Best Bitcoin Wallet for Online Gambling

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Best Bitcoin Wallet for Online Gambling

The best Bitcoin wallet for online gambling can be challenging to pick when you don’t know about excellent options. Moreover, these wallets should have some crucial qualities that can help protect your investment. Thus, it’s not a good idea to choose just any Bitcoin wallet because you may lose your assets due to poor security measures or by using a wallet that does not permit use in casinos. Thus, you should know which ones are the best to keep your investments safe and to get good customer service. This article highlights some of the best Bitcoin wallets, the qualities of great wallets, casinos that accept crypto payments, and answers additional questions. Never make compromises when using a Bitcoin wallet to bet on casinos, as you may lose money due to cyber theft.


Understanding a Bitcoin Wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is a storage solution for cryptocurrencies (which are decentralized currencies—i.e., they are not operated by governments). They come in a few different options, but we’ll highlight the ones relevant to this article.

  • Cold wallet: this option is the most secure because it is available offline. Your assets are saved on a physical device, such as a flash drive or hard disk.
  • Hot wallet: this option includes wallets based online, needing an active internet connection to use at all times. They can be further categorized into mobile, desktop, and web wallets.


Qualities of a Great Bitcoin Wallet

Before we get into the best Bitcoin wallet for online gambling, it’s crucial to know what makes one suitable. This way, you can be certain that you’re getting the best possible service. Moreover, the list of the best Bitcoin wallet for online gambling has these features or attributes.


It Must Have Exceptional Security

Online payments also have a risk of cyber theft. Thus, the wallet you choose must have exceptional security features. This is especially true if you have large crypto assets in the wallet that you plan to use for gambling. Thus, only stick to reliable wallets that are renowned for high-quality security. Avoid those that may offer some free benefits but have no track record of their security features. You may lose your assets by putting your assets into such wallets.


It Should Have a Simple and Well-Designed User Interface

You want to be able to use your crypto wallet relatively seamlessly with an online casino to prevent delays and unnecessary hassles. Thus, ideally, look for mobile wallets instead of desktop and web options because mobile apps are typically more user-friendly. They also use your device’s features for specific functions, such as the camera for scanning QR codes.


It Should Have Exceptional Features with Little to No Fees

There are crypto wallets that do not have any wallet fees but also offer exceptional services. So, look for such options that combine affordability and quality of services.


Best Bitcoin Wallet for Online Gambling

As indicated above, we have listed a few Bitcoin wallet options for online gambling that have the features discussed above.


Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

This wallet is a crypto wallet with millions of users. Unlike wallets like MetaMask, this wallet accepts various cryptocurrencies, including the most popular one: Bitcoin.

You should note that while you can use it for making payments on online casinos, Trust Wallet’s terms of use prohibit its use in illegal gambling. Therefore, you must ensure that you’re making your bets in a region where gambling is completely legal to prevent complications.

One of the downsides of this option is that it is not a cold wallet. All of the assets are stored on its online servers, which decreases the security levels compared to a cold storage solution. Hackers have a better chance of stealing something that is online than offline. That said, Trust Wallet has made a reputation for offering exceptional security to its users, so the risk is relatively low.


BreadWallet (BRD)

BreadWallet (BRD)

BreadWallet is an exceptional option for mobile users because its app is well-designed and easy to use and navigate. At the same time, it also has fantastic security, which has helped garner millions of users worldwide. This wallet is also great for sports betting.


Binance Wallet

Binance Wallet

Binance is one of the best options for gambling because of its high-security options, including address whitelisting, Google Authenticator, etc. So, users can be confident that any Bitcoin deposit is well-protected on this platform. That said, all users in the US do not have access to this wallet.


Best Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoin Payments

You should note that all online casinos accept bitcoin as a payment option. There may be a variety of reasons for that, but one thing you should also know is that cryptocurrencies are not stable forms of currency. Their value fluctuates unpredictably, and something that was worth a specific amount in Bitcoin may increase or decrease depending on market changes.

With that said, we have compiled a list of some of the best best online casinos that accept Bitcoin payments. This way, you can connect your wallet and utilize your crypto savings for your gambling to reduce the hassle of including other payment methods. So, here are some options that help simplify Bitcoin and online gambling.

  • Ignition Casino
  • Bovada
  • CloudBet
  • BitStarz
  • Stake

It’s fairly straightforward to make a Bitcoin deposit on these online casinos. You must copy your Bitcoin wallet address from your wallet page. This address is unique, and you will need to verify it when using it at a casino for deposits. After that, visit the casino’s cashier page to paste your wallet address and the amount that you want to deposit. After you follow the instructions, you can deposit the amount of your choice from your Bitcoin wallet to the online casino.

When you win a bet at these sites, you can make a Bitcoin withdrawal for the online casino. So, your winnings will also be in the form of cryptocurrency if you choose. To make your withdrawal, visit your Bitcoin wallet page to copy your address. After that, visit the casino’s withdrawal or cashier page to paste your wallet address and the amount that you want to withdraw. After you follow the instructions, the winnings will be put into your Bitcoin wallet.


Questions and Answers

Below are some detailed answers to questions about Bitcoin wallets for online gambling to help you learn about this payment option.


Can you use Coinbase wallet for gambling?

The answer to this question is more appropriately answered by what you should do instead of what’s possible. So, you can use it on some gambling websites, such as BC Game, because the website itself accepts Coinbase wallets. However, you will likely get in trouble for violating the Coinbase terms of use. Coinbase does not allow users to use it for gambling—be it on casinos or sports betting websites (sportsbooks). So, don’t use your Coinbase wallet for gambling because you may have to deal with penalties and potentially lose some of your crypto assets.

For those who don’t know, Coinbase is a US-based crypto wallet that streamlines the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for payments. You can easily convert your crypto assets into fiat currency (regular money, such as USD) for stores that accept and don’t accept crypto payments.


What’s the best Bitcoin wallet for Ignition Casino?

Ignition Casino recommends BreadWallet (BRD) for users who want to make bets using their crypto assets. BRD is an exceptional crypto wallet for mobile users, which is why we recommend this option as well.


Can I use MetaMask for Bitcoin gambling?

MetaMask only stores Ethereum-based coins, which does not include Bitcoin.


Should I get a crypto wallet for crypto gambling?

For crypto gambling, yes, you should use a crypto wallet instead of transferring funds directly from a crypto exchange to the casino. One reason is that you may lose some security features regarding your crypto storage. In addition to that, some exchanges also have policies that do not permit users to use crypto assets on gambling websites. So, an acceptable wallet can help eliminate these issues.


Final Words

While wallets like Coinbase simplify Bitcoin withdrawal and deposits, they have restrictions regarding gambling. That is why it’s crucial to read a wallet’s terms of use before you consider using it for online casinos or sports betting.


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