds for punters to bet on. As you may know, on May 11, the NFL regular season schedule was released, and from that, we have started calculating the NFL Strength of Schedule for all 32 teams.

Keep reading to find out all about NFL 2023 schedule and predictions.


NFL Betting Recap

Before I dive into the season predictions and schedule rankings, let me refresh your memory about NFL betting basics.

When it comes to NFL, you have several markets to bet on.

Each betting option comes with specific odds and is subject to change according to the betting actions. For the sake of this article, I will not cover NFL betting details, instead, I will review the most common betting options and a quick guide to reading each odds.

Moneylines, Point Spreads, and Totals(over/under) are the main betting options for NFL.

Let us see how each category works:


NFL Moneyline Bets

Moneyline is a way that American bookmakers list the odds. In fact, Moneyline describes payout odds relative to number 100.

Do not get confused, though. This does not mean you must bet $100. This is just an annotation for educational purposes. You are free to bet as much as you want- based on the sportsbook wagering limit.

When you place a Moneyline bet, you are simply betting on a team or a player to win with no handicap. In other words, you pick the winner, and if the team wins, your bet also wins.


Now, how do you read Moneyline odds?

Moneyline odds are always represented as a three -or more- digit number. Negative odds show you’re your profit will be lower than your bet stakes. On the other hand, Positive Moneyline odds mean you will have an equal or more profit than the amount of money you risk.

If you win, the sportsbook will return your original stake, plus the profit from the bet.

Suppose you place a $100 bet on the following Moneyline odds:

TEAM MONEYLINE Description Profit on a $100 bet
New England Patriots +130 If you bet $100, you would win $230, which is your initial $100 bet plus a $130 profit. $130
Miami Dolphins -150 If you bet $100, you would win $166, which is your $100 stake plus a $66 profit. $66


NFL Spread Bets

Point spreads are used by bookmakers to create an even line between two mismatched teams. Point spreads are only used for bets between two teams like AFC or NFC teams.

A point spread bet is where your team can lose but your bet wins. In fact, this is just an adjustment applied to the final margin of win.

Look at this example:

Dallas Cowboys -7 (-110)
Houston Texans +7 (-110)


Here the negative sign represents the favorite, and a positive sign represents the underdog. But regardless of the side you take, the payout will be evaluated and adjusted based on the final margin of victory. In other words, It doesn’t matter who the winner is. For example, if you bet on the Cowboys, and they win by 10-points, your bet wins, and you will get a $100 for every$110 you have wagered.

There is a third possibility to this type of bet, which is a Push. Push is a fancy way of saying Tie!

Suppose you bet on the Cowboys, and they win by exactly 7-points. This situation is called a push. In this case, no bet wins or loses, and the punters will be refunded their stakes.


NFL Totals or Over/Under Bets

This bet is simply a prediction of the total score of the game. In other words, you should bet on whether the total score will be over a specific number or under that number. Below is an example of what a total bet looks like:

BET Total
Atlanta Falcons O 49.5 (-110)
New York Jets U 49.5 (-110)


Here, similar to the point spread, we do not care who wins the game. The total score of the game matters. For instance, if you bet on the Falcons and they win the game by over 49.5 points, you win and will be paid $100 for every $110 wagered.


When Is The Best Time To Place Your NFL Bets?

Once the NFL schedule is released, sportsbooks release the weekly NFL games lines. Bettors jump on the odds immediately. At this point, if there is a clear trend toward one side, sportsbooks start to adjust the lines and odds to even out the betting sides and make bets closer to a 50-50 proposition. They do this because this is more in their favor.

Sportsbooks keep changing the odds and lines until the kickoff. Although some contests will not move that much, others with heavy action will change. Remember, NFL wagering odds are moment-based. In other words, once placing a bet, you are wagering based on where the odds stand at that particular moment. Some bettors like to place their wagers early, while the more patient ones like to wait and see what happens throughout the match or week of the games.

There is no code saying when to place your bet. In fact, placing NFL bets depends on the punter’s preferences and knowledge of handicapping. However, placing early bets or late bets comes with specific pros and cons, as you can see in the table below:


Wagering Advantage Disadvantage
Immediately after lines are released Wager is based on the original odds regardless of the market fluctuations. The bet terms are not subject to change following line movements. Lines may move according to the betting volume or news, and you may lose better odds than what you have already placed your wager on.
Right before kickoff The odds are based on the latest info and the overall game conditions. The new odds after the line movement may be worst than when they opened.
In-play(live, during the game) Odds depend on the flow of the game and are adjusted accordingly. Odds change so fast and it requires constant engagement and lightspeed reactions.


Alright, we have reviewed all the NFL betting basics.

Time to move on to the NFL predictions to see where to place your wagers.


NFL Win-Loss Predictions 2023

We are deep enough in the offseason, and this gives us a pretty good idea of what all 32 NFL teams’ final rosters will look like. However, so much will be going on and the playoff picture will change from the previous year. It always does! So, according to the roster changes-additions and subtractions, we can bring you our way too early win-loss predictions for some of the NFL clubs for the 2023 campaign.

AFC East:

1st: Buffalo Bills (12-5)
2nd: New England Patriots (10-7)
3rd: Miami Dolphins (8-9)
4th: New York Jets (6-11)

AFC North:

1st: Baltimore Ravens (11-6)
2nd: Cincinnati Bengals (9-8)
3rd: Cleveland Browns (7-10)
4th: Pittsburgh Steelers (6-11)

AFC South:

1st: Indianapolis Colts (10-7)
2nd: Tennessee Titans (9-8)
3rd: Jacksonville Jaguars (7-10)
4th: Houston Texans (5-12)

AFC West:

1st: Kansas City Chiefs (13-4)
2nd: Denver Broncos (9-8)
3rd: Las Vegas Raiders (8-9)
4th: Los Angeles Chargers (7-10)

NFC East:

1st: Philadelphia Eagles (11-6)
2nd: Dallas Cowboys (9-8)
3rd: New York Giants (7-10)
4th: Washington Commanders (6-11)

NFC North:

1st: Green Bay Packers (12-5)
2nd: Minnesota Vikings (10-7)
3rd: Chicago Bears (8-9)
4th: Detroit Lions (5-12)

NFC South:

1st: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4)
2nd: New Orleans Saints (10-7)
3rd: Carolina Panthers (7-10)
4th: Atlanta Falcons (6-11)

NFC West:

1st: Los Angeles Rams (11-6)
2nd: San Francisco 49ers (10-7)
3rd: Arizona Cardinals (8-9)
4th: Seattle Seahawks (6-11)


Team With Easiest And Toughest NFL Schedule

From the projected win totals, we can say that Philadelphia Eagles has the easiest 2023 NFL season strength of schedule. The next easiest schedules are:

  • Miami Dolphins,
  • New England Patriots,
  • Las Vegas Raiders,
  • Buffalo Bills.

The hardest schedule is for Atlanta Falcons, and right after them comes

  • Jacksonville Jaguars,
  • Chicago Bears,
  • Pittsburgh Steelers,
  • Detroit Lions.


NFL Playoffs Prediction 2023

The league’s top winners will qualify for the playoffs at the end of the NFL regular season.

The playoff format has seen a couple of changes throughout NFL history, but since the 2020 campaign, it has been the same.

The smartest NFL minds have predicted one side of the “playoffs, yes or no” bet. The results? Of course, it is pretty obvious to bet either side on certain teams, but as everyone knows in the NFL, there are surprises you cannot predict before the games are played. Here are a couple of one-side playoffs bets odds:

  1. Arizona Cardinals: Yes -130, No +110
  2. Atlanta Falcons: Yes +550, No -847
  3. Baltimore Ravens: Yes -130, No +105
  4. Buffalo Bills: Yes -500, No +350
  5. Carolina Panthers: Yes +480, No -699
  6. Chicago Bears: Yes +300, No -400
  7. Cincinnati Bengals: Yes -140, No +110
  8. Dallas Cowboys: Yes -300, No +230
  9. Denver Broncos: Yes -150, No +125
  10. Detroit Lions: Yes +400, No -599


The 4 Best Sportsbooks To Bet On NFL

There are plenty of US-friendly gambling sites that offer NFL betting. However, I recommend the following sportsbooks because they are safe, regulated, offer the best NFL odds, provide excellent customer support, offer generous bonuses, and fast payout. You can pick any of them and place your bets with confidence.

  1. Betonline
  2. Fanduel Sportsbook
  3. Bovada


To Sum It Up…

I hope you learned from this post. Our goal is to help you make better decisions and have more fun while placing your NFL wagers. Remember, all the predictions you find on this page or other resources are subject to change. Because we are talking about NFL and sports in general. This means there will be surprises on the corner. Injuries, unexpected performances, and other factors can significantly impact team wins and playoff berths. So, a wise sports bettor keeps track of data and stats plus everything that happens throughout the games to place more accurate bets.


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