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How To Say Thank You in Farsi (Persian)

Date:2022-03-08 Category: other
How To Say Thank You in Farsi (Persian)

How To Say Thank You in Farsi (Persian)

If you’re trying to learn the Persian language, you should start by learning the basic expressions; one of the most fundamental expressions is learning how to say thank you in Farsi. Thankfulness is a vital part of any country’s culture. Respect and good manners are essential to Iranians, so understanding how to say thank you in Persian is critical.


How to Say Thank You in Farsi?

Although it seems to be a simple act, expressing thanks is incredibly essential in all cultures. A favor for someone who doesn’t express gratitude is not something anybody wants to perform. Right? Please read on to learn how to say thank you in Farsi.

  1. Mamnoon (ممنون)

Mamnoon is a formal way of saying thank you in Persian. It’s common to use Kheyli (which means very) with Mamnoon.


  1. Merci (مرسی)

Are you asking, “what is Merci in Farsi?” You might use the French loanword Merci, which means “thank you.” It’s a loan phrase that Persians use to show gratitude. As a response, you may hear the phrase Khahesh Mikonam (خواهش میکنم), which translates as “You’re welcome.” Some ask, “Is Thank You, Merci, in Farsi?” Yes, of course, many Iranians use it.


  1. Daste Shoma Dard Nakone (دست شما درد نکنه)

Its literal translation is “Your hand may not hurt.” You may say Daste Shoma Dard Nakone when you wish to express gratitude to someone for a meal they prepared for you or when someone does a favor for you. When addressing intimate friends and relatives, you can use the informal ‘you’ and say Dastet Dard Nakone instead of Daste Shoma Dard Nakone. It conveys a greater sense of gratitude and appreciation than a mere merci or mamnoon since you’re expressing your heartfelt appreciation for another’s efforts. Occasionally, you will hear the response Sare Shoma Dard Nakone (may your head not be in pain), but more often, you will hear Khahesh Mikonam (thank you).


  1. Tashakor (تشکر)

If you think about what is Tashakor in Farsi, we should tell you that it’s a formal way of saying thanks. It has some variations, such as Moteshakeram and Ba Tashakor. Remember to use it when you’re in the office or talking with your boss.


  1. Sepasgozaram (سپاسگزارم)

The most polite way of saying thank you in Persian is “Sepasgozaram.” It has some variations, including “Sepas” or “Ba Sepas.”


  1. Sharmandeh Kardid (شرمنده کردید)

Its literal meaning is “you made me feel ashamed.” Have you ever experienced a situation when a person does a big favor for you, and you get shocked? Well, in this situation, Iranians use “Sharmandam Kardi.”


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