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Learn the Name of Flowers in Farsi

Date:2022-05-17 Category: other

Iranians are among those nations who care about nature and beauty, and most of them know gardening, especially flowers; that’s why we’re going to introduce you to the name of flowers in Farsi. Persia’s climate varies considerably from dry to subtropical. The area contains rugged mountain ranges and lush jungles. This diversity of temperatures makes Iran a good spot for a wide variety of flowers and other plant life to bloom. Suppose you imagine yourself entering a magnificent garden. In that case, the first thing that attracts your eye is the harmony of colors and the exquisite aromas of various flowers, which can immediately make you feel better. Compared to other places on the planet, Iran is the closest to a spectacular Persian Garden, complete with vivid Persian flowers. In this article, we will introduce you to the name of flowers in Farsi.


What Is the Name of Flowers in Farsi?

Spring is a magical time of year concerning the flowers because the flowers begin to blossom, and beautiful butterflies flit over the fields like tiny fairies, spreading the enchanting perfume of the flowers. It’s possible to understand better the importance and significance of Persian flowers for people in Iran and this nation by concentrating on Iranian floral culture. So, if you want to learn more about the name of flowers in Farsi, keep reading.

English Name Persian Name Persian Pronunciation
1 Cactus کاکتوس /Kaktous/
2 Carnation میخک /Mikhak/
3 Buttercup آلاله /Aa Laleh/
4 Bougainvillea گل کاغذی /Gol Kaghazi/
5 Water lily نیلوفر آبی /Niloufar Abi/
6 Violet بنفشه /Banafsheh/
7 Chrysanthemum گل داوودی /Davoodi/
8 Gladiolus گلایل /Gelayol/
9 Elephant Creeper فیل خزنده /Fil-e Khazandeh/
10 Datura داتورا /Datura/
11 Damask Rose گل محمدی /Gol Mohammadi/
12 Daffodil نرگس /Narges/
13 Dahlia کوکب /kukab/
14 Daisy مروارید /Morvaarid/
15 Dandelion قاصدک /Ghaasedak/
16 Freesia فریزیا /Friziya/
17 Geranium شمعدانی /Shamdaani/
18 Hollyhock ختمی /Khatmi/
19 Nasturtium لادن /ladan/
20 Jasmine یاسمن /Yasaman/
21 Orchid ارکیده /Orkideh/
22 Borage گل گاوزبان /Gol Gaav Zabaan/
23 Crocus گل زعفران /Gol-e Zafaraan/
24 Iris زنبق /Zanbagh/
25 Ivy پیچک /Pichak/
26 Jonquil نسترن /Nastaran/
27 Oleander خرزهره /Khar Zahreh/
28 Pansy بنفشه دورگه /Banafsheh Dorageh/
29 Chamomile بابونه /Baaboneh/
30 Sedum گل ناز /Gol-e Naz/
31 Snap dragon میمون /Meymun/
32 Snowdrop گل یخ /Gol-e Yakh/
33 Sun flower آفتابگردان /Aftaab Gardaan/
34 Tuberose مریم /Maryam/
35 Tulip لاله /Laleh/


Beautiful Flower in PersianCyclamen Persicu

In the list of the name of flowers in Farsi, we should also include Persian Cyclamen, which is a beautiful flower. The Persian cyclamen (Cyclamen Persicu) is a perennial flower that blooms from early spring to late summer. The blooms are available in various colors, including red, white, deep purple, pink, and lavender. It’s a member of the primrose family and may grow to be 6 to 10 inches tall at its mature height. It loves well-drained soils and favors cold temperatures and bright, indirect light to thrive. As soon as the plant has finished flowering, you should move it to a cool, dark environment where it may dry out completely. When you bring the plant out in the spring, hydrate the soil, and set it in a bright spot, the flowers will begin to blossom once again.


My Flower in Persian

If you want to say “My flower” in Persian, you should say “Gole-Man.” Flower translates as “Gol,” and  My is “Man” in Persian.


Why Are Flowers Valuable in Iran?flower

It’s possible to discover why flowers are so significant to the Iranian people if we look at their culture. When we consider the history of Persia, we can see that nature and its components were deemed holy in Zoroastrianism, which started in Iran. Zoroastrians continued to pray with Barsam, a sacred plant, as late as the twentieth century. To express his profound thanks to nature, Soroush, an Amshaspand, initially gave Barsam to Ahura Mazda(the God).


Why Are Flowers Important in Iranian Lives?flower

It’s essential to learn the name of flowers in Farsi because of some reasons we will mention below. Takht-e Jamshid or Persepolis has some of the world’s earliest examples of flower use, including engravings on stone. As a result of the influence of Zoroastrian culture and the Iranians’ aesthetic spirits on their lives, Persians have utilized a wide variety of flowers in their unique rituals throughout history to express their love, respect, and friendship.


Flowers In Persian Weddingsflower wedding

Everything begins with the customary gift of flowers as a sign of affection to the loved one. Like many civilizations globally, Iranians appreciate gifting flowers to the person they love. In the Persian proposal, the groom must carry a flower bouquet beside a box of sweets and go to the bride’s home to ask for marriage. Designs are an essential part of Persian weddings, and they even decorate the salon with diverse flowers. If you want to know more about the Farsi language, learning the name of flowers in Farsi is also crucial. Apart from that, Iranians decorate the wedding car with flowers to distinguish it from other vehicles. When they see the bride and groom’s automobile, people on the street express their joy and wish them a long and prosperous future.


Flowers in Death CondolencesFlowers in Death Condolences

Iranians attend funerals to express their respect and sympathy to the family of the dead by presenting a bouquet at the funeral. The gladiola is the flower that is most often prevalent in funeral rites. In addition, when someone is in the hospital, their family offers them a flower bouquet or a flower basket to wish them well in their recovery. As you can see, learning the name of flowers in Farsi is vital because of all these reasons.


Rose in Persianroze flower

Among all the name of flowers in Farsi, you should also know “Rose.” In Persian, Rose has the same name, so you don’t need to worry about what they call it.


Why Is Lotus Historically Valuable in Iran?Lotus

We can observe the patterns of prominent flowers on the walls of the Persepolis when we look at the ruins of the palace. Lotus is renowned for being one of Iran’s most significant flowers. Iranians believe the Lotus, also known as Niloofar-e Abi, to be more than just a beautiful flower; they also see it as a sign of spiritual progress. Lotus lives and displays its gorgeous flower in wetlands while staring at the sun, creating a stunning contrast between the two environments. This beautiful flower demonstrates how a human being may find redemption even in the most challenging circumstances.


The National Flower of Iranflower

Another essential issue in learning the name of flowers in Farsi is knowing the national flower of Iran. Iran’s national flower is the red rose, the most popular flower on the planet, and has a connection to the emotion of passion. In Persian literature and poetry, the rose, or Gol-e Sorkh, is common to describe the beauty of a beloved. It’s no surprise that this flower is famous as the “flower of love” because of the delicate and vibrant hue of its velvet pedals. Another kind of rose that blooms in Iran and whose wonderful aroma helps you relax and be joyful is famous as the Damask Rose, also known as the Rosa. This pink flower is common to manufacture fragrances with an oriental scent and rose water, mixed with water to make a pleasant drink that can help you relax and unwind. Rosewater is useful in various dishes in Persian cuisine, and it’s particularly popular in sweets. So far, all these reasons have proved that learning the name of flowers in Farsi is crucial. The process of extracting the essence of roses and producing rose water takes place in the spring when the roses are in bloom. The rose water from Qamsar, a city in the Iranian province of Kashan, is the most recognized in the country.



When you want to learn a language, memorizing the vocabulary or grammar is not sufficient; one ought to learn about the cultures and the values necessary to that nation. One thing that matters in Iran is the flower; that’s why we’ve provided you with the name of flowers in Farsi.

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