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Mahnaz Afshar Biography, Movies and TV Shows

Date:2022-01-20 Category: biography
mahnaz afshar

Mahnaz Afshar Biography, Movies and TV Shows

Mahnaz Afshar (Persian: مهناز افشار) is a well-known Iranian Actress born on 11 June 1977 in Tehran, Iran.  Mahnaz started her acting career with the television series “Lost” in 1998. Shortly after that, she had her cinema debut with her role in the movie “Friends,” directed by Ali Shah Hatami. In 2011, Afshar won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Fajr Film Festival for her role in “Felicity Land.” After graduating from high school with a Natural Science degree, she completed a 4-year course in editing at an Institution. She first appeared in front of the camera when she was 21 years old. She’s now residing outside of Iran due to some circumstances. Keep up reading to know more about Mahnaz Afshar.

Full Name Mahnaz Afshar
Gender Female
Occupation Actress
Nationality Iranian
Date of Birth 11 June 1977
Place of Birth Tehran, Iran
Age 44
Height 1.68 cm
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Instagram Mahnaz_afshar
Ex-Husband Mohammad Yasin Ramin
Children Liana Ramin


Mahnaz Afshar Family

mahnaz afshar family

Mahnaz Afshar has two brothers, one a jeweler and the other has a cellophane business, and his only sister is a hairdresser. His father has been dead for many years, and his mother is a housewife.


Higher Education

mahnaz afshar

After graduation, she intended to pursue a degree in architecture, but she was accepted to a local university where she would study physical education. Instead, she pursued a four-year degree in video editing under the supervision of Majid Fakhraei. After she finished high school, one of her relatives who worked as a Theater Affairs Advisor at “Soureh” acting institution told her about “Hannaneh” art school where she enrolled in. The following year, after completing a video editing course, she worked on the compilation of training materials for the “Ketb-e Avval as a Golddigger” instruction film directed by Dariush Mehrjui.


First Acting Experience

mahnaz afshar

In 1998, Shams-Fazl Elahi introduced her to play in the series “Lost” when she was only 21 years old and gained her first and last experience in national television. “Lost” is the name of a television series directed by Masoud Navabi that premiered on National Television in 1998 and ran for 13 episodes. The story of the series “Lost” was about 1963 demonstrations in Iran. During the protests on 6 June 1963, a young boy with his father took part in the event and lost his memory after seeing the police killing his father during the demonstration.



mahnaz afshar

In less than two years, she rose to popularity as the star of the 2000 film “The Passion of Love,” directed by Nader Moghaddas. However, she gained the most of her fame as a result of her striking similarity to Googoosh, a prominent Iranian singer.


Passion of Love

mahnaz afshar

“The Passion of Love” was the third movie, Mahnaz acted in, directed by Nader Moghaddas. This film tells the tale of a young girl and a young guy who are faced with resistance from the girl’s family when they decide to be married. As a result, they leave for a city in the north of Iran, where they encounter several difficulties. Many think that Mahnaz Afshar’s first formal appearance as an actor in the film business was in a project named “Shour-e Eshgh” (Passion of Love), which earned favorable reviews from both viewers and critics at the time of its release. Eventually, between the years 2000 to 2010, Afshar alongside Bahram Radan were the superstars of Iranian cinema.


First Award

film fajr mahnaz afshar

In 2011, because of her role in the movie “Felicity Land,” she won the Best Supporting Actress Award in the Fajr Film Festival.


Facility Land

In 2011, Mahnaz Afshar acted as Laleh in the movie “Facility Land,” directed by Maziar Miri, by which she earned her first Award. “Facility Land” was a drama film that featured many famous actors such as Hamed Behdad, Leila Hatami, Hengameh Ghazian, and Afshar. The story is about Yasi (Leila Hatami), who is concerned about living with Mohsen (Hamed Behdad), who chooses to celebrate his birthday and recall memories. She anticipates every detail to improve the party, unaware that things are not going her way.



mahnaz afshar and husband (1)

In 2014, At age 37, Mahnaz Afshar married Mohammad Yasin Ramin, who was 33 years old. However, their marriage didn’t last, and they divorced in 2019. They also have a daughter called Liana, whose custody is with Mahnaz Afshar. Liana was born in Germany because Afshar wanted her daughter to be a citizen of that country.



mahnaz afshar

Before getting a divorce, Mahnaz moved to Germany to live.


Banned from Iran

mahnaz afshar Banned from Iran

Afshar is against the obligatory rule of wearing a Hijab and has tweeted her protest several times. She’s also against many policies of the Iranian government and usually shows her protest; because of these reasons, she’s banned from returning to Iran.


List of Movies

Afshar acted in several movies, which we will introduce you to some of them in the following.

Movie Director Year
Friends Ali Shah Hatami 1999
The Young Lions Mohsen Mohseni Nasab 1999
The Passion of Love Nader Moghaddas 2000
Gray Mehrdad Mir Fallah 2000
Gem Asghar Hashemi 2001
Poisonous Honey Ebrahim Sheibani 2002
A Girl in Cage Ghodratollah Solh Mirzayi 2002
13 Cats on The Roof Ali Abdolalizadeh 2003
Coma Arash Moayerian 2003
Season Salad Fereydoun Jeyrani 2004
Men at Work Mani Haghighi 2005
Who Murdered Amir? Mehdi Karampour 2005
Trap Sirous Alvand 2005
Aquarium Iraj Ghaderi 2005
Cease Fire Tahmineh Milani 2006
The Trial Iraj Ghaderi 2006
The Boss Masoud Kimiai 2006
Kalagh Par Sharam Shah Hosseini 2007
Pay Back Tahmineh Milani 2007
Reflection Reza Karimi 2007
The Day Goes and the Night Comes Omid Bonakdar , Keyvan Alimohammadi 2008
Invitation Ebrahim Hatamikia 2008
Shirin Abbas Kiarostami 2008
Poopak and Mash Mashallah Farzad Motamen 2008
Tonight Is The Moonlight Night Hadi Karimi 2009
Memory Nader Tarighat 2009
Eve’s Daughter, Adam’s Son Rambod Javan 2009
The Third Floor Bijan Mirbagheri 2009
Fairy Tale Fereydoun Jeyrani 2010
Felicity Land Maziar Miri 2011
The Snow on the Pines Peyman Moaadi 2011
A Simple Love Story Saman Moghadam 2011
Wooden Bridge Mehdi Karampour 2011
No Where No Body Ebrahim Sheibani 2012
From Tehran to Paradise Abolfazl Saffary 2012
Metropole Masoud Kimiai 2013
Good to Be Back Dariush Mehrjui 2013
Alien Bahram Tavakoli 2014
I Want to Dance Bahman Farman Ara 2015
Teacher Naser Saeidaf 2015
Sperm Whale Saman Moghadam 2015
A House on 41st Street Hamidreza Ghorbani 2015
Gilda Omid Bonakdar , Keyvan Alimohammadi 2015
Sperm Whale 2: Roya’s Selection Saman Moghadam 2016
Delighted Abdolreza Kahani 2016
Woodpecker Behrouz Shoeibi 2017
Los Angeles Tehran Tina Pakravan 2017
Pig Mani Haghighi 2018
Blue Like The Color of The Sky Amir Rafiee 2018
The Agitation Fereydoun Jeyrani 2018
Suddenly A Tree Safi Yazdanian 2018
Swear Mohsen Tanabandeh 2019
New Moon Hotel Takefumi Tsutsui 2019

Currently, Mahnaz Afshar lives out of Iran and continues her career there.

mahnaz afshar

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