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6 Luxury apartment in Tehran Iran, Most Expensive Apartments

Date:2022-05-02 Category: other

6 Most Expensive Apartments in Tehran

It may surprise you that the Iranian capital Tehran is home to luxurious penthouses and villas with prices ranging from 7 to 15 million dollars, despite the country’s profound economic crisis and widespread poverty. Getting familiar with the most expensive apartments in Tehran will be shocking. The costs seem even more insane in Iranian currency, reaching between 2-4 trillion Rials. A government employee in Iran earns less than $150 each month on average. However, the vast majority of Iranians are unable to afford even a basic 1,000-square-foot apartment, which costs under $100,000. Get ready to be astonished by reading this article.


Get Familiar with the Most Expensive Apartments in Tehran

People buy Super-expensive houses seldom, but the owners don’t seem to mind; this may be because although real estate is in an uncertain economy with a collapsing national currency that has lost tenfold in four years, it’s still a reliable method to secure money. A penthouse apartment in Tehran was recently sold for $10 million, but comparable homes in Beverly Hills, California, are far less expensive than those in Tehran’s northern districts. Different sources have contrasted a 9,000sqft penthouse apartment in Tehran, $15 million, with a considerably bigger home in Beverly Hills, which was available for $7.5 million. Properties with about 10,000sqf of the living area often include a roof garden, exercise center, Jacuzzi, and 5-6 bedrooms—a magnificent and spacious living room and also, mostly, a swimming pool. Here is a list of the most expensive apartments in Tehran:


  1. Chenaran Tower (برج چناران)


Tehran’s Chenaran Tower, situated in one of the city’s most affluent areas, is one of the most luxurious towers in Tehran. Chenaran’s design is a modernist take on organic architecture. Its designers took aspirations based on the maple tree’s natural appearance to evoke a sense of nature in the spectator. The significance of this discovery lies in gaining a better understanding of the motivations underlying the creation of this tower, which is a link between old culture and a reverence for nature’s organic beauty. The design of this structure reflects the culture of Tehran’s iconic tree, the Maple tree. Maple trees have a significant role to play in the city. The tower contains 26 units on its 13 stories, with 1 to 3 apartments per floor and a penthouse on the top floor. There are roughly 8,000 square meters of floor space inChenaran Tower, and each of its apartments is between 320 and 640 meters in length. An excellent fitness center, swimming pool, and a well-equipped cycling track are just a few of the amenities available at this opulent property.


  1. Rolex Tower (برج رولکس)


There are several famous people who reside at the Rolex Tower, one of the most expensive apartments in Tehran. Located in Farmanieh’s residential district, it has 52 residential apartments ranging from 130 to 300 square meters each unit. A 700-square-meter pool, a 600-meter lobby, a vast and well-equipped gymnasium, and furnished units are only some of the amenities of this fantastic and gorgeous tower. The parking lot at the Rolex Tower has been more convenient for the penthouse occupants, thanks to an elevator for automobile transportation.


  1. Roma Residence Residential Tower (برج روما رزیدنس)

Roma Residence Residential Tower

Roma Residence Tower, constructed on a 7,000 square meter property in the northern Kamaranieh region of ​​Tehran, is one of the most expensive apartments in Tehran. Roma Residence consists of sixty-five residential apartments, and all units have appropriate lighting, which is an essential concern for the architectural design of residential neighborhoods in the capital. In each story, there are six apartments with four distinct architectural types and interior decorating. Each tower apartment includes its own pool and parking lot and intelligent controls that can change temperature, light, and sound. It’s noteworthy to know that Farzad Daliri, a notable Iranian architect who has constructed numerous skyscrapers and luxury structures in Tehran and other cities, is the designer of Roma Residence.


  1. Paramis Complex (مجتمع پارامیس)


The Paramis complex, situated on Fereshteh street, is one of the most magnificent buildings in the capital and offers a variety of amenities and benefits to residents. The façade, interior design, decorating, and furnishings of the complex are all classic, as is the rest of the structure. The design of this complex is very attractive. It has several architectural and design strengths, all of which demonstrate the precision and supervision of the construction and design team throughout the complex’s development and completion.


Luxury Apartments in Tehran

Let’s learn more about the most expensive apartments in Tehran.

  1. Altoncourt (آلتون کورت)


You can clearly see this expensive structure from a distance, situated in one of Tehran’s most desirable neighborhoods. The level of construction on this building is incomparably superior to that of any other building in the city, and it’s among the most expensive apartments in Tehran. As you would assume, the tower contains individual pools for both men and women and massage parlors, billiards, and gymnasiums to keep inhabitants entertained during their spare time.


  1. Narcis Building (ساختمان نارسیس)


Located on Elahieh Street in Tehran, the Narcis building is one of the capital’s most up-to-date towers, and it’s among the most expensive apartments in Tehran. This complex creates a pleasant ambiance throughout the tower, where you can observe the meticulous attention to detail that the complex’s architects paid to creating such an opulent structure.  The Narcis tower is a nine-story structure with a modern design. The swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and gym are all part of this complex, in addition to the stunning lobby of the tower.  With a modern style, this complex’s roof provides an excellent place for residents of the tower to relax and enjoy.


Luxury Life in Iran

You can see the luxurious life in Tehran by following the Instagram page: @therichkidsoftehran. In this account, the difference between ordinary people and the wealthy is noticeable. Although many live in poor conditions, some in Tehran have an unbelievable dreamy life living in the most expensive apartments in Tehran. However, there is nothing strange about this situation because almost in all poor countries, this situation is evident. If you’re young and incredibly wealthy, life is excellent in Iran. Some individuals in Tehran have so much money that they can purchase a whole city and spend it on anything they want to do for fun. According to the Economist, Tehran bought more Porsches in 2011 than any other Middle Eastern countries. In a time when the general public is being subjected to harsh Western economic sanctions, the photographs in the Instagram account of @therichkidsoftehran depict the daily lives of a few people whose daily money spending is much more than an individual monthly or even yearly income.  According to some European analysts, this class of wealthy Iranians is the same as Russian oligarchs who amassed a fortune via corruption after the collapse of communism.



Of course, the most expensive apartments in Tehran are more than the items discussed in this article; nevertheless, we can say that you now know the most prominent luxury mansions in Tehran, the residences of football players, actors, and other wealthy individuals in the city. Furthermore, purchasing a luxury house is complicated and highly specialized work; thus, if you are considering purchasing an apartment in one of these buildings, you should speak with specialists and experienced real estate advisers before making your decision. We’ve provided a list of the most expensive apartments in Tehran in this article.


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