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10 Top Iran Clothing Brands

Date:2022-01-31 Category: other
iranian cloth brands

10 Top Iran Clothing Brands

Did you know that there are many Iran clothing brands? It might be interesting for you to know that Iranians are big fans of fashion.  It may be shocking for you, but many Iran clothing brands are active in the country and are even popular in the middle east. Iran is one of the most well-known nations in the world because of its rich history and ancient culture. The unique geographical and climatic situations and the cultural diversity of the tribes residing in different regions of the country have contributed to the distinctiveness of Iran clothing brands. Several areas of Iran developed their own dress style distinct from that of the rest of the country. Actually, in some regions, locals continue to dress in traditional clothes. On the other hand, traditional clothing is relatively uncommon in Iran’s large and populated cities.


What Are Top Iran Clothing Brands?

Since 1983, Iranian women have covered their hair with a hijab due to the Islamic Revolution’s success. Consequently, their informal style, which mainly consisted of dresses or t-shirts and skirts, evolved into Chador and Manteaux, which women wear with a scarf. At the same time, the shift in men’s clothing fashion was solely a result of shifting fashion trends over time. There are various things that spring to mind when thinking about Iran. These include brilliant art, a significant history, beautifully woven carpets, vibrant mosques, and world-renowned caviar. But Iran clothing brands are not popular, at least yet.

A new generation of Iranians, many of whom are from the country’s capital, Tehran, is increasingly embracing social media platforms such as Instagram to share their innovative and inspirational ideas. In this article, you’ll discover some of the most popular Iran clothing brands to follow and purchase from.  Here are 10 luxury brands in Iran.


  1. Tan Dorost (تن درست)

tandorost brand

One of the most famous Iran clothing brands, Tan Dorost is nature friendly and believes that our first nature is our body, and to appreciate our first nature, we must take care of our body. Tan Dorost thinks that wearing the proper outfit may make you feel good about yourself. Men’s, women’s, and children’s dresses are all available in Tan Dorost stores. The clothes of this company are entirely natural fibers and have classic patterns. Still, you can be sure that they’re totally popular among young people since they’re fashionable and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and models.


  1. Salian(سالیان)


The second most popular Iran clothing brands is Salian. The Salian chain shop began its formal business in 2002. They got famous in Iran by designing and manufacturing high-quality outfits and having reasonable prices. They also enjoy innovative ways of distributing clothes. Salian’s casual and classic collections are available for men’s, women’s, and children’s outfits. It provides a wide range of dresses, purses, shoes, and accessories, such as belts, gloves, and ties, among other things. It’s worth mentioning that many of the clothes of this brand are simple and minimal, but at the same time, they’re very stylish. After buying from Salian, you can be sure that the selected clothes are excellent in terms of quality.


  1. Niko Tan Poosh (نیکو تن پوش)

nikoo tanpoosh

Niko Tan Poosh is another famous brand in the Iran fashion industry that started its activity in 1997. The brand aspires to address the demands of the general public by manufacturing high-quality domestic items such as comfortable clothing, underwear, and socks. This brand has received several awards throughout its history, including certificates from the Consumer Protection Organization in market rights and industry standards compliance. All of this company’s items are available in various colors, allowing you to choose the outfits that you like. One of the distinctive features of this brand is the low pricing of its products, along with their outstanding quality.


  1. Garoudi (گارودی)

Garoudi brand

Founded in 2016, Garoudi Clothing is another well-known Iran clothing brands in Tehran that have grown in popularity over time. This brand’s clothing provides the client with confidence since these goods are entirely from natural fiber textiles to encourage Iranian art and culture. According to the authorities of this company, details are essential to them, and they place a high value on the beauty of the stitching. Products under the Garoudi brand include home comfort clothing and underwear for both men and women.


  1. Celebon (سله بن)


Celebon is a well-known Iran clothing brands. The brand, which began its service in 2010 and today has 20 active branches around the nation, has grown rapidly. Celebon’s products include clothing for both men and women, and you may choose and select the outfits you want according to your own style and the sort of clothing you want to wear. The diversity of Celebon items is one of their distinguishing characteristics. Additionally, if you are a lover of sportswear such as hoodies, it’s recommended that you visit this brand.


  1. Sarak (سارک)


Sarak has begun its activity in Tehran in women’s clothes manufacturing. Everything from purchasing fiber to weaving, dyeing, and design is under the supervision of the industry’s most renowned professionals and experienced designers. Beautiful and diverse designs, color diversity and harmony, attention to detail, and the ability to create an appropriate and up-to-date style are just a few of the distinguishing characteristics of Sarak products. Customers recognize Sarak as a leading fashion brand in Iran, offering high-quality products at competitive pricing.


  1. Body Spinner (اسپینر)

Body Spinner

Men’s clothing was the main emphasis of Body spinner’s activities when it first began operating in 2007. The design and production of women’s dresses came about through time. When it comes to Iran clothing brands, Body Spinner is one of the country’s most well-known companies. It has been one of Iran’s most famous fashion and textile businesses for over ten years, thanks to 42 active branches around Iran. As an up-and-coming fashion label, Body Spinner strives to create a look for its consumers that is trendy, contemporary, comfortable, and distinctive while still honoring the rich Iranian cultural heritage. The Body Spinner crew keeps up with the latest trends in fashion throughout the globe and in Iran. It offers a wide range of items to ensure superb quality and the lowest price.


  1. LC Man (ال سی من)


When the Eliasy brothers began importing outfits from England, Italy, Germany, and Turkey in 1976, they were following their father’s footsteps in the fashion industry. After working with Turkish clothing manufacturers for many years, they started working with one of the country’s most prominent companies. The LC Man brand was first active in Turkey. They decided to build a manufacturing facility in Parand Industrial Town in Tehran province due to the growth of the market and rising demand. LC Man is one of the most prestigious Iran clothing brands, offering designer shirts, t-shirts, suits, ties, and shoes.


  1. Siawood (سیاوود)


In 1992, Siawood started its activity in Tehran. Siawood initially only sold menswear, but as time went on, the company added womenswear to its line of products. Siawood has been attempting to broaden its scope by opening new branches around the country since 1997. It has always been about simple, everyday wear for both men and women. Siawod is among those Iran clothing brands that focus on 100% cotton materials for most of its designs, except a few.

Fabric and stitching quality is the primary priorities of Siawood, which has always strived to provide Iranians with the most excellent possible quality of clothes. It’s a pioneer in creating high-quality men’s and women’s outfits using the world’s newest machinery. Embroidery has taken on a central part in the clothing designs at Siawood, thanks to the company’s unique embroidery equipment.


  1. Novin Charm (نوین چرم)

novin charm

Another well-known name in Iran clothing brands, purses, and shoes is Novin Charm. All of the items manufactured and offered by this company are made from high-quality leather raw materials. Dresses, shoes, and accessories for both men and women are all available in Novin Charm stores. Boys’ jackets, men’s coats, belts, backpacks, and caps or gloves are among the men’s items from this brand.


Iranian Fashion

You might be wondering what brands are in Iran or what is Iran clothing called?! Well, we are going to tell you more about Iranian fashion. So, keep reading! Iranian fashion and way of clothing are totally different than where you’re from. The modest clothing required of Iranian residents is perhaps the most obvious sign of the country’s Islamic ideologies. Although women can wear Western-style dress in their own homes, they have to cover everything except their face, hands, and feet when out in public. Manteaux, a kind of cover, is the most typical uniform, with a headscarf covering the head and neck and a pair of pants. Chador, a full-length black fabric meant to hide everything except your face, is required to be worn in and around sacred places.



You will encounter different styles of clothing when visiting various countries. Diversity of clothing is more evident when you visit the middle east! Now that you know top brands in Iran, you can visit their stores if you ever travel to Iran, or you can simply take a look at their websites.


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