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All About Iran Dresses, What to wear in Iran?

Date:2022-05-16 Category: other
All About Iran Dresses, What to wear in Iran?

If you’re planning to visit Iran, one of the norms you should know about is Iran dresses. As you might probably know, Iran is the only Islamic country where women have to wear the obligatory Hijab, while men don’t have to follow any specific clothes-wearing rules. So, that’s why it’s essential to follow some dress rules while visiting Iran, mainly if you’re a lady. Adhering to the dress code of each nation is a cultural difference that may appear daunting or weird at first, but it’s necessary if you want to feel more comfortable and fit in with the population. As an Islamic nation, Iranians have a strict clothing code that all must follow. In this article, we will talk more about Iran dresses to you. So, keep reading.


What Do Iran Dresses Look Like?

Following the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Islamic restrictions became widespread concerning Iran dresses, mandating women to cover their hair with a “Hijab.” In Islam, the term “Hijab” refers to modest clothing, notably referring to the covering of the head. For a long time, the majority of women had to wear a “Chador,” which was a long piece of black fabric covering the whole body from head to ankle. Women began to wear a “Manteau” (a long coat) instead of Chador and to cover their hair with shawls as the decades progressed. People started to dress in more brilliant colors as time went on, and Manteaus got shorter. Iranian women nowadays dress in short Manteaus without buttons over a blouse and trousers or long skirts, and they cover their heads with brightly colored Shawls or scarves.


Iran National Dress Femalechador

The wearing of a chador, a full-length black fabric meant to conceal everything but your face from view, is mandatory at and around holy places. The clothing code might be intimidating during preparation, but you can buy scarves, Mantaues, or even chadors at a reasonable price in Iran. Watch or ask friendly Iranian ladies for advice, and marvel at how young women deviate the bounds of rules with brightly colored headscarves that barely cover a portion of their hair, as evident in cities. Men have a significantly easier time navigating Iran. In terms of everyday wear, short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts are suitable options. Shorts and three-quarter length trousers are only appropriate for wearing on the beach or in the northern provinces of Iran, such as Mazandaran or Gilan.



After Mahsa Amini was killed by the police in Iran for not following the hijab laws, protests against the mandatory hijab started all over Iran and the world, which led to the launch of the Freedom Women’s Campaign. In November 2022, many Iranian women will be seen on the streets of Iran without the mandatory hijab


Iran Dress Style

In Islamic terminology, the term hijab refers to modest clothing. Actually, it mainly alludes to covering one’s head and body. According to Iran dress laws, Iranian women and visitors have to cover their hair or wear a hijab in public places, regardless of their nationality. Many Iranian women opt to cover the top of their heads with a headscarf merely, allowing a few strands of hair to show through the back and front of the scarf. The most typical method is to wear a headscarf, which you can easily buy in local stores, but it’s also possible to use hats, which are particularly useful during the winter months.


Iranian Females Dress Indoors

Iran dresses are different in homes than in the streets. Iran’s dress code is solely mandatory in public spaces, and both men and women have to adhere to it. As a result, whether traveling or staying in a hotel room, guests and locals have the freedom to dress whichever they like. If, on the other hand, you are invited to a local’s home, you should respect their beliefs and refrain from dressing in exposing clothing. You may also remove your Hijab in places exclusively for women, such as beauty salons and gyms. You should also know that the inside of automobiles, hotel lobbies, and restaurants are also locations you should wear the appropriate Hijab.


Iran Dress Male

In general, if you’re a guy traveling to Iran, you shouldn’t be concerned about your clothing since the only individuals restricted from wearing certain outfits are women. In Iran, there are fewer norms and limitations regarding the clothing code for males. They may be casual and dress in clothing similar to what they wear in other nations. Shorts, on the other hand, are not appropriate for wearing in public areas. Shorts are allowed at beaches and sports centers for men. T-shirts and ties, on the other hand, are acceptable.


How to Buy Clothes in Iran?

Shopping in Iran is not a stressful experience at all. You can find an appropriate outfit for yourself in a variety of contemporary and traditional stores, malls, and bazaars across Iran, both large and small. If you’re interested in purchasing some Iranian clothes in Tehran, there are a plethora of shopping complexes to choose from. Because people in religiously conservative places like Mashhad, Isfahan, and Qom are more respectful of Hijab, you should pay greater attention to it in these cities. In northern regions such as Gilan and Mazandaran, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about wearing a perfect hijab.


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