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iran currency (money) photos , Rial and Toman

Date:2022-11-18 Category: other
iranian money

iran currency (money) photos

Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini series of banknotes are the banknotes that were printed after his death. One year after the Islamic Revolution, when new banknotes were to be printed, Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini requested in an announcement that his image be avoided on the banknotes. For this reason, his image was not printed on banknotes until the day he was alive; But three years after his death, his image was gradually replaced on the banknotes.
In all these banknotes, the image of Seyed Ruhollah Khomeini is printed on the right side of the money.


The difference between Rial and Toman

Rial is the national currency of Iran, which is one of the most worthless currencies in the world due to international sanctions and has many zeros! Therefore, Iranian people use tomans to understand the rial currency more easily. Toman has one zero less than Rial. Iranian people use tomans in daily conversations and asking prices from stores, but when shopping using financial and banking devices, they should consider the amount of rials instead of tomans.

1000 Rial 1000 Rial

1.000 Rial (100 toman)



2000 Rial 2.000 Rial

2.000 Rial (200 toman)


5000 Rial 5.000 Rial

5.000 Rial (500 toman)


10.000 Rial 10.000 Rial

10.000 Rial (1000 toman)



10.000 Rial 100.000 Rial

10.000 Rial (1000 toman)



20.000 Rial 20.000 Rial

20.000 Rial (2000 toman)


50.000 Rial 50.000 Rial

50.000 Rial (5000 toman)



100.000 Rial 100.000 Rial

100.000 Rial (10000 toman)



100.000 Rial

100.000 Rial (10000 toman)


500.000 Rial 500.000 Rial

500.000 Rial (50000 toman)



500.000 Rial 500.000 Rial

500.000 Rial (50000 toman)



1.000.000 Rial 1.000.000 Rial

1.000.000 Rial (100000 toman)



1.000.000 Rial 1.000.000 Rial

1.000.000 Rial (100000 toman)



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