How to Bet on Dog (Greyhound) Racing , Strategy and Tips

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How to Bet on Dog (Greyhound) Racing

This article on how to bet on dog racing is a strategy and tips guide to help you with making sounds on this niche sport. The sport may be becoming less prevalent due to animal rights concerns, but until then, it offers sports bettors opportunities to make money. The niche sport can be tough to bet on because even dogs that are favorites of winning do not have exceptionally high chances of winning. Thus, this article offers tips and strategies to help you know how to make your bets. It explains how the distances can be a determining factor of races, what types of race bets there are, what websites you should consider, and more.


Understanding Dog Racing

Dog racing is a specific niche sport for greyhounds, the fastest dog breed. As the sport only uses this breed to compete, the sport is also known as greyhound racing. Thus, it’s a competitive race among these dogs, and there are two types of races. The most popular one is track racing, in which the dogs typically go around an oval track, and the first to finish the race wins.

The second one is coursing, and it’s now banned in many countries. This version involved the dogs running after hares in a dedicated space, chasing them by sight instead of their scent.

Only greyhounds of a specific age bracket can partake in the races. Thus, they must be older than 17 months and younger than 5 years (60 months). After 5 years of age, they are retired.


Additional Details About Dog Racing

Greyhound races are usually of 3 distances per race in the United States.

  1. 5/16 of a mile
  2. 3/8 of a mile
  3. 7/16 of a mile

Of course, the time it takes a dog to complete each race varies, but the average time for each distance is listed below.

  1. 5/16 of a mile takes a dog 30 seconds on average to cover
  2. 3/8 of a mile takes a dog 40 seconds on average to cover
  3. 7/16 of a mile takes a dog 45 seconds on average to cover

Other parts of the world that use different measuring systems may use the following distances. Please note that these distances are also similar to those mentioned above.

  • 550 yards
  • 660 yards

Another point you should note is that there are usually 6 to 8 dogs in a specific race, depending on the country where the race takes place. For example, races in the United States usually have 8 dogs, but races in the United Kingdom have 6.


Dog Race Betting Online


One of the major reasons why greyhound racing exists is that it is an opportunity for bettors to place bets on certain dogs and earn money through it. With online sportsbooks, you can consider dog race betting online without needing to be in a specific location or at the racing venue. There are some great sites where you can place your bets, but we discuss that in the latter part of the article. For now, we discuss what online dog racing entails, i.e., the categories of bets you can consider.


Betting Markets in Greyhound Racing

These categories are known as betting markets. These markets may vary from one betting site to the other, but here are some popular ones.


Straight or Single Bet – Race Winner

You can place a bet on which specific dog will win a race. This is the simplest type of bet, and it’s known as a straight or single bet.


Place Bet – Top 2 Positions

You can bet on which specific dog will finish the race in either the first or second position. This bet is known as a place bet and is less risky than a single (or straight) bet. However, the payout is considerably lower due to the lower risk to help encourage bettors to take greater risks.


Show Bet – Top 3 Positions

You can bet on which specific dog will finish the race in either the first, second, or third position. This bet is known as a show bet and is less risky than single (or straight) and place bets. However, the payout is considerably lower than both due to the lower risk.


Dog Racing Tips for Beginners

This guide is made for new bettors to get started with betting on this sport. Thus, below are some dog racing tips for beginners, outlining how you can potentially get the most out of your bets without putting yourself at high risk.


Consider Show Bets Over to Minimize Risk

While we always encourage you to keep things simple when starting to bet on something new, we also want to help you minimize risk. There is a lot of value to gain from first-hand experience in betting because you get to learn about some nuances and things that work for you when betting. High-risk wagers can prevent you from getting that experience because you may lose too much money too quickly.

So, it’s a good idea to play it safe and choose show bets. Considering you’ll increase your odds of winning (as you simply need a dog to place in the top three), you can ensure that you win your bet with greater ease than, say, a straight bet.


Know Some Nuances About the Races and Its Competitors

Numerous external factors can determine the outcome of a greyhound race. For example, some dogs may fair better during races of certain distances than others. Perhaps Dog A does better at 5/16 races than 7/16 races. So, it’s best to research the dogs beforehand and know what areas they accel at and bet accordingly. Consider how effective the dog trainer is because they are the ones that know the dog’s ability and limits and can choose them for specific races. So, make sure that you bet on a dog and trainer who know how to work well and have gotten positive results.

At the same time, note which dogs are better at being in the inner and outer circles of the track. Thus, their placement can also determine the race outcome.


Quick Questions and Answers about Greyhound Racing and Betting on It

Below are some quick questions and answers about greyhound racing and betting on it.


Where can I bet on dog racing?

You can bet on dog racing at the following websites. These sites are reputable and safe, have various betting markets and sports betting, and excel at customer service.

  • Bovada
  • MyBookie
  • XBet


What are greyhound racing systems mathematics?

There are some mathematical greyhound racing systems that claim to work and help bettors predict outcomes accurately. Users can buy those systems, and there’s even academic research on Researchgate about these systems. While those systems work in theory, too many variables can affect a race’s outcome. So, we don’t recommend wasting your money on them.


How often do favorites win a dog race?

Betting on the favorite is a relatively safer option, but it’s not a fool-proof decision. This is because research shows that the favorites only win about 30% to 35%. So, yes, your chances are good when betting on favorites, but they are not always low-risk options.


Should I consider betting on greyhound racing?

There are three things to consider.

  1. If you enjoy the sport and watch greyhound racing frequently, you can make money by betting on it. Your first-hand knowledge may also help with making sound betting decisions.
  2. Greyhound racing can be a cruel sport in some instances. Some of the animals may not be kept in proper conditions by some dog owners. In addition to that, some dogs may also experience cardiac arrest and die due to the sport’s rigorous physical activity. So, those of you who are determined to improve animal rights, then you may want to reconsider betting on this sport.
  3. Legality: some areas and regions do not permit greyhound racing, so you should check your local and federal laws before betting on this sport if you don’t want to make illegal bets.


Is greyhound racing legal in the United States?

Greyhound racing is legal in only a select few states in the United States. The states that still permit the sport and have tracks for racing include the following.

  • West Virginia
  • Arkansas

The following states still legally allow greyhound racing, but they do not have any racing tracks.

  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Kansas
  • Connecticut
  • Texas
  • Iowa

You should also note that greyhound racing tracks are slowly being removed, so the sport will most likely cease in the US.


What major countries have a greyhound racing industry?

Australia and the United Kingdom are two major countries with a greyhound racing industry.


Final Thoughts

This guide on betting on dog racing shows you how you can make money betting on a niche activity. That said, the sport is dying out due to animal welfare concerns. So, you may want to consider transitioning into other forms of sports betting, such as swimming or cycling.


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