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8 Hafez Poems about Wine

Date:2022-02-15 Category: other
8 Hafez Poems about Wine

8 Hafez Poems about Wine

Hafez (حافظ) was the greatest master of a poetry form known as the Ghazal, an ode or lyric composed of rhymed couplets that praise heavenly love. In addition to this, Hafez poems about wine are very popular and profoundly affect people’s hearts. The Persian Sufi poet Hafez (1326-1390) is renowned as a remarkable figure in Islamic literature and the realm of spiritual accomplishment. Hafez poems about wine are famous for their deep spiritual insight, which he combines with a magnificent passion. Hafez means someone who knows Quran by heart, so isn’t it weird a devoted Muslim man talks about wine? Hafez poems about wine are a metaphor for the intoxication that God’s love inspires in the heart of a faithful disciple of his.


Hafez Poems about Wine with English Translation

8 Hafez Poems about Wine

The Sufi master poets often link love to a glass of wine; that’s why you can find many Hafez poems about wine. But why? because wine and love are the most appropriate metaphors. Whereas wine creates self-forgetfulness, love results in self-realization. The conduct of the drunk and the lover is alike; both violate the accepted rules of behavior and are careless with the judgments of the rest of the world, which you can see in Hafez poems about wine. This article will present you with some of the best Hafez poems about wine, so keep reading!

اگر آن ترک شیرازی به دست آرد دل ما را

به خال هندویش بخشم سمرقند و بخارا را

بده ساقی می باقی که در جنّت نخواهی یافت


Agar an Turke Shirazi be dast arad dele ma ra

Be khale hendoyash bakhsham Samarghand va Bokhara ra

Bede Saghi mey baghi ke dar Janat nakhahi yaft

English Translation:

If the Shirazi beloved (as beautiful as Turk girls) be kind to me

I would give away Samarkand and Bukhara in the sacrifice of her black mole

Oh, cupbearer, pour the wine that you can’t even find in heaven

دوش از مسجد سوی میخانه آمد پیر ما

چیست یاران طریقت بعد از این تدبیر ما

ما مریدان روی سوی قبله چون آریم چون

روی سوی خانه خمار دارد پیر ما


Dosh az Masjed soye meykhane amad pire ma

Chist yarane tarighat ba’d az in tadbire ma

Ma moridan roye soye gheble chon arim chon

Roye soye khane khomar darad pire ma

English Translation

Yesterday, Sheikh went to the tavern instead of the mosque

Oh, friends, what should we do?

we can’t go to the mosque anymore

because Sheikh (our leader) went to the tavern (divine tavern)

Hafez poem analysis: Sheikh refers to an old man well-known among Muslims who was like a leader to lovers of God. In this section, Hafez claims that Sheikh left the mosque and proceeded to the pub, where he drank wine since he had finally discovered that true lovers of God do not seek him out in mosques, the fact that Hafez poems about wine indicate.

بازآی و دل تنگ مرا مونس جان باش

وین سوخته را محرم اسرار نهان باش

زان باده که در میکده عشق فروشند

ما را دو سه ساغر بده و گو رمضان باش


Baz ay O dele tange ma ra monese jan bash

Vin sokhteh ra mahrame asrare nahan bash

Zan bade ke dar meykade eshq foroshand

Ma ra do se saghar bedeh O go Ramazan bash

English Translation:

O beloved, return to me and be a friend to my broken heart

Be a confidant to my burning heart

Pour some glasses of wine from those in the tavern

Because wine and Ramadan do not conflict

زلف آشفته و خوی کرده و خندان لب و مست

پیرهن چاک و غزل‌خوان و صُراحی در دست

نرگسش عربده‌جوی و لبش افسوس‌کنان

نیمشب دوش به بالین من آمد بنشست

سر فرا گوش من آورد به آواز حزین

گفت ای عاشق دیرینه من خوابت هست

عاشقی را که چنین باده شبگیر دهند

کافر عشق بود گر نشود باده‌پرست

برو ای زاهد و بر دردکشان خرده مگیر

که ندادند جز این تحفه به ما روز الست


Zolf ashofteh khey kardeh O khandan lab O mast

Pirhan chak O ghazal khan O sorahi dar dast

Nargesash arbadeh joy O labash afsos konan

Nim shab dosh be baline man amad beneshast

Sar fara goshe man avard be avaze hazin

Goft ey asheqe dirineye man khabat hast

Asheqi ra ke chenin bade shabgir dahand

Kafere eshq bovad gar nashavad bade parast

Boro ey zahed O bar dordkeshan khordeh magir

Ke nadadand joz in tohfeh be ma roze alast

English Translation

Being messy, sweaty, laughing and drunk

While wearing an exposing dress, reciting Ghazal, with a cup of wine in hand

Her eyes were aggressive while looking at me as if belittling me

Came to me last night

She lowered her head, whispered to my ears

O, you who have loved me for such a long time. Are you sleeping?

One who drinks wine in the middle of the night because of love

Should praise wine, if not, is ungrateful to love

Oh, you pious man, do not judge us for drinking wine

Wine drinking is our fate (given by God).

Hafez poem analysis: In this Hafez poems about wine, beloved condemns Hafez that if you’re in love, how can you sleep?! Because one in love can’t have a normal life. Hafez asks pious men not to pass judgment on them since when God created them, he placed upon them grief and separation from their beloveds; this is why wine is their destiny.

Hafez Quotes About Wine: Known as a significant poet, Hafez inspired generations of new poets, both in Iran and around the globe, including Goethe, who dedicated his poetry collection the West-östlicher Diwan to Hafez his writing style. With his unique combination of the spiritual and the human, Hafez poems about wine depict both heavenly and romantic love in poems rich in sophisticated metaphors and vivid images that carry numerous meanings. You will read 2 Hafez poems about wine in the following.

8 Hafez Poems about Wine

من حاصل عمر خود ندارم جز غم

در عشق ز نیک و بد ندارم جز غم

یک همدم باوفا ندیدم جز درد

یک مونس نامزد ندارم جز غم


Man hasele omre khod nadaram joz gham

Dar eshq ze nik O bad nadaram joz gham

Yek hamdame bavafa nadidam joz dard

Yek monese namzad nadaram joz gham

English Translation

My life has no outcome but sadness

In love, I have no good or bad partner, but sadness

I haven’t seen a loyal companion but pain

I have no one forever but sadness

Hafez poem analysis: Hafez sees no outcome in his life except separation from his beloved that’s why he thinks drinking wine is his destiny.

خرم آن روز کز این منزل ویران بروم

راحت جان طلبم و از پی جانان بروم

گر چه دانم که به جایی نبرد راه غریب

من به بوی سر آن زلف پریشان بروم

دلم از وحشت زندان سکندر بگرفت

رخت بربندم و تا ملک سلیمان بروم

چون صبا با تن بیمار و دل بی‌طاقت

به هواداری آن سرو خرامان بروم

در ره او چو قلم گر به سرم باید رفت

با دل زخم کش و دیده گریان بروم

نذر کردم گر از این غم به درآیم روزی

تا در میکده شادان و غزل خوان بروم


Khorram an ruz kaz in manzele viran beravam

Rahat jan talabam O az peye janan beravam

Garche danam ke be jayi nabarad rahe gharib

Man be boye sare an zolfe parishan beravam

Delam az vahshate zendane eskandar begereft

Rakht bar bandam O ta molke Soleyman beravam

Chon sab aba tane bimar O dele bi taghat

Be havadari an Sarve kharaman beravam

Dar rahe o cho ghalam gar be saram bayad raft

Ba dele zakhm kosh O dideh geryan beravam

Nazr kardam gar az in gham be dar ayam ruzi

Ta dare meykade shadan O ghazal khan beravam

English Translation:

Cheer to the day when I leave this wrecked world behind

I will leave happy and search for my love freely

Although I know a strange man cannot find the way

I follow the beloved’s hair scent

I feel sad for the prison of Alexander (the great)

I pack and will move to Solomon’s land

Like Saba wind, weak and sick

I go to visit the tall, pretty beloved

I, in the way of visiting the beloved, I go to her by the head (from passion)

I will run by eyes full of tears and a broken heart

I promised if someday, I get rid of separation sadness

I will run through the tavern happily while reciting Ghazal

Hafez Poem analysis: By the prison of Alexander, he means Yazd, which is a city in Iran, and when he says he runs to Solomon’s city, Hafez means Shiraz, where he was born. “Nazr kardam,” which we translated as “I promise,” is a kind of Islamic vow. Islam and wine conflict, so when Hafez says he would go to the tavern happily, he is breaking the norm.

What Is Hafez Known For?

The exceptional appeal of Hafez poems about wine in all Persian-speaking regions originates from his simple and frequently colloquial though melodic language. Hafez poems about wine depict the love of mankind, disgust for hypocrisy and mediocrity, and a capacity to universalize ordinary experience and tie it to the mystic’s eternal longing for unity with God. As you can see, he’s an influential Persian poet who is famous for his love and divine poems. In the following, you will read 2 Hafez poems about wine; so, keep reading!

بیا تا گل برافشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم

فلک را سقف بشکافیم و طرحی نو دراندازیم

اگر غم لشکر انگیزد که خون عاشقان ریزد

من و ساقی به هم تازیم و بنیادش براندازیم


Biya ta gol bar afshanim O mey dar saghar andazim

Falak ra saghf beshkafim O tarhi no dar andzim

Agar gham lashkar angizad ke khone asheqan rizad

Man O saghi be ham tazim O bonyadash bar andazim

English Translation

Let’s be happy and drink wine

Then ruin the sky and rebuild a new world

If sadness forms a military to shed the blood of lovers

The cupbearer and I help each other to get rid of sadness

ما را که درد عشق و بلای خمار کشت

یا وصل دوست یا می‌ صافی دوا کند


Ma ra ke dared eshq O balaye khomar kosht

Ya vasle dost yam eye safi dava konad

English Translation:

Pain of love and drunkness kills us, someday

Only the beloved or wine can cure us



Hafez poems about wine carry spiritual implications and are full of metaphors. The literature of Arab or even the world got affected by Hafez poems about wine. For reading Hafez poems about wine, one doesn’t have to be very knowledgeable in literature because everyone can grasp them based on their capacity. Pour a glass of wine and Enjoy!


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