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Try the Best Ghormeh Sabzi Recipe

Date:2022-02-10 Category: Cooking
ghorme sabzi

Try the Best Ghormeh Sabzi Recipe

Are you interested in trying new International recipes? If yes, we recommend you to try the Ghormeh Sabzi recipe we provided below. Ghormeh Sabzi is a Persian stew that Iranians serve over steamed basmati rice and is super tasty. It features soft cooked meat in a wonderfully aromatic, thick, and lemon herb gravy with kidney beans. As the country’s national cuisine, this stew is high in protein and fiber.


What Is Ghormeh Sabzi Recipe?

Classic and traditional Persian herb stew, Ghormeh Sabzi is famous for its distinct savory, sweet, and somewhat sour flavor. Iranians serve Ghormeh Sabzi hot or cold and eat it with or without rice. Freshly seared beef or lamb is blended with cooked fresh herbs, kidney beans, and zesty-dried limes and then simmered for hours until the flavors produce an unbelievable depth of taste. Serve this tasty stew over fluffy basmati rice to make a complete and enjoyable dish. The stew takes more than an hour to prepare, but Ghormeh Sabzi is relatively simple to cook, and the effort will be worth tenfold in terms of taste and texture. Aside from that, the longer it rests, the more incredible it becomes, making leftovers even better the following day! The Ghormeh Sabzi recipe is simple to follow, so keep reading.


Why Will You Love Ghormeh Sabzi?

There are some reasons that distinguish Ghormeh Sabzi from other dishes.

  •       Traditional dish: Ghormeh Sabzi has long been one of Iranians’ favorite dishes.
  •       Easy stew: Don’t you know what to make for lunch? You can make Ghormeh Sabzi easily in your kitchen.
  •       Tasty: Persians love this stew because its taste is unforgettable. Just by looking at the Ghormeh Sabzi recipe, you can guess how delicious it can be.


What Are the Ingredients in the Ghormeh Sabzi Recipe?

This article will present you with the Ghormeh Sabzi recipe, so first, prepare the ingredients. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to prepare the classic Ghormeh sabzi dish:




Iranians cook Ghormeh Sabzi usually with lamb, beef, or veal, depending on how you like it. Some people like to prepare this Persian herb stew with the meat still on the bone since it’s tastier that way. You can also use chicken or fish in this irresistible stew, modifying the cooking time and water accordingly. You should add Chicken in the final hour and fish in the last 30 minutes. Reduce the quantity of water to half of its original amount. Vegetables You’ll need parsley, cilantro, Fenugreek, and green onions to make the Ghormeh Sabzi recipe. That’s a LARGE number of herbs.

The prolonged roasting of herbs in the Ghormeh sabzi recipe is a crucial step that results in a wonderful scent, which will tenderly surround you in its embrace. The Fenugreek herb is a must-have in this delicious stew, and like most recipes that include this herb, the meal tastes even better the following day. Shanbalileh is the Persian name for Fenugreek. This herb is very common in Indian cuisine, and it’s available in Indian markets in fresh, frozen, and dried forms.




The kidney beans are the most famous bean in the Ghormeh Sabzi recipe. Some people like to use dry beans that have been soaked overnight, although canned beans are fine, too. Pinto beans and black-eyed peas are two of the less frequent beans Iranians use to make this stew. Some people prefer the red beans with the green herb stew over others.


Dried Limes

Dried Limes

Dried limes are required to make the Ghormeh Sabzi dish. Furthermore, you may get them online or through Persian or Middle Eastern shops. Pierce the dried limes and put to the stew; the fluids and scent will be released slowly while the stew is boiling. It’s also possible to use Persian dried lime powder or fresh lime/lemon juice instead.


How to Make Ghormeh Sabzi?

We will teach you how to cook Ghormeh Sabzi stew step by step in the following.

  1. Fry the onions in a little oil until they are transparent. Add the meat and seasonings, then cook until the meat is a bit brown. After that, add the drained beans, a pinch of salt, and enough water to bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for half an hour.
  2. Next, heat some oil in a pan over medium heat. Toss in the herbs and cook until you can smell the scent of cooked herbs in the air.
  3. Then add the herbs you have cooked, along with the dried limes—Cook for 1 to 1and half hours, or until the meat and beans are ready. Depending on your desire, add lime powder or lime juice.
  4. Ghormeh Sabzi should be thick and not runny. Make any necessary adjustments to the texture, salt, lime, and other spices. With a side of steaming rice, serve Ghormeh Sabzi hot!


Why Is Ghormeh Sabzi Healthy?

Ghormeh sabzi is rich in incredibly fragrant herbs that are also high in phytochemicals, which are cancer-preventive and anti-inflammatory. Moreover, these vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which is helpful in protecting against the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines. In addition, they’re an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A, among other nutrients. It contains a significant amount of high-quality protein, B vitamins, and minerals derived from beef. Furthermore, the beans include plant protein and soluble fiber. Ghormeh sabzi recipe is a low-carb meal that is also gluten-free.

An appropriate quantity of oil is enough to roast the herbs in this stew. It’s, however, served with a side of plain steamed rice. Furthermore, you will want the fat to absorb all the rich nutrients in this tasty stew. Even so, when you use the oil for cooking the stew, you can remove part of it by skimming it off the pot’s surface.


Why Your Ghormeh Sabzi Is Bitter?

You may end up with bitter Ghormeh Sabzi, but why? Fenugreek and dried limes are two ingredients that, if used improperly, may give bitterness to the stew. Simply said, don’t use more Fenugreek than is actually required, particularly if you’re going with dried herbs. In the final half-hour of cooking, add the dried limes, powder, or juice.


Final Tips

Ghormeh Sabzi (قورمه سبزی)

  •       Ghormeh Sabzi should be thick and not watery inconsistency. When you cook the herbs for an extended period, they break down and form a thick stew.
  •       If the stew is watery, but the beans and meat are pretty well, separate them.  Cook at a higher temperature, often stirring, until the herb sauce evaporates. Add the beans and meat back into the pot.
  •       Kidney beans, either canned or cooked, are fine in this recipe. Simply include them in the final half-hour.
  •       Ghormeh sabzi is more delicious by using lamb leg or shoulder with some bone.

Your Ghormeh Sabzi is ready. Enjoy!


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